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Essays on Private Sector

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Leadership Styles In Public and Private Sectors

Introduction Leaders are fast becoming recognised as the key to success for organisations across the globe and as such studies on how leaders are created and how leaders interact with others are becoming much more prevalent (Chemmers, 1997). That said, the area of leadership in …

Leadership StylesPrivate Sector
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Private sector and unions

Union impacts on private sectors have increasingly declined in different countries with major claims of compliance beyond the requirements of the unions. Canada, Britain and US private sectors have experienced strong reduction of the private sectors recognition for the trade unions. Kaufman (2001) insists that …

AccountingPrivate Sector
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Private Sector Participation in Maritime Industry

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION Background of the Study Today’s highly fierce and dynamic global economy requires nations of the world to thoroughly harness their human and natural resources so as to remain competitive within the scheme of things. The proper identification of available resources (both human …

IndustriesMaritimePrivate Sector
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Business organisations in the private sector

Within the UK economy all businesses fall into one of three sectors. * Voluntary – This is sector where non-profit making organisations operate. The aim of businesses within this sector is not to make a profit but to carry out charitable objectives. An example of …

BusinessPrivate SectorTax
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The Corporate Culture Between the Public and the Private Sectors

The foundations to organize company’s personnel are different between the public and the private sectors. These may also be different from one country to another or from one company to another according to the organization, the context of evolution and its environment. And from these …

CultureMotivationPrivate SectorRecruitmentSalary
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Deforestation: Ecosystem and Private Sector Views

Trees are one of the most important aspects of the planet we live in . They are very important to the environment , economy and of course for us humans. They are also important for the climate of the earth , as they act as …

AgricultureDeforestationEcosystemForestNaturePrivate Sector
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Comparing Public and Private Sector Accounting

INTRODUCTION TO PUBLIC SECTOR ACCOUNTING Public Sector Accounting is related to government and different from private sector accounting. Accounting and financial reporting for public sector are based on distinctive concepts, standards, and procedure designed to accommodate their environment. This also based on the needs of …

AccountingPrivate Sector
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The private sector is the part of the economy, sometimes referred to as the citizen sector, which is owned by private groups, usually as a means of establishment for profit or non profit, rather than being owned by the government. The private sector is part of the economy.


The private sector is the segment of a national economy that is owned, controlled, and managed by private individuals or enterprises. A private sector organization is created by forming a new enterprise or privatizing a public sector organization. A large private sector corporation may be privately or publicly traded.

Main goal

The private sector has a goal of making money and employs more workers than the public sector. A private sector organization is created by forming a new enterprise or privatizing a public sector organization. A large private sector corporation may be privately or publicly traded.


What is the role of private sector?
The private sector accounts for around 90% of development-related employment (informal or informal), provides essential goods and services, and contributes significantly to tax revenues as well as the efficient flow and distribution of capital. ...
What do you mean by private sector?
Private sector is defined as the economic part that is controlled by private individuals and companies, and not the state. The private sector encompasses all for profit businesses, regardless of whether they are owned or operated by government.

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