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The Wall-Mart stores model were not visual appealing to South Korean costumers, since Korean are use to see neat and sophisticated department stores, Product mix: The American consuming patterns of electronics, clothing, and process foods did not match the South Koreans preferences. Promotion strategies: Walter kept its American approach of promoting through friendly and warm layouts, while the South Korean are more likely to be sold for aggressive and exuberant strategies of promotion. Pricing: Since South Koreans do not distinguish the deference between discounts ND regular prices.

Generally Wall-Mart marketed Items like electronics, when South Koreans prefer to spend their money on food and drinks, But the main task that must be taken is for companies to local needs and desires in mind when entering into any foreign country area In the world. In my opinion there is a lot of options that could be helpful for the case of Walter in south Korea. 1- Changing the Walter location: I think it is one of the good solution because there from the most populations to a place has more opportunity to get improved. Expert: That could be another solution to having an expert by helping to now more about the consumer and the culture in south Korea. 3-Changing kind of product: That will be one of the best solutions for Walter in South Korea by having more domestic products and especially more fresh food or sea food and to having the BIG 502: Applied Business Research and Communication Skills Steven Samara Martina Instructor: Peggy Bilberry Consumers demands ,that will have the Korean accepting Walter product more and will support it with the time.

Steven Samara Martina Southern State University BUY-502 What are some limitations of the SOOT matrix and analysis? We cannot say that the SOOT strategy is the final strategy to achieve the desired goals. However, the SOOT strategy is considered as a starting point to develop other strategies that could support the SOOT strategy in order to progress and development on an ongoing basis of the desired goals. Although SOOT strategy is one of the most successful strategies, it must have some gaps that require us to constantly re-examine our SOOT strategy.

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Because of the previous observation, it is very important to search for other strategies in order to get the best results. If you decide to use a SOOT matrix for your Yahoo case-study, can you defend why? I absolutely will use a SOOT matrix strategy because it is considered to be direct and clear for all of its objectives that are strengths, weaknesses and threats. In addition, through these objectives, we can examine and develop additional strategies to support and convert as much as possible weaknesses points to strengths once.

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