U.S Cuban Trade and Wal-Mart Goes South

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The 20th century is largely shaped by the Cuban revolution that happened in the past decades ago. During those years, it was identified by its enemies as a satellite, a means by which to implement the Soviet policy in Latin America and Africa. Afterwards, the Soviet Union declined and the community of nations was created wherein it is composed of Central and Eastern European countries that were liberated from the Nazi Regime. However, Cuba was regarded as the exemption in all the expectations that other countries have regarding its liberation from the Soviet forces.

After their liberation and even up to this present time, Cuba still adheres to the Communist principle that they acquired when they entered the Soviet sphere of influence. As a result, this ideology that they have was met with great dissatisfaction coming from the United States (Luis, 2008). The relationship of the Cuba and the United States has been characterized by tension since the Fidel Castro took the seat of power in 1959. The different administrations that ruled the White House during the time of Castro’s leadership have implemented tough measures against Cuba, which includes prolonged economic sanctions and diplomatic isolation.

This is United States policy towards Cuba is quite observable during the Bush Administration wherein he strongly enforced the economic embargo and strengthened travel restrictions (Hanson, 2009). Issue Recently, Fidel Castro has step down from office as the leader of Cuba. Due to this event, the issue of whether the United States policy that tends to isolated this Communist country is being debated once again. Some officials in the United States Congress argue that change in leadership only represent little difference in the overall policy and practices of Cuba.

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As such, the United States strict limits on trade and travel should continue. However, some members of the Congress assert that the change in the leadership of the country should represent an opportunity for development on the human rights in Cuba. Moreover, changing the United States policy towards the country could also be a good means to help Cuba in its mode of transition from being a Communist state towards a type of government receptive to the international community (Wolf, 2008).

Being the case, the question that is posed upon the leaders of the United States especially in the new administration of Barack Obama is whether they should lift tighten the economic grip on Cuba or not. Analysis Based upon the background of the issue as well as the current state of situation with regards to the United States and Cuba’s relation, it would be on the best interest of both countries if the United States will loosen its economic grip on Cuba.

Due to the fact that the root causes of the conflict between the two countries way back in history, it would be a sound decision to forego of the past and move on with the present. The United States will benefit if they will resume relation with Cuba as this will give way as another market for the United States businesses to access (Hanson, 2009). In the same manner, Cuba will also have the chance to import products from the United States and they can also export goods that they have comparative advantage in.

Moreover, establishing diplomatic relations with Cuba will also lessen or even eliminate the strict limits on travel and remittances that Cuban and Americans are currently experiencing. Conclusion Tightening the economic grip on Cuba is not an advantageous move for the United States especially since Cuba is regarded as one of its closest neighbor. It is better for the United States to resume diplomatic ties and lift the economic embargo that is has implemented in the country. Greater partnership among these two states especially in terms of economic purposes is needed more than ever especially during this time of economic crisis.

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