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Business permits prior

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Having a decent job is one of the things that people need to have in order to sustain their needs. If people are going to consider the most efficient way of gaining money, the issue of whether to be an entrepreneur or an employee will arise. At this point, the case of whether to own a hair salon or work in a hair salon will be discussed to know which of the two, is the best option. Comparison between being an owner versus being an employee of a hair salon.

Basic business background

As a general protocol, it is a requirement that both the owner and the employee should have a good background about the business.

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An appropriate and enough educational background about hair salon business help both the owner and the employee to get easily acquainted with the processes that are needed to keep the business going. The skills for basic hair salon like hair cutting, hair styling, hair dying and others should be known and learned. For the employee, the purpose of knowing and learning all the hair salon skills is to render the correct service to the customer with high quality. If the rendered service is good or excellent, then customer satisfaction will be gained.

For the owner’s side, the benefit of knowing the skills is to easily monitor the employees’ work by checking whether the employees are doing the right service or not. This aids in better management of the business and gaining more money. Lastly, the owner can also serve as the teacher to the employees and teach them the right processes to avoid mistakes while rendering service. Passion for Profession In a salon business, it is not enough that the owner and the employee have the education and skills needed for the business. Instead, they should also have the extreme passion for getting involved in the business.

Passion makes every business successful. It is passion that drives people to work hard and give their best not only to fulfill their personal interest but also to fulfill the interest of the company they are working in. Even if the person owns a hair salon or working in it, the person should have the passion for rendering hair salon services to various customers. It should be noted that passion for a salon business includes the patience, hard work and social skills needed to deal with various customers and know their needs as soon as they enter the salon.

If the owner and the employees have passion, then the owner will be more motivated to run the business against all odds and the employees will be more encouraged to render service and obey their boss. Gender Selection Gender is never an issue in a hair salon business. Whether a person is a man, woman or a third sex, so long as the person has the capability to own or work in a hair salon business, everything will be possible. It should be noted that the owner may not be a man or woman and so are the employees as well.

Age bracket

In accordance with the gender selection, age also does not matter in a hair salon business.

No matter how old the person is, so long as the person’s age satisfies the minimum age allowed under the labor code and so long as the skills in hair styling is there, then any person can enter the business. People who are 20 years old can own a hair salon business if they have the sufficient capital needed to run the business. In accordance, people with the same age can work in any hair salon so long as they have the skills required to be a hair stylist. Benefits in Services For an owner, the use of the salon’s facilities is always free since the owner is the head of the business.

This benefit is somewhat similar to the employees since some of hair salon companies provide benefits by letting the employees use the facilities in the salon so long as they take care of it. By having that policy, both the owner and the employees can benefit from the facilities used in the salon to make their selves more presentable to their customers.

Everyone is an asset

One thing that everyone should remember is that, every body, whether owner or employee is considered as an asset of the business. A person may not be of the highest position to be an asset.

So long as the person contributes to the business and helps in gaining more profits to the company, the person can be considered as an asset. The owner may have a different set of tasks than the employees but nonetheless they are both important because the success of the business depends on their work performance. Contrast between being an owner versus being an employee of a hair salon

Set of tasks

Simply speaking, the set of tasks assigned to the employees are primarily related to salon services such as cleaning the salon, rendering hair styling services, maintaining inventory of customers and keeping cash earnings.

These tasks are quite different from the task of the owner which includes managing the entire business by keeping track of the inventory of supplies, analyzing the cash flow and establishing an income statement which can determine whether the company is doing good or not. The task of the owner is quite complicated because it requires managerial skills unlike the tasks of the employees which is more associated with the service and social abilities.

Level of responsibility

Since the tasks of the owner is more complicated than that of the employees, the level of responsibility of the owner is said to be much heavier than that of the employees. As the overall head of the salon, the owner has the biggest responsibility to look after the business and make sure that everything is running smoothly and in control. Unlike the employees whose responsibility is to render customer satisfaction through high quality services, the owner’s responsibility is to make the business productive by selecting the best employees and managing the business using the best management skills to earn profits.

Lastly it is also the owner’s responsibility to address the complaints of unsatisfied customers and offer them possible refunds. Capital Requirement Being an owner of a hair salon requires a big amount of money to serve as capital to start the business. The capital includes the amount needed to establish the salon, buy the equipment needed and pay the employees’ salary. Therefore, it is very important that the owner has the sufficient amount of money needed or otherwise, the owner will not be able to start the salon.

As for the employees, the only capital needed is the skill which is very important in rendering service and earning salary.

Level of risk

Handling risk is very important in a business. Analyzing the two positions, it can be concluded that being an owner of a hair salon is riskier than being an employee. One reason that makes it riskier is the amount of money that is invested to start the business. If the business did not turn out to be successful, then the owner will lose all the money invested for the business.

On the other hand, if the business closes, then the employees will only lose the job and some of their salary, but not their entire earnings. They can still look for another job and work under another management. Competition Working in a hair salon business subjects the employee to the competition that may happen within the company. It is a fact that in a hair salon business, several employees with almost the same skills are required to render the same services to the customers. Because of this, competition happens because employees have to do their best in order to have regular customers and earn tips at the same time.

The more competitive the employee is the more customers he/she can gain and the higher chance for promotions or incentives. On the other hand the level of competition that the owner experiences is not within the company but in a larger scale. The owner is considered as the representative of the business and the owner is subjected to the competition happening among the various hair salon businesses in the community or in the country. The more competitive the owner is, then, the more chance for the business to exist in the market.

Legal Issues such as Business Permits Prior to the establishment of the hair salon business, the owner is required to obey the law by submitting the necessary documents needed to obtain a business permit. Without the permit, the business cannot operate. The owner may also pay a certain amount to pay for the necessary business fees. This is very different from being an employee where the person is not subjected to any legal issues upon application. Since the employee does not own the business, the employee may not need to obtain a business permit.


Entering a hair salon business seems to be an exciting challenge for everyone. As discussed above, being an owner and a worker both posts various situations that people can use as the basis for their decisions. It is true that hair salon is a good business but everyone should be reminded that the success of any business still lies on the person managing it and on workers. In the end, the decision of whether to be an owner or an employee of a hair salon solely depends on the person making the decision.

Risks will always be there but so long as a good plan is established, then smooth business operations will follow.


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