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Service Management and Customer Relation – Service Quality Essay Hilton is a global hotel chain which has much success in their many hotels across the world. Their service is exceptional thanks to their employees and their ability to relate to their customers. The Hilton airport hotel in Copenhagen is a good service operation because of its clear site-map and direction. This amazing location gives you a perfect way to store your baggage in the last minutes and lets you escape the early morning drive to the airport, because it takes two minute walk to the airport.

The market segment is those who stay overnight waiting for a plane and those who spend quality time there, either as a businessman or a tourist. The service quality is good when the expectations of the market segment are met. For this, the enterprise needs to provide both professional and leisure activities, such as high-class services, professional meeting rooms, spa, gym and extravagant restaurants. The delivery system refers to the correspondence between the employees and the customers during their stay in a hotel.

It is the most important way to provide high quality service, because it combines the customer, the technology and the procedure of deliverance. Hilton maintains high-quality service through their well-trained and carefully chosen employees and it shows via the high number of satisfied customers. Hilton’s image reflects elegance and class, yet they are able to cater to different needs. The quality has become part of the Hilton’s image due to the hard working employees and the memorable experience it is able to provide.

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The quality is further enhanced thanks to the high level of attention paid to the sustainability of the hotel in general. High expectations have become part of Hilton’s image as well and this is part of what makes the service of excellent quality. Service quality is part of what the culture of Hilton stands for. Integrity, teamwork and leadership are the main values of Hilton and these bind together to be able to provide high quality service, due to the constant attention and training of their employees and their welfare, so that they can be comfortable in providing top-notch quality.

Hilton teaches their employees how to act in different situations and this allows it to become such a high standard. The Hilton Airport Hotel in Copenhagen is only one of many hotels in the popular chain, but in unison they all display the same level of high quality in their service and staff and this makes Hilton a favorable destination and a high-quality business.

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