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5 Tips for Developing Your B2B Sales

Your B2B sales campaign is all about being able to attract prospects and keep them there. But is easier said than done when the majority of businesses are receiving over ten sales presentations every single day. You need to develop your B2B sales strategy so …

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5 Reasons Why Mobile Will Play A Bigger Role In B2B Commerce

Imagine a shopkeeper sitting in his shop and quickly looking at the catalog in between dealing with customers and without having to worry about internet connection, logging in or booting a device. Isn’t it interesting and hassle free?With the surge in internet and smartphone penetration, …

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Difference in The Supply Chain of B2B and B2C Website

E-Business implies revolution of the vital business processes via the usage of Internet technologies. The Internet is transforming every facet our daily lives and is hard to find any other area which is going through as fast and remarkable change, as the manner in which …

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B2b Versus B2c Sites

This paper will compare the two kinds of markets: Business-to-Consumer and Business-to-Business with respect to their sites and how these markets use their sites as e-Business to deal with the different kinds of marketing approaches. Finally, the paper will give an understanding of whether it …

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B2b Supply Chain Discussion

The B2B supply chain is different from that of a B2C. This is because in a B2B supply chain, the supplying business has very few customers i. e. in terms of the many businesses that can be customers to him, the supplying business is supplying …

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How Do You Solve the Discount Conundrum in B2B Sales?

Research has shown that nearly 11 months of a year-long contract to pay off the associated acquisition costs. In this light, can B2B companies really afford to offer discounts, even if they think that move might help them close more deals?Related: In reality, discounts sacrifice long-term value …

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B2C site compared to B2Bsite

Companies and individual entrepreneurs involved in e-commerce are operating in three-dimensional environment comprised with ethical, legal and regulatory norms and policies. Failure to comply with these norms may trigger various consequences for business or individual – from forfeiture of merchant account issued by banking institution …

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Business to business can be defined as business that is involved in selling products to other businesses. In reality business-to-business (B2B) exist both online and offline but the B2B acronym has mainly been used to describe the online variety which has become common in the …

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B2B and B2C

In these harsh economic period, dealing with the ethical, legal, and regulatory concerns associated with B2B and B2C websites and the free flow of information is a main issue for both kinds of e-businesses. For both of these websites, there are security issues, site policies, …

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