Internal Environment, The Micro Environment And The Macro Environment

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Lifestyle solutions Programs/services in high demand 8 National disability grant & National disability insurance scheme Scholarships Crime prevention funding 8 Work for experience program Other organization with similar visions (appendix one) Any NFG organization SEEKING government funding that lifestyle solutions applies for (appendix one) By Sisyphean If implementation is poor then, it could result in lack of quality in their programs (could be expanding to fast). When looking at the marketing environments there are three key elements, which are the internal environment, the micro environment and the macro environment.

Internal Environment

The internal environment is something that Lifestyle Solutions can directly control. When looking at the strengths and weaknesses, these are internal factors which can either negatively or positively affect lifestyles ability to compete within the market.

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Micro Environment

The micromanagement is made from individuals and organizations that are close to the company and directly impact the customer experience. Examples would include the company itself, its suppliers, the markets and segments in which your business trades, your competition and also those around you who are not paying customers but still have an interest in your business. Lifestyle would need to consider how to recruit mentors and retain them.

The Finances

Executive Summary

Lifestyle solutions are focusing on supporting people in creating lifestyle solutions. The purpose of this report is to focus on Lifestyle Solutions mentoring program. This program designed to help young males and females who are looking for a positive influence in their life.

Unlike other competitors this program is designed for a broader aged group focusing on those aged between 7 and 25. Although this program has run internationally and shown signs of success, there are still problems that need to be addressed in order for the program to be successful within Lifestyle Solutions. What are the problems that arise with running a successful Mentoring Program?

  1. Difficult balancing act
  2. The tyranny of distance
  3. The measures of success
  4. Poor implementation
  5. High staff turnover
  6. Difficulty in recruiting mentors

Receiving referrals. Needs to be run in conjunction with other programs. The positives from running a successful Mentoring Program 1. Reduced offending 2. Increased community involvement 4. More motivation. Recommendations to addressing these problems are

  1. Ensure mentors have sufficient training and are correctly matched with the recipient youth
  2. Ensure mentors and recipient youth are close in distance and within similar cultures to ensure less personality clashes.
  3. Ensure that your measures of success are quantitative statistical measures, to ensure you can Justify further funding.
  4. Make sure your mentors are trained and ready to implement the program. Otherwise this will result in a high turnover of mentors, therefore resulting in difficulty recruiting.
  5. The mentoring program needs to be run in conjunction with other programs.

Lifestyle already runs Camp to belong and TFH camps so the mentoring program could be very successful running with these programs. There are three key elements when looking at the marketing environment Internal Environment Micro Environment Macro Environment The internal environment is something lifestyle can directly control.

They can look at here strengths and weaknesses and determine weather these factors will negatively or positively affect there ability to compete within the market Micro environment is made from other individuals and organizations which are close to lifestyle and directly impact the customer experience. These factors may include suppliers, markets and segments which lifestyle trades in and the competition. Lifestyle need to consider how they are going recruit there mentors, train them and retain them. The macro environment is less controllable, Here we would consider P E S T L - Political, economic, social, technological and Legal factors.

With lifestyles mentoring program the Political factors are going to affect government grants. Economic forces will put strain on how much can spend and how they will spend it. Socio-cultural forces will have a huge impact on the mentoring program, as a whole, there goal is to help people make better lifestyle choices so therefore this is going to have a direct impact on society. Technological will have an affect on the mentoring program as the mentors need to keep in contact with the youth and phone calls, emails and keep are not capable without technology.

Legal is defiantly meeting to keep in mind as the mentors are dealing with people from the age of 7, there is the Child protection Act and also very strict privacy and confidentiality clauses. To help ensure lifestyle solutions mentoring program is successful, there are the seven As in the marketing mix strategies which need to be looked at. First you have the Product, which is their mentoring program itself. Price is the next; this is where we analyses if lifestyle solutions are spending their money correctly on their mentoring program and how we can make it more cost effective and successful.

We Hough of ways to help the mentoring program throughout the work for experience strategy. Where their mentoring program is successful, they can assign the youth with work experience to help further their lifestyle benefits through giving them experience in the workforce to help with life skills. The third P is promotion where we look at how lifestyle solutions can promote themselves as an organization. This can be shown by presenting how successful the mentoring program by showing case studies of the youth that has partaken in the program.

This could also help when lifestyle solutions looks for corporate sponsors. The fourth P is place we suggest that lifestyle solutions should keep their programs close to their controlling base, that way they can do regular checks and monitor the program to help ensure its success. The fifth P is the People and one of the most important to help the mentoring program succeed. Through analyzing how other mentoring programs have failed the main problem was the people, as they were not matching the right mentors with the youth.

A suggestion to lifestyle solutions is to match their mentors with their youth for example if there was an Islamic youth looking for a mentor they should try find a enter that is Islamic or very familiar with the religion. Another suggestion is more about the type of sponsorship lifestyle solutions would be searching for. It would not be wise to look for sponsors from a brewing company's like Carlton United Brewing or a gambling company TOBACCO. Lifestyle solutions need look at Corporations with more of a family feel like Woolworth or Coles.

The sixth P is processes; this is all the 7 As combined which lifestyle must follow to ensure a good marketing strategy. The final P is Physical Evidence which is crucial when marketing their mentoring program, e suggest when applying for funding, grants, donations and sponsorship to have a report of facts and figures on how successful the mentoring program is and they plan to keep the success in the program. The Adoption process is a great way to test if the market will accept the Mentoring program. The adoption process for lifestyle we have suggested is for 12 months.

In that time we are confident that Lifestyle will be able to move through each step in the adoption process smoothly and efficiently if they follow the steps of Awareness, Interest, Evaluation, Trial and Adoption. If any parts of these steps are not followed it is unlikely that the transition to the next stage will be fruitful for Lifestyle. An example of this would be if at the Awareness stage no media contacts were made, no community meetings attended and limited promotion at TAPES and Universities seeking quality volunteers, then there would be very little interest created, which is the next stage in the process.

The Business Business name: Lifestyle Solutions (Status) Ltd Business structure: Company BAN: 85 097 999 347 CAN: 097 999 347 Date established: 30th August 2001 Business owner(s): [List all of the business owners. ] Products/services: Disability Support, Education, Child and Family Support, Social Enterprises. Business overview Lifestyle Solutions is a not for profit organization, founded in Newcastle in 2001 with a vision to provide person centered, flexible and responsive support services to people with disabilities, children, young people and adults who seek/need help with their lifestyle choices.

Based on their vision lifestyle solution created various programs to help achieve their goals such as the TFH Camps which aim to develop self-esteem, self-confidence, build their social and behavioral management skills, work as part of team form positive relationship with other young people and careers, Camp to Belong which reunite siblings who, through no fault of their own, live in and out of home care who have been separated with their siblings and Mentoring. This marketing plan has been created to help lifestyle solutions achieve and enhance their goals and vision in their Mentoring program.

S. W. O. T. Analysts S. W. O. T weakness/ threat Activity to address weakness/threat Not enough funding to achieve goals Marketing the company to people and asking for donations Looking at getting sponsorship Applying for scholarships businesses/governments have Not as popular as other organizations Advertising Lifestyle solutions through social media Other organizations being similar or looking for the same funding Show the difference between Lifestyle solutions and other human services organizations Show the great success of lifestyle solutions programs S. W. O. T opportunities Activity to address opportunity Sponsorship/Scholarships Research corporate companies that sponsor organizations or even look into potential corporate businesses that could sponsor Lifestyle solutions High demand programs Show this high demand for these programs to government/potential sponsors to help main sponsorship/grants/donations.

National disability grant (appendix 2) Apply for this suitable grant Show that society will benefit from the a lot more if Lifestyle solutions was to get it Crime prevention funding (Appendix 3) Prove that lifestyle solutions can help improve crime rates in Australia Product/Service Description Price ETC Lifestyle camps held once a month which aim to develop self-esteem, self-confidence, build their social and behavioral management skills, work as part of a team and form positive relationships with other young people and careers. $1 55 000 a year

Helping males and females aged 7-25 who are referred to as being at risk and are looking for a positive influence in their life $150 000 a year with 50 mentors and 50 people being mentored Camping to belong Reuniting siblings who, through no fault of their own, live in out of home care who have been separated with their siblings $50 000 a year Market position: Lifestyle solutions would be in the human services marketing which is quite a competitive scene as they have to compete with other organizations to apply for government funding, scholarships and sponsorships.

Their market position loud be around average as they are not as well-known and wealthy as other human services organization but they do have enough income to run their programs. Unique selling position: Lifestyle solutions unique position is the large age group they work within their programs. Most human service companies cut their age limit at 18 however lifestyle solutions sees that even from the age to 18-24 many people find it hard to create a better lifestyle for themselves.

This creates a beneficial unique selling position for sponsors and government grants/funding. Value to customer: lifestyle solutions to a customer are an option to improve their life wrought mentoring or TFH camps to help improve their lifestyle. Growth potential: Lifestyle solutions growth potential is quite high as every year lifestyle solutions income and revenue has been increasing and since 2007 you see them in constant annually surplus. (Appendix four) The Future (appendix five) Supporting people in creating lifestyle solutions.

Mission statement: To walk with, support and work alongside people in creating lifestyle solutions that provide dignity and community. To facilitate living options within the community that provide equality of access, choice and solicitation for people we support. To provide mutually agreed upon accommodation and support options for people we support that are appropriate and non-intrusive. The Market The Mentoring Program is not so new. It has been run well overseas in the UK and US for many years and it has also had some successes in Australia too.

Some extracts of a paper presented at the Crime Prevention Conference in September 2002 highlight the advantages and disadvantages of a mentor program run succinctly in Coffs Harbor and Pragmatic for 3 years from 1997 20th. This program that ran with Volunteer mentors helping young offenders referred to them via Police and Youth Justice. To sum up the 14 page paper based on 3 years of work is not possible in this report, but there are nine main areas that Lifestyle can take from the paper.

 It took 12 months for any momentum in the mentor program due to the matching process of Volunteer Mentor to recipient youth.

  1. Difficult balancing act between training sufficient mentors and then correctly matching them to the recipient youth.
  2. Broadsword approach so one model could not successfully be used for different areas.
  3. The measures of success are generally qualitative and very difficult to obtain broad initiative statistical measures, which are sometimes the singular tool used by government and corporate to Justify further funding.
  4. Multiple levels of Government agencies were used to run the program but there was no real overall leader of the project and it changed its methods several times during the pilot.
  5. Combination of factors including poor implementation, high staff turnover and difficulty in recruiting mentors and receiving referrals.
  6. The program that the youth partook in for 6 months or more showed reduced offending, increased community involvement, improved self esteem and immunization skills and more motivation.
  7. The scope of the mentoring program with the target group is limited and suggested that mentoring should be only one element in any strategy for the youth that offend.
  8. No Arabic, South East Asian and Pacific Islander youth were matched to mentors in three years, signifying that acceptance is required from both sides being of the youth and the mentors.

Once Lifestyle has all of these areas of concern under control, they can then approach the greater community for sponsorship to expand the program. No corporate sponsor would want to be involved with Lifestyles Mentor program until hey see a well run program that is at least 80% efficient in its operation. Market Environment the internal environment, the micro environment and the macro environment. Either negatively or positively affect lifestyles ability to compete within the market. Recruit mentors and retain them.

Macro Environment

The macro environment is less controllable. The macro environment consists of much larger all-encompassing influences (which impact the micro environment) from the broader global society. Here we would consider P E S T L - Political issues, Economic issues, Social issues, Technology, and Legal factors amongst others. Within Lifestyle Solutions, the influence Politics would have included Government grants. Economic forces will affect the mentoring program as it puts strain on how much Lifestyle can spend and how they spend it. Socio-cultural forces is one which has a huge impact on the mentoring program, as there whole goal is to guide people to make better lifestyle choices, therefore this will have a direct impact on society. Technological would have an affect on the mentoring program as the mentors and the young people need to keep in contact, phone calls, emails and keep are not capable thou technology. Legal is something that will have impact on the mentoring program, as the program starts at people at the age of 7, there is the Child Protection Act, and very strict privacy and confidentiality clauses which the mentors need to be aware of and follow at all times.

Marketing Strategy

The Mentor program is not a new Product, but it does require some of the "new product development" (NYPD) steps reviewed. Steps 1, 2 and 3 of the NYPD have been done already for Lifestyle but a quick review could not hurt, being "Idea Generation", "Screening" and "Concept Evaluation" respectively.

Steps 4,5,6,7 and 8 of the NYPD are needed even though the mentoring program is not a new product it certainly needs a market strategy (step 4), business analysis (Step 5), product development (Step 6), test marketing (step 7) and commercialism's (Step 8). We know that there is a market for the Mentoring program, but Lifestyle need to form a marketing strategy involving. Projected Numbers How many volunteer mentors and recipient youth numbers is capable in the 1st year? 50 has been mentioned, but is this number too high? Could it that number be too high and therefore be detrimental to the quality of the program?

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