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What are the benefits and risks of interdependence?

Interdependence is the free flow goods and services capital and finances acroos the world most countries are getting linked to the global economic system labor is free to travel from one place to another a country sell one thing to another country this is called …

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Clothing and Boutique Business

A boutique is a small retail store which focuses on selling unique items, or items targeted at a niche market. Boutiques are established to sell a wide range of things, although products like clothing, food, or jewelry are common offerings. Many people associate boutiques with …

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Pages 20
Sop for Ms Finance

My interest in the field of finance traces back to my childhood. As I was growing up, the “Doi moi” (“Reformation”) Era brought about more freedom and openness to the stagnant system in Vietnam. People could start to have their own businesses and deal with …

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HBS Case “Marriott Corporation: the Cost of Capital”

1) Are the four components of Marriott’s financial strategy consistent with its growth objective? In my opinion, the four components of Marriott’s financial strategy are consistent with its growth objective. As we find in the case, the four components of Marriott’s financial strategy: Manage rather …

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Intermediaries of Starbucks

The Starbucks Company is a coffee most leading retailer across the world. Presumably, the company’s activities are comprised of a broad outlook of both national and international investment through mergers, acquisitions, franchises and start-ups. Such has to have an advantage in the foreign market which …

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Internal Factor Evaluation (IFE) of Coca Cola Company

“A summary step in conducting an internal strategic- management audit is to construct an internal factor Evaluation (IFE) Matrix. This strategy formulation tool summarizes and evaluates the major strengths and weaknesses in the functional areas of a business, and it also provide a basis for …

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Conveyor Belt Project Part 3

BA562 Conveyor Belt Project Part 3 Part A 1. Which if any of the resources are over allocated? Design, Development and Documentation. 2. Assume that the project is time constrained and try to resolve any over allocation problems by leveling within slack. What happens? The …

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The Philippine Peso—Us Dollar Exchange Rate: the Impact of Strengthening Currency

The foreign exchange market is a worldwide decentralized over-the-counter financial market for the trading of currencies. Financial centers around the world function as anchors of trading between a wide range of different types of buyers and sellers around the clock, with the exception of weekends. …

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Related vs Unrelated Diversification

What is unrelated diversification ? Diversification is a complex concept and can be broken down into related and unrelated diversification.  Related diversification is when a company operates several businesses that are linked together in some way or has several related product lines.  Unrelated diversification occurs …

Essay ExamplesInvestment
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A Wallet Found

On December 20, 2008, I woke up with a cheery disposition as I thought about the fast approaching Christmas Eve. I was very excited about it as this is a time when the whole family gathers and relatives from all over the state visit and …

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Intercept Marketing and Vending Machines

What is intercept marketing? The word ‘intercept’ means to capture, interrupt, or catch. Thus, the term intercept marketing is the form of marketing where the targets are made aware of the product to be marketed while they are doing some other activity. Thus, the term …

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The three discounted measures of project

The three main discounted techniques used for the project analysis are, the Net Present Value, the Internal Rate of Return and the Benefit-Cost Ratio. Net Present Value This is the easiest method of discounted measure available for project analysis. The method calculates the NPV as …

DesignEssay ExamplesInvestment
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Air Asia Overview

Executive Summary This study examines the extensive strategic analysis of AirAsia Berhad that has enabled it to sustain its competitive advantage as Asia’s leading low cost carrier (LCC). The study demonstrates the diverse business-level, corporate level and competitive strategies of AirAsia Berhad, played crucial roles …

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Ratio Analysis of Starbucks vs Mcdonald’s

McDonald’s Corporation operates in the foodservice industry. The company has its restaurants in more than 100 countries of the world. McDonald’s, the world’s largest food chain is headquartered in U. S. having an employee population of 390000. Starbucks Corporation Seattle based, Starbucks Corporation is the …

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Hedging at General Motors

Being one of the largest automakers in the world, General Motors (GM) undertakes its manufacturing operations in over 30 countries with vehicles being sold in over 200 countries. Through undertaking its international operations it also subjects itself to various types of foreign exchange exposures due …

General MotorsInvestmentMoney
Words 3520
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Unilever and P&G – Comparative Analysis

Unilever and P&G – Comparative Analysis Executive Summary The Consumer Products Industry is the biggest industry in the world at the moment, with total revenues amounting to about 50% of all goods sold. It is comparable to the GDP of the 4th biggest economy in …

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The Role of Financial Institutions and Markets

Technology, globalization, competition, and deregulation all have contributed to the revolution of worldwide financial markets and the creation of an efficient, internationally linked market. However, these developments have created potential problems (Brigham 1995: 111). As the worldwide financial crisis, which started in the early summer …

Financial MarketsInvestmentMicroeconomicsMoney
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Audit Working Papers

Audit working papers are the documents which record all audit evidence obtained during financial statements auditing, internal management auditing, information systems auditing, and investigations. Audit working papers are used to support the audit work done in order to provide assurance that the audit was performed …

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Strategic Analysis (SWOT, PESTEL and Porter) of Barclays Group Plc

Introduction 1. Background Barclays group PLC is a big global financial services provider operating in Europe, the Americas, Australia, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. It is engaged in retail banking, credit cards, corporate banking, investment banking, and wealth management. It made up of two …

BankInvestmentSwot Analysis
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NPV of Long and Short-Term Project

NPV is sensitive to the discount rate (or cost of capital) more so for projects with higher proportion of cash flows at the end of the project compared to a similar project with the same cash flows occurring earlier in the project lifecycle. This phenomenon …

Capital BudgetingEconomicsInvestment
Words 323
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Accounting Standard in Bangladesh

The rules and guidelines adopted and implimented worldwide in accounting record keeping and statement preparation ror maintaining uniformity are known as International Accounting Standared (IAS). IAS were issued between 1973 and 2001 by the board of the International Accounting Standards Committee (IASC). Bangladesh Accounting Standards …

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Feasibility Study Makeup

Chapter I the Problem and Its Setting Makeup is hugely versatile, not only in terms of colors and products, but also in terms of how it is worn. While some wear make-up to create a large and dramatic appearance, others will wear make-up more subtly. …

DataInvestmentMarketing Strategy
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Nike Wacc Case Study

Financial Management Agenda 1. What is the WACC and why is it important to estimate a firm’s cost of capital? Do you agree with Joanna Cohen’s WACC calculation? Why or why not? 2. If you do not agree with Cohen’s analysis, calculate your own WACC …

Case StudyInvestmentMoney
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What I Learned from My Stock Market Simulation Experience

What I Learned From My Stock Market Simulation Experience The stock market simulation has been a wonderful experience for me as a student in economics and as a person in today’s society. Knowledge gained in this project will give me the advantage to wisely choose …

ExperienceInvestmentStock Market
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Risk Analysis in Managerial Economics

Managerial economics is a branch of microeconomics that uses analysis techniques of Microeconomics in decision making for business and other management units. It applies the microeconomic theories pertaining to pricing and cost into practice. It uses statistical and econometric calculations to provide optimal decisions. Due …

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Abstract of Investment Analysis

Investment Analysis is a classical application in Long-Range Planning. It deals with the investigation of uncertainties, the evaluation of alternatives, the answer to “What-if” questions. The study of how an investment is likely to perform and how suitable it is for a given investor. Investment …

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Merck and River Blindness

Onchocerciasis, known as river blindness, is caused by parasitic worms that live in the small black flies that breed in and about fast-moving rivers in developing countries in the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. The disease, if untreated causes extreme discomfort and eventually, blindness. …

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Cost Accounting Analysis of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Inc.

Introduction and overview Krispy kreme doughnuts inc. and its brief history Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Inc. is a producer of yeast-raised doughnuts. It is famous for the Original Glazed, the sweet and amazingly fluffy doughnut variety. The company’s shops also offer snack food, fruit pies, cinnamon …

BudgetCost AccountingInvestmentSales
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Importance of International Finance

International Financial Management is unique primarily because the firm must deal in more than its own currency. [2] A multinational is a corporation that has operations in more than one country. [3] It is also called an International Corporation. It ordinarily consists of 1 parent …

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Marks and Spencer: A Leading UK Retailer with a Global Presence

About the Companies Marks and Spencer (M&S) Marks and Spencer (M&S) is one of the leading retailers in the United Kingdom dealing mainly in clothing, home products and food items. M&S employs around 75,000 people in 895 stores around the world.  Over 21 million people …

Words 1228
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Investment is the dedication of an asset to attain an increase in value over a period of time. Investment requires a sacrifice of some present asset, such as time, money, or effort. In finance, the purpose of investing is to generate a return from the invested asset.


Investing activities are one of the main categories of net cash activities that businesses report on the cash flow statement. Investing activities in accounting refers to the purchase and sale of long-term assets and other business investments, within a specific reporting period.

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Frequently asked questions

What Is Investment
BankingAn investment bank is a financial institution that helps companies raise money by issuing and selling securities. Investment banks also help companies buy other companies and offer advice on mergers and acquisitions.An investment bank typically has three main divisions: corporate finance, capital markets, and asset management. Corporate finance helps companies raise money by issuing and selling securities. Capital markets helps companies buy other companies. Asset management helps companies invest their money. Investment banks typically make money in three ways: fees from companies for their services, commissions from trading securities, and profits from their own trading activities.
Why Investment Is Important
There are a number of reasons why investment is important.Firstly, investment provides the capital that businesses need to grow and expand. This is essential for economic growth and jobs creation.Secondly, investment helps to finance important infrastructure projects such as new roads, railways and power plants. This is vital for economic development and improving living standards.Thirdly, investment generates returns for savers and investors. This provides them with an income in retirement or gives them the opportunity to make a profit if they choose to sell their investment.Fourthly, investment helps to create a more efficient economy by channeling money into productive businesses and away from unproductive activities.Finally, investment is important for risk management. By diversifying their portfolio across a range of investments, savers and investors can protect themselves against losses in any one particular asset class.

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