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Information helps manage and evaluate corporate goals. Information forms the most essential part of analysis and implementation guidelines. Time will also manage the knowledge of the executives and promptly make timely decisions and moves. Time also expedites knowledge management so as to fit in the sales program through having to adhere to a set time frame and goals set by the superiors, this coerces the executives to be productive and aggressive in their sales duties. Consistent contacts with clientele Communication forms the basis of consistent sales and marketing.

The project will entail making sure that the distributors and the clients regularly updated with valuable and reliable information. The age cluster of the clients should be looked at as the basis of what language and response to make during communication. The consistency should be checked on so as to repose more confidence on the customers and accelerate their interests in the Berri products so that they can invest more. Current business trends and market share fluctuation cripples strategy. Forecasting of impeding fiscal storms and the possibilities of consistent performance of the product minimizes risk for the Berri investment in Taiwan.

The marketing strategy will offer a broader view of systematically implementing the plan and be able to ascertain which fall back position when environment and trends related to the product change and force the company to abandon its current strategy and adjust to the new requirements Projected gains and conclusion Through competitive prices, market penetration strategy, and comparable pricing strategy will succor to elevate Berri’s entry and create a market share for the company. Through advertising the consumer will respond to the already existing popularity of Berri in Asia.

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This should encompass several stratagems. 1- Product comparison pricing 2- products benefits advertising 3- product family advertising. These will facilitate market penetration. Berri has substantial clout and experience in both distribution and marketing, as such, through establishing local outlets through existing structures like stores, distributors and other forms of retailers and wholesalers. It will facilitate the efficient penetration of the products. It should cover the following 1. On-premise Sales 2. Direct Sales 3. Wholesale Sales 4. Self-service Retail Sales 5. Full-service Retail Sales The Prospect

The success of Berri’s market penetration will involve a new prospect (clientele), how aware the prospective customers are of what Berri is offering, competition, growth rate of the industry and demographics. It also involves, whether this new clientele is willing to spend on the new product and if it offers a solution to their problem. Likelihood of adoption by the prospective clientele will depend on the criticality of this Taiwanese clientele need, their attitude about change, the significance of the benefits, barriers that exist to incorporating the offering into daily usage and the credibility of the offering.

This is Berri’s breakthrough secret and will certainly lead to success.


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