The Importance of Technology in Business Communication for Hairstylists and Salon Owners

Last Updated: 19 Apr 2023
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Delver Business communication plays a vital role in my day-to-day work activities as a hairstylist in someone else's salon. For the most part, I use electronic communicating options like the smartened, multimedia messages, email, and instant messages. Communicating effectively with my clientele by keeping these lines of communication open is what I depend on to keep track of my clients and they can keep track of me.

I use my smartened as the sole source of communicating with my clients. They can call me during a certain time frame, they can request appointments, through email and text, and they can always request their appointment times over my voice mail. Once my clientele make contact with me, I then set there appointment right to my calendars. I use my smartened as my PDA, to take credit card payments and I can send my clients a receipt of their payments through text messaging or email.

This trend in business communication has helped me cut back on buying office supplies and appointment books. I am more organized with my scheduling and I keep better track of my finances. Portable media players, and Pad's, and social media have become the backbone of the Cosmetology field. Most hair stylists and salons can be found over the internet. We can order our products over the internet, and even do personal tutorials over the internet.

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The beauty industry has taken well to the latest software technology. The software has allowed salon owners to run their entire salon using communication technology; this is a huge milestone for hairdressers and salon owners. Most hairdressers, who are independent contractors, can operate their business inside someone else's salon, pay the necessary payments and fees for the space and ammunition with their clientele on a one-on-one basis.

Stylists can also showcase their skills and the styles they can do by posting them on their personal business websites, on social media, and they can shoot live videos that can be accessible to a large number of viewers. These forms of business communication is allowing hairstylists on all levels to be aspiring entrepreneurs and this wave of independent entrepreneurship is sending a strong message that entails being in cosmetology now means you are in a profession that is innovative with style trends but also innovative with business communications.

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