Essays on Database

Essays on Database

Feeling stuck when writing an essay on Database? If you are unable to get started on your task and need some inspiration, then you are in the right place.Database essays require a range of skills including understanding, interpretation and analysis, planning, research and writing. To write an effective essay on Database, you need to examine the question, understand its focus and needs, obtain information and evidence through research, then build a clear and organized answer. Browse our samples and select the most compelling topic as an example for your own!

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Computer Assisted Audit Techniques

It is very convenient for a CPA to use Computer-Assisted Audit Techniques (CAATs) when auditing a business. CAATs may improve the effectiveness and efficiency of auditing procedures. They may also provide effective test tests of controls and substantive procedures where there are no input documents …

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Pages 8
Free Technology Essay: Knowledge Management

Why do some knowledge-based organizations perform well in terms of innovation but less well in terms of efficiencyTo what extent can information systems help to redress this balance? Abstract In this paper, focus will be given on analysing how an innovative organisation can be in-efficient. …

DatabaseEpistemologyKnowledge ManagementTechnology
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Pages 14
What Is a Learning Management System

ABSTRACT Education is the essence of life and to grasp the things quickly is more important. Learning management systems is one such tool which are adopted by a number of institutions and organizations to train their students and employees to grasp the knowledge as and …

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Pages 49
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Essays on Database
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Data mining crime of data

1 INTRODUCTION 1.1MOTIVATION AND BACKGROUND In the society crime issue is very important. It is common knowledge within the society that crime induces vast psychological, human and economical damages to individuals, environment and the economy of a particular society itself. It is very important that …

Words 5426
Pages 22
Benefits and drawbacks SAP in an Enterprise

Introduction As world economy is increasing step by step, a lot of enterprises are looking for a system to help enterprise integrate resource, enhance efficiency of operation of enterprise and reduce cost. Although there are some relative systems in the market, Enterprise resource planning system(ERP) …

DatabaseEssay Examples
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Pages 6
Business process reengineering

Introduction A management approach concerned at making the improvements and developments to the business by raising the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes that exist within and across the organisations. The key for an organisation to success the business process reengineering is to look at …

Business ProcessCollaborationDatabase
Words 2578
Pages 11
Private statistical database

Abstract As the statistical databases consist of important and sensitive information, the preservation of the privacy in these databases is of extremely significance. Despite the complexity of the statistical databases’ protection, there are diverse sorts of mechanisms which can keep out the confidential data. This …

DataDatabaseEssay ExamplesPrivacyStatistics
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Pages 15
Evaluation of Mendix as a Rapid Application Development (RAD) Tool

1 Introduction 1.1 Overview of RAD and RAD Tools The computers play a very important role in our lives as all the things that were done by people are now being replaced by computers. Initially all the data of an organization or a firm used …

Words 10612
Pages 43
Study of the Organisation Structure of SICT

Abstract: This report is delivered in accordance to the experience gained from a year placement at Staffordshire County Council. It includes the organisation structure of SICT, business environment, description of projects and activities involved during the placement period. It also illustrates one’s interpersonal and technical …

Customer Relationship ManagementDatabaseTechnology
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How is data mining applied to decision making?

Introduction Data mining is not actually a new concept to man it is as old as man’s existence. It is just that the name it has, and the method of data acquisition was crude in practice to man over the years. As man shifted from …

DataDatabaseDecision MakingStatistics
Words 2477
Pages 10
MMOGs (massively multiplayer online games) and their rise across the net

Introduction MMOGs are an abbreviation for Massively Multiplayer Online Game. This is a video game which is capable of supporting hundreds and thousands of players interacting with this running video. Gaming platforms have become diverse and a universal game environment is supported. MMOGs require specific …

ComputerDatabaseInternetOnline Games
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Pages 18
Research principles and practice of Cloud Computing

Background Of Study Cloud computing has become a new trend of advancement in the world of information technology today in which information technology resources are delivered as a service via the internet (Yao et al, 2010). From this, it is assumed that it is the …

Cloud ComputingDataDatabaseExperiment
Words 1674
Pages 7
Critical study of the parametric model development process

Abstract: Complex parametric models may consist of many interrelated cost estimating relationships (CERs), as well as other equations, ground rules, assumptions, and variables that describe and define the situation being studied. Models generate estimates based upon certain input parameters, or cost drivers. Parametric models can …

Words 2416
Pages 10
Nokia and the RFID student attendance monitoring system

Abstract: RFID student attendance monitoring system is a system that will take students attendance by using RFID technology. This system mainly comprises of Nokia 6212 NFC mobile which is used as RFID reader, RFID tags which are embedded to the students ID cards and Server …

DatabaseMonitoring SystemNokiaRadio
Words 8596
Pages 35
A Critical Study of Sainsbury’s Managing information systems (MIS)

INTRODUCTION: Managing information systems (MIS) is a process which provides information to an organization to manage effectively. managing information system(MIS) is a system that combines both the human and computer based resources which can be used to collection of raw data, retrieving data, storing the …

DatabaseInformation SystemsShopping
Words 3488
Pages 14


What is a database for an essay?
A database is a searchable list of information. A database is an information collection that can be searched for. It's where you will find journal articles. Every database has thousands of articles. This makes it possible to search for articles simultaneously and quickly in order to find more relevant articles than you would by searching in individual journals.
What is Database explain?
A database refers to an organized collection of data or structured information that is usually stored electronically in computers. A database management (DBMS), is what controls a data base. ... The data can then easily be accessed, managed and updated.
What are the 4 types of database?
We discussed four main types database: text databases (disk-oriented), desktop database programs, relational management systems, RDMS, NoSQL, and relational.
What is the importance of database?
Databases are typically designed to be easy to access and store data. A well-designed database is vital for any company or organisation. Because the database stores all details relevant to the company, including employee records, transactional information, and salary details, it's essential.

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