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Essays on Hurricane

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Investigating Essay: Draft Hurricane Harvey

It was on August 28 2017 the exact date that Hurricane Harvey strengthen to a category four and was one of the most devastating hurricanes in world history. It produce massive amount of rain making many people without homes in many cases the water went …

Words 338
Pages 2
The Impact of Hurricane Matthew on My Family

This is something that my family went though before I was born. I have not gone though a natural disaster. My parent would send us to our grandparents out of the state before anything had happened. Hurricane Matthew was a storm that opened my eyes …

Words 743
Pages 3
The Hurricane Narrative Essay

The Hurricane (Viewing Task) How well does the composer manipulate the audience to believe that Rubin Carter was wrongly accused based on racial discrimination (1000-1500 words) There are many ways the composer of the 1999 movie ‘ The Hurricane’ manipulates the audience to believe that …

Words 1064
Pages 4
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Effects on Hurricane Igor

The Effects of Hurricane Igor The people of Newfoundland and Labrador are used to watching natural disasters on television, not usually do they get to expierence them up front. But on September 22, 2010 Newfoundland and Labrador was hit by Hurricane Igor,a storm that effected …

Words 451
Pages 2
Hurricane Igor

When going to cnn. com I found that right away it had the link that I could click on to see all of the information about how Bermuda is bracing for hurricane Igor. Also, there are links that you can click on to view videos …

Words 1045
Pages 4
Severe Weather Storms: Hurricanes and Tornadoes

A hurricane is an extremely violent tropical cyclone. The origin of the term Hurricane originates from a Mayan Storm god by the name of Hurakan. He was a Central American idol who believably caused the storms. Years later, the hypothesis of someone creating angry storms …

Words 2156
Pages 8
A Personal Reflection About Going to a Class to Learn About Hurricane Katrina

My goals coming into this class were simple and nebulously-defined: learn more about Hurricane Katrina, something I had never explored in depth, and dig beyond the traditional narrative; however, I came out with so much more. I entered this course with a surface-level understanding that …

HurricaneHurricane Katrina
Words 957
Pages 4
Hurricane Katrina’s Effect on New Orleans’ Population and Demographics

Hurricane Katrina had a huge impact on the population of New Orleans. Thousands lost home and business and decided to move out of our City. Ten years later and we are a fast growing city (ranking 16m fastest from 2010 to 20131. Along with the …

HurricaneHurricane KatrinaPopulation
Words 484
Pages 2
An Analysis of Breach of Faith: Hurricane Katrina and the Near Death of a Great American City

In life, there are some calamities that the cause of their happenings cannot be blamed on a particular person or organization as the source, but they are caused as a result of change in environmental and climatic conditions, This are referred to as natural disaster. …

American HistoryHurricaneHurricane Katrina
Words 1086
Pages 4
Warning People about the Approaching Hurricane

Good morning,to all but actually what’s so good about this morning.I have specially aired this to say a few words about Hurricane Irene, urge Americans to take it seriously.I will also brief you’ll about some do’s and don’ts that you’ll have to follow. As you’ll …

Words 527
Pages 2
The Emergency Planning Lessons and Experiences Learned from the Hurricane Katrina

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the official Atlantic hurricane Season usually takes place every year between the months of June and Novembert According to the agency, the period between mid»August and mid-October is usually the peak of hurricane Season, These tropical storms …

American HistoryHurricaneHurricane Katrina
Words 950
Pages 4
Hurricanes Versus Tornados

Two devastating and deadly natural disasters are the hurricane and the tornado which both cause heavy amounts of damage and are uncontrollable. There are many similarities in how hurricanes and tornadoes are formed. Although they are distinct disasters, hurricanes, and tornadoes pose similar threats to …

Words 892
Pages 4
Blizzards vs Hurricanes

1 2 In 1903 W. E. B. DuBois has said that race was to be the most important issue of the 20th century. This paper examines how the ‘race problem’ has unfolded in 20th century America, from the immigrations and United States imperialism to the …

Words 717
Pages 3
An Examination of the Effects of Hurricane Katrina

Other than Hurricane Sandy of 2012. Hurricane Katrina is one of the most devastating hurricanes to hit the United States in the 21“ century. It happened in the 2005 hurricane season and devastated the gulf of Mexico, specifically Louisiana and the crty of New Orleans. …

American HistoryHurricaneHurricane Katrina
Words 1702
Pages 7
An Overview of the Devastation of the Infamous Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina was a catastrophic event, but nonetheless a historical event. Katrina was like no other hurricane that the United States has ever had, economically speaking. It would go on to be set as a long lasting memory amongst several millions of people on the …

HurricaneHurricane Katrina
Words 837
Pages 4
The origin of hurricanes and predictability of hurricane tracks

Low pressure systems form at mid latitude temperate zones as a result of the convergence of warm and cold air masses. Low pressure systems generally form over the polar front where the polar maritime air (a cold air mass) and tropical maritime air (a warm …

Words 1198
Pages 5
Hurricane Pam

Hurricane Pam Every community is faced with natural and man-made hazards that can best be addressed ahead of time by planners working closely with emergency management personnel to mitigate the threat and prepare for post-disaster recovery. Hurricane Pam was a simulated storm in New Orleans …

Words 740
Pages 3
Case Study Hurricane Floyd

In early September 1999, the name, Floyd would soon be remembered for years and years. Hurricane Floyd struck the eastern coast of the United States in during the mid-month of September of 1999. This storm originated over the Atlantic off of the western region of …

Case StudyHurricane
Words 211
Pages 1
Profile Essay One Mans Story of Hurricane Katrina Bringing His Community Together

As the days of August 2005 came to an end, a tropical depression rushed through the ocean, whipping through the Floridian peninsula before finding out the intensity of the storm within the Gulf of Mexico. There was a dangerous storm approaching, but residents had no …

Essay ExamplesHurricaneHurricane Katrina
Words 893
Pages 4
Tempestuous Metaphors: The Symbolic Representation of Hurricanes

Introduction: Symbols, both explicit and implicit, play a crucial role in various facets of human communication, ranging from literature and art to historical narratives and popular culture. One such potent symbol is the hurricane, often used to represent a myriad of themes, from chaos and …

Words 412
Pages 2
The Government’s Response to Hurricane Katrina

The Government’s Response to Hurricane Katrina In this analysis, the role of the government and it’s response to Hurricane Katrina will be examined. This is a complex subject which raises many questions, such as: (1. ) the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina resulting from the layered …

GovernmentHurricane Katrina
Words 3537
Pages 13
Differences Between The Impacts Of Hurricane Katrina And Cyclone Nargis

Tropical revolving storms have a marked influence on the areas they consume. Whether it’s at the point of striking (our primary effects) or the secondary factors days/months/years afterwards: they impact on the social, environmental and economic stature of an area. This is evident when comparing …

Hurricane KatrinaWeather
Words 92
Pages 1
The Person Who Inspire Me

PART 2: Writing DR. APJ ABDUL KALAM -the person who inspire me- What does someone do to inspire you? To me, inspiration is the process of instilling faith in someone to motivate him or her to do something. Many people do things simply out of …

Hurricane Katrina
Words 1263
Pages 5
The Effect of Hurricane Sandy on Jamaica

On October 22, 2012, it was announced by The Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM,) that a tropical depression (Sandy) was headed towards the shores of Jamaica and that the arrival to our shores would be on October 24. On the 24th Sandy …

FloodHurricane SandySeasons
Words 1621
Pages 6
When the Levees Broke

The hurricane Katrina is considered one among the greatest disaster that crossed America after the new millennium but the world was not much in awe upon hearing that significant news where thousands are left homeless and needed to be rescued. The media even snoots why …

Human NatureHurricane KatrinaPsychology
Words 691
Pages 3
To Build or Not to Build

In the summer of 2005, Hurricane Katrina unleashed what resulted in a widespread devastation wreaked on the city of New Orleans. New Orleans—the colorful, zealous Mississippi Delta city, home to world-renowned restaurants, jazz and blues’ clubs, and universities, saw many of its neighborhoods flooded, even …

FloodHurricane KatrinaMusic
Words 819
Pages 3
Isaac’s Storm

Isaac’s Storm Isaac Cline dealt with perils that no one should have ever had to endure. Erik Larson was very good at describing what he thought and saw, but a little too much. His descriptions were too lengthy and the subject didn’t catch my attention …

EarthHurricane SandyNature
Words 641
Pages 3
Did Hurricane Katrina Expose Racism in America?

Did Hurricane Katrina Expose Racism in America? (A Case Study) Before beginning this case study, Hurricane Katrina was a force of nature that ravaged the city of New Orleans, Louisiana in 2005 leaving thousands of African Americans homeless and impoverished. Assuming the affirmative position of …

DiscriminationHurricane KatrinaPovertyRacismRacism in AmericaSociology
Words 1004
Pages 4
The Katrina Breakdown

The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina may be remarked as a very important aspect to understand the relationship between federal, state, and local governments when it comes to major catastrophe. In Katrina’s case, federalism is seen as central to what was largely a government-created disaster. Numerous …

FederalismHuman NatureHurricane Katrina
Words 841
Pages 4
A Personal Reflection About Going to a Class to Learn About Hurricane Katrina

My goals coming into this class were simple and nebulously-defined: learn more about Hurricane Katrina, something I had never explored in depth, and dig beyond the traditional narrative; however, I came out with so much more. I entered this course with a surface-level understanding that …

HurricaneHurricane Katrina
Words 957
Pages 4

Hurricane meteorologist

  • Jim Cantore
  • Richard Knabb
  • Bryan Norcross
  • Kerry Emanuel
  • James Franklin

Frequently asked questions

What is the hurricane?
A hurricane is a tropical cyclone of great intensity. It is characterized by low atmospheric pressure, high winds, and heavy rains. The term hurricane is derived from the name of the Spanish explorer, Hernán Cortés. He discovered these cyclonic storms while sailing in the Caribbean Sea.The low pressure in the center of the hurricane causes the winds to blow in a counterclockwise direction in the northern hemisphere and in a clockwise direction in the southern hemisphere. The winds of a hurricane can attain speeds of up to 75 miles per hour. The rains brought by a hurricane can cause flooding and damage to property.Hurricanes typically form over warm ocean waters in the summer and early fall. The warm air over the ocean rises and condenses into thunderstorms. The thunderstorms release latent heat, which further warms the air and causes it to rise. This updraft of air begins to spin and forms a low-pressure area. If the conditions are right, the low-pressure area can develop into a tropical cyclone, which is the first stage of a hurricane.The tropical cyclone then starts to move over warmer waters and picks up more energy. It grows in size and strength and can develop into a Category 3, 4, or 5 hurricane, with wind speeds of 111 miles per hour or more.As the hurricane moves over land, it begins to weaken. The hurricane loses its source of energy, which is the warm ocean water. The winds of the hurricane can cause damage to buildings, trees, and power lines. The rains can cause flooding.After a hurricane has made landfall, the National Weather Service issues a hurricane warning or a tropical storm warning for the coastal areas that could be affected by the storm. A hurricane watch is issued when a hurricane is possible in the area.
How to write hurricane essay?
A hurricane is a rotating storm system characterized by a low-pressure center, strong winds, and heavy rain. Hurricanes are classified into five categories based on their wind speed, with Category 3 and higher considered major hurricanes.The first step in writing a hurricane essay is to research the topic. Start by reading about hurricanes in books or online, and then narrow your focus to a specific aspect of the storms. For example, you could write about the science of hurricanes, the history of hurricane names, or the impact of hurricanes on coastal communities.Once you have chosen a topic, begin drafting your essay. Start with an introduction that will grab the reader's attention, and then provide background information on your topic. The body of your essay should be focused and well-organized, and the conclusion should summarize your main points and leave the reader with something to think about.If you are writing an essay for a school assignment, be sure to proofread and edit your work before submitting it. A few carefully placed commas or a well-chosen word can make a big difference in your grade.
How to start hurricane essay?
A hurricane is a rotating storm system that originates over warm ocean waters and typically moves northward towards land. It is characterized by high winds, heavy rains, and often, flooding.The first step in writing a hurricane essay is to gather information about the hurricane. This can be done by researching online, reading news articles, or watching documentaries. Once you have a general understanding of the hurricane, you can begin to narrow your focus and develop a thesis statement.After you have a thesis statement, you can begin to develop an outline for your essay. Begin by introducing the topic of hurricanes and providing background information. Then, move on to discussing the effects of hurricanes on people, animals, and the environment. Finally, conclude your essay by offering possible solutions to the problems caused by hurricanes.
How To Prepare For A Hurricane
1. Before a hurricane arrives, make sure to stock up on supplies like food, water, and batteries.2. Create a plan with your family or roommates on how you will communicate and stay safe during the storm.3. If you live in an area that is prone to flooding, make sure to have sandbags or other flood-prevention materials ready.4. Keep your important documents and belongings in a safe place where they will not be damaged by the hurricane.5. When the hurricane is approaching, make sure to stay indoors and away from windows. If possible, seek shelter in a room that is not exposed to the outside.

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