Speaking Spanish Has Always Been A Struggle

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She played a huge role in teaching me how to speak Spanish. The only language she would speak to me while growing up was Spanish. As I grew up I never realized the method that was being used which was direct method until now. She was teaching me on how to communicate with others while speaking another language. My grandmother only spoke to me in Spanish though I had a rough time understanding and trying to speak it back to her, she was determined to teach me.

The role of the teacher who in this case is my grandmother is to teacher me on how to become a communicator. Not merely to learn vocabulary or grammar but to know whom, when and what to say or how to ay certain things. The role of my grandmother was to acquire a learning system which was not focused too much on how to write or learn vocabulary but to learn the proper way to use Spanish first. The students role is to accept the corrections as well as absorbing and putting my Spanish speaking skills to test.

Though till this day I am not that great at speaking my second language, know the basic fundamentals of this language, my language in this case would be "Spangling". This is where I incorporate both Spanish and English while speaking to Spanish speakers, which my grandmother isn't too fond of. One characteristic that is good for teaching Spanish would be proficiency, in order to teach a foreign language you must know the language yourself. One must learn how to speak it, read it as well as write it. It was easy for my grandmother to teach me because she was well educated in that language.

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She was able to exhibit a high level of accuracy in Spanish because of her background with the language. As for the learning process I was able to surround myself with other family members to communicate and improve in my foreign language. As well as watching my grandmothers intense Spanish wows which educated me more and taught me on how to express myself. The nature interaction between my grandmother and I wasn't too bad, though I struggled in the beginning as time went by I was able to learn it eventually, not as good as I had wished though.

It was harder for my because growing up because had a New Yorker accent so for some words had a hard time saying in Spanish, and for that my grandmother made fun of me but thought it was adorable. Plenty of corrections were made during my process of learning Spanish which better my knowledge and understanding in this language. While learning Spanish it was pretty difficult and frustrating especially since I had an accent which was harder for me to comprehend in also my sisters made fun of me because of it Especially when it came to rolling the Or's that was the most difficult part of Spanish was being able to roll letters.

As well as learning on how to speak very fast in my language, normally all Spanish speakers have a tendency to speak very fast, still haven't gotten the hang of that but I'm learning. When speaking Spanish I have made plenty of mistakes but I was able to remind myself that it's okay to make mistakes, but to ask ND seek help from people who are great in speaking Spanish. Speaking Spanish in my household was and still is a must, the only way to communicate to my grandmother was through speaking Spanish.

Especially since it is my second language it is important that I know how to speak it. Am also able to expand my horizons and know more and how my language works. It's not just about learning a new language and how to speak it but you learn about its culture as well. It's important so we can empathic with people in our country who struggle to learn English, so therefore learning more engages and about different cultures will help us develop more knowledge of other languages. The area of language that is emphasized are vocabulary and grammatical structure.

Vocabulary is very important for every language especially so you're able to use it in the correct form. I know for myself whenever use the incorrect word while speaking to my grandmother she looks at me with a confused face and waits for me to correct myself. Vocabulary is an important factor because you want your sentences understandable while using the right terms. As for grammatical, its important to govern the compositions of harass, clauses and words so you can acquire a better sense of how to use these while speaking to an individual.

As a child my grandmother would have me repeat every word after her in Spanish and once we did that, she told me what each word meant. Of course we started off with the easy terms first such as animals, fruits and parts on our bodies. As we did those every day as a child my vocabulary increased and little by little began to understand the basics, once we did that we moved onto the harder stuff. Learning different terms helped me improve in this engage and gave me a better sense on how to use them and when to use them. As only able to speak Spanish whenever I would see my grandmothers, or went to visit people in my country. My native language which is English is Of course my strongest skill but speaking Spanish has given me the opportunity to explore more in my foreign language and not rely so much on my native language. The role of my native language should not be used when learning another language, should be able to get out of the habit of not depending so much on it and being able to be open to learning different languages especially my own language.

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