Customer Service Of Dilating Hair And Body Salon

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In today's world, we are Just about everything is more convenient and accessible due to advances of technology across almost all sectors. Technology seems more efficient and advantageous in our daily living and processing things gets more easier and improves our works and do more productive in developing of our lives. Technological advances create higher profit, fast access to information, increases communication and speed up work that gives impact to everyone and for general purpose.

Information technology has it big impact in our country in many aspects such as government, education especially in business. Technology allows lessening the burden of works in companies or businesses; it eliminates error and comes with paperless. Technology also increases the business productivity of our country. And simply continue to change the business status and economic with the help of technology. A business such as salon or parlor is one of the industries that engaged to technology that helps many people to beautify and deals with cosmetic treatment for men and women.

The advances of technology affects a lot the economic of the Philippines and helps much in the production of the country's businesses, tourism and government. Having a billing system is important for keeping track of bills and payments to and from customers. Computerized billing exists to handle billing matters. Regularly using of services or programs can help you keep billing records and information up- to-date. Dilating Hair and Body Salon is a salon that is established to provide a good quality of service that is related to skin health, facial aesthetic, foot care, aromatherapy, and many other services to people.

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Having a salon that serves those kinds of services must also generate a good quality of billing to their customers. Dilating Hair and Body Salon use a manual billing system and do not have any computer related system. They do not have an organized file of bills and took much time for them to compute the total sales per day. They also took much time billing their customers. To help the said organization in their problems, a computer based billing system is proposed to make an organized file of bills and computed total sales lily, weekly or monthly.

It will help them to make their service much efficient to their customers. II. Background of the Study Dilating Hair and Body Salon were originally come from Buenaventura. Idealist's first business name was "Dalai" from the mother of owner of the said business. And it was Just a general merchandise and a year passed they decided to have a facial clinic in the town of Boca and as the business run smoothly in the market they expand and upgrade until Dilating Hair and Body Salon were established on August 8, 2007 at San Miguel Boca, Martinique.

Dilating Hair and Salon started to offer services to their customers such as regular treatment, massage, facial care, hair cuts, hair rebinding, hair relax and high end treatment. The services of Dilating Hair and Salon are affordable for their customers that make their business successful and trust them for what the services they are offering to them. As they offer the services to their regular customers that keep from visiting their salon they give discounts for their trust and for making them beautiful and serving them with quality that satisfies their customer.

Regular customers are discounted ranges 1 to 10%. Dilating Hair and Body Salon become one of the successful businesses in the province but use a manual billing system. This organization aims to have a good quality of service for their customer. Their objective is to serve their customer that will satisfy them and to make their customer happy. In the manual system of billing in the said organization the customer will ask or inquire to counter's desk for the service and ask how much each of service cost. The customer will only pay after the service.

They are not giving invoices to their customers unless the customer asks for a receipt. However the organization does not have records of the customer bills and consume much time to compute the sales. They are literally using pens and papers for recording their bills and other reports that leads to inaccurate records of files. They are calculating it manually using a calculator that also leads to miscommunication. They keep their records and transactions manually that causes them to take much time and miscommunication. They have to check and compute if miscommunication happens.

It affects them a lot especially when compiling the records and transactions of the total sales and bills. They are checking and computing it manually until miscommunication and error recordings are correct. Ill. Objectives of the Study General Objective: The general objective of the proposed project is to make a computerized billing system for Dilating Hair and Body Salon and to make a system that is user friendly for the organization. And to lessen the work about billings and have an organized files and reports. Specific Objectives:

The following are the specific objectives of the study that will determine the deliverables. To present an accurate computation on the bill charged to the customers. To manage and secure the records on the database. To facilitate a faster transactions in billing the customers. To produce a print out on sales daily, weekly and monthly. To provide a convenient billing process. To develop a system that will help to make easier, faster and accurate billing process and to provide quality of service in terms of billing. To make the customers worry- free for their bills. IV. Scope and Limitation

The proposed system will have a customer's interface which primary purpose is to show the customer's bills to pay or the price of the service the customer want to by entering the code of the product by the cashier. The management's interface will have the log in which will provide the security of the billing system. Its primary purpose is to allow the management to manage their services/prices and for the daily and weekly/monthly and reports in the database of the system. The cashier will have an interface that consists of prices and services and responsible for billing the customers.

The customer with discount will have another interface which will contain the client's ID which will provide by the management and the customers primary information. The proposed system can update, delete, edit, record and add the product/service and prices. And print reports and invoices. The proposed system will generate daily sales report, billing report and monthly customer report. However it will Just only cover the billing of the customers and the generating reports for sales and billing report of customers. It will delimit in billing using credit cards because it s not reliable to pay through credit cards.

The proposed system will also limit only to customer-billing transaction. The inventory is not included in the proposed system because it will only focus in billing the customer and making total sales report. Ooh V. Significance of the Study This study and the proposed project will benefited the people engaged in this project. Management: The management of the organization will be benefited because they will have an accurate files and less manpower. It will give them also a productive result and time saving process.

Cashier or the Counter's Personnel: It will benefit them a lot because it will make to lessen the work. It will provide an accurate and reliable of records and make works easier and faster in billing the customers. Customers: They will be benefit by giving accurate price and bills and worry-free. Proponent: The proponent will be benefited by enhancing and improving the information systems skills in analyzing and designing a program of the system. Future Developers: They will benefit them by giving chance to make the system for more improvements and add more features or functions.

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