How Man Is Changing the Environment and Biomes

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Last Updated: 19 Apr 2023
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How is man changing environment or biomes? Man is drastically changing the environment with all the needs he has. Humans cut down entire forests in the course of a month. Then we build buildings in its place making it impossible for anything to grow there. Those trees were a crucial part to the ecosystem and environment, which are now changed forever. We also drive cars, which emit exhaust, which in turn hurts our ozone layer and heats up the Earth. Once the ozone layer is damaged the ice caps melt a little and now the entire environment is changed, all thanks to man.

Not to mention that biomes are changed as well due to global warming; the ice caps melt a little and the world gets hotter, thus the biomes near the sea are changed because the water level rises and the weather there is hotter. Another way man is changing biomes and the environment around the world is by building cities. Humans build new buildings every day and those buildings take up space, space that was once a tree, a bit of grassland, or maybe a little pond.

The cities we build are all around the world and some of the places where those cities are used to be entire ecosystems. For example the Thames and the area surrounding it in London, England; they were once their own environment and we built over the land surrounding the river and dumped a bunch of garbage into the Thames. The same goes for Denver; it lies on a mountain, the area it lies on used to have creeks and trees, but now it just has buildings and roads. Another part of the environment changed forever due to us humans.

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