The pros and cons in combating hiv/aids among its south african workforce

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Anglo Americans constitute a highly recognized and profitable mining company in the world, operating in more than 50 countries including South Africa. Other than its objective of high financial goals the company has developed five development principles sustainably and one of these is creating a meaningful and safe environment for a healthy working atmosphere, for instance the effort in HIV/AIDS prevention program (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Inc 2007).

Due to a high number of the company workers (about 62%) being based in South Africa mining fields (a place with high rate of HIV infections), it became then significant because HIV infection became a serious health and operation stress threat in this mining area.

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Due to high infections within the strong working forces, sick individuals are usually absent from duties, cost of treatment and hospitalization increases and this leads to the general decline in the productivity.

Necessity for a business action was made more critical on the idea that there is failure of the African governments to arrest HIV virus spread due to poor and infective national prevention programs such as anti-retro viral (ART) usage for infected individuals of whom a very low percentage (about 23%) receives it according to world Health Organization estimates.

Anglo Americans strategies in combating HIV/AIDS in the South African working force

The company developed policies in the HIV infection control program and this was targeted on zero rating of three functions; new HIV infections, zero / any sickness or death of its employees from AIDS and Zero chances of employees giving birth to HIV positive children.

To achieve these targets a framework was laid and this suggested that, there will be no tolerance to discrimination, stigmatization or human rights breach on the basis of HIV/AIDS infections within its workers.

This follows dynamic HIV prevention programs, including voluntary counseling and testing, provision of free Anti-retro viral drugs to the infected, involvement of the other partners in their programs for instance non-governmental organizations, the government and international sponsors and by lastly doing an evaluation and monitoring program on the achievement of these laid targets.

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