Hairstyle and Mobile Hair

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Mobile Hair Designs is a new and convenient option for consumers who wish to receive a haircut or new style but is not able to travel to a salon.


This review will represent the mission of Mobile Hair Designs. Mobile Hair Designs vision is to reach its full potential and success by satisfying all customers who wish to use this unique service. For Mobile Hair Designs to be successful ethics and social responsibility will be part of the mission. Mobile Hair Designs is committed to reach consumers not able to travel to a hair salon or barbershop. Mobile Hair Designs will make an effort to help people not feeling well, feel better about themselves by giving them a hairstyle of their choice.

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Mobile Hair Designs realizes when one looks good, one then starts to feel good. Mobile Hair Designs will send a caring and compassionate stylist to each customer. Mobile Hair Designs will become a company consumers will be able to count on for their hairstyles. Mobile Hair Designs will not only be mobile but also there will be stationary locations as well, Hair Designs. Hair Designs understands it is nice to have an evening out if the customer is able. If they are not able to come to the salon, we will be glad to go to them.

Hair Designs will feel like a mini-retreat to its customers. Mobile Hair Designs will bring the retreat to the customers. Mobile Hair Designs and Hair Designs will be a company customers will be able to count on. This service is not limited to one age group we are willing to style all ages. Mobile Hair Designs will travel up to a 30 mile-radius from any stationary location. If the customer wants to come to a stationary location we will happily be willing to commute the customer to and from Hair Designs. A business must have defined guidelines and principles.

Values And Ethics

The values of Mobile Hair Design and Hair Design are important to its success. “Defining your beliefs and guiding principles is important to running a successful business (Sugars, April). ” Guiding principles and values serve as the basis of reasoning and action for Mobile Hair Designs/Hair Designs. Mobile Hair Designs/Hair Designs will only employee experienced licensed stylist who have a clean background check and a clean driving record. The stylist employed by Hair Designs will be compassionate and patient with all customers.

The values and ethics possessed by this company will be admirable. Mobile Hair Designs/Hair Designs will use its values and ethics as a guide throughout its life in all situations, irrespective of changes in its goals, and strategies. The mission, vision, and values guide will be the backbone for Mobile Hair Designs/Hair Designs strategic direction. “Mission, vision, and values are supposed to be the North Star of strategic planning, the beacon by which organizations set their strategic compasses and then align their everyday priority setting (Logan, 2004). The mission has been set in place so employees, managers, stockholder, and customers know what is expected from Mobile Hair Designs/Hair Designs. The mission will help keep all employees focused on what our purpose is as a business. Mobile Hair Designs/Hair Designs vision has been set in place to have goals. The vision acts as a spring board into the future of this business. The success of this business will depend upon the values demonstrated. Mobile Hair Designs must demonstrate a caring and compassionate attitude at all times to the customers.

Customers must be able to trust the stylist so they will welcome them back to their home. Rather than post Mobile Hair Designs/Hair Designs mission, vision, and values on a wall, they will be demonstrated. This idea will constantly be communicated to all employees. Mobile Hair Designs/Hair Designs is committed to its customers. We are a customer service-based organization. We depend on the happiness of the consumer to make this a successful business. If a customer is not able to come to our salon we will happily go to the customer. If the customer wishes o visit our salon we will provide him or her with appropriate transportation. If the customer is handicap and wants to visit our salon by our transportation we will be able to do so. The competitive advantage Mobile Hair Designs/Hair Designs will have over other salons is the convenience we offer to our customers. We are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure a customer receives his or her haircut or hairstyle desired by compassionate and skillful stylist. Mobile Hair Designs is new and innovative. The employees at this organization are trustworthy and compassionate.

The goal is to make people feel better about them when they are not able to visit a salon. Rather than sitting at the salon waiting for walk-ins we are on the move bringing the hairstyle directly to the customer.


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