Essays on Hypertension

Essays on Hypertension

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My 70th Birthday Speech

My Seventieth Birthday Speech “The seventieth birthday! It is the time of life when you arrive at a new and awful dignity; when you throw aside the decent reserves which have oppressed you for a generation and have stand unafraid and unabashed upon your seven-terraced …

Words 853
Pages 4
Reflection on Taking Blood Pressure

A REFLECTIVE ACCOUNT OF A LEARNT SIMULATED SKILL BLOOD PRESSURE. The aim of this essay is to reflect and discuss my knowledge acquired in a simulated learning skill experience which forms part of my training as a student nurse in accordance with the Nurses and …

Blood PressureHypertensionMedicineNursing
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Pages 7
Reaction Paper Blood of a Mole

“Blood of a mole” tells the story of pity, self-sacrifice, and trickery. You cannot always give people what they need, no matter how desperate they are. The character gives some of his own life which Is represented by blood because he felt such a compelling …

Words 808
Pages 3
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Family Assessment Paper

Running Head: FAMILY HEALTH ASSESSMENT Family Health Risk Assessment Paper Tynette Miller Submitted to Dr. Sarah Combs in Partial Fulfillment of NR478 Community Health Nursing Practicum Regis University April 3, 2013 2 FAMILY HEALTH ASSESSMENT A comprehensive family assessment provides a foundation to promote family …

Words 1280
Pages 5
A map to the next world

Joy Harjo’s poems are filled with so many images and passages that let’s one ponder and think about the complexity of the work.  She is able to balance contemporary American life and ancient tribal truths magnificently. (more…)

Words 38
Pages 1
Child Soldier Creative Writing

I am holding a gun to my head. On the verge of death I look back at how it escalated to this to convince not to make the wrong choice as I had done before. That memory among many other dark ones remained as clear …

Words 1267
Pages 5
Icu Case Study

Case Study A 45 year old male was admitted to ICU following an exploratory laparotomy which showed a ruptured appendix and peritonitis. The procedure began as a laparoscopic cholecystectomy but the initial finding was pus throughout the peritoneal cavity and a normal gallbladder. An open …

Case StudyHypertensionMedicinePneumonia
Words 2769
Pages 11
My First Helicopter Ride

As I stood gazing at the monstrous contraption, I shivered as though ice had replaced my spine. The cold air that blew into my face engulfed my entire body. The multiple layers of clothing could not protect me against the swish of frosty air. The …

Words 721
Pages 3
Preeclampsia Case Study

At 0600 Jennie is brought to the Labor and Delivery triage area by her sister. The client complains of a pounding headache for the last 12 hours unrelieved by acetaminophen (Tylenol), swollen hands and face for 2 days, and epigastric pain described as bad heartburn. …

Case StudyChildbirthHypertensionMedicinePregnancy
Words 1959
Pages 8
Otzi the Iceman

Otzi the Iceman is one of the greatest discoveries known to date. His discovery has a major significance throughout the world, for his age and excellent preservation, the equipment found with him and the contents of his stomach. Other factors which contribute to his significance …

HypertensionNatural EnvironmentNature
Words 479
Pages 2
Blueberry Blueberries

Blueberry Blueberries are perennial flowering plants of the genus Vaccinium, and are native to North America. The genus is very diverse, containing 150 to 450 species, mostly found in the tropics at high elevation, but also in temperate and boreal regions. Most are shrubs, but …

Words 514
Pages 2
Catfish in the Bathtub

Catfish in the Bathtub Response As you walk in past the brown hazelnut colored door, the aroma of Chinese herbs fill your nose and like every other Asian house, there’s a shoe rack right when you walk in the door. Around dinner time, the meter …

FoodHuman NatureHypertension
Words 396
Pages 2
Pathophysiology Paper

Patient Data Mr. F. is a seventy-three year old Caucasian male who is twice divorced and lives alone in Sweetwater, Texas. He has two children living, and two deceased children. Both of his parents are deceased; his father died at the age of sixty-nine of …

DiabetesEssay ExamplesHypertensionInsulinObesity
Words 2918
Pages 11
Thought and Owl

The connection between humans and animals is truly a special one as demonstrated in Tim Bowling’s “Snowy Owl After Midnight. ” The speaker in the short story feels closely connected to the owl as he walks in the forest at night. The speaker believes that …

Words 290
Pages 2
Benefits of chocolate-revised

How can something so good be so bad? This was a question that I often asked myself while devouring the candy and chocolate I squirreled away in my “special drawer. ” I grew up in a household that has always been health conscious. My mother …

Words 96
Pages 1
An Enlightening Experience

How often do we appreciate our parents for the advice they gave us? Hardly ever! How often do we turn a deaf ear to their advice? Very often! I believe that is a unanimous answer given by most of us and very often, we will …

Words 1140
Pages 5
Cardiovascular Disease

As historical statistics show, heart diseases are said to be the most prominent reason for death in California. It is also a major contributor to the growing of costs in the US in terms of health care. The word cardiovascular disease (CVD) implies an inclusive …

Words 83
Pages 1
Blue Remembered Hills by Dennis Potter Comparison

In this essay I am going to compare my play with two comparatives. The play I performed was a scripted piece called “Blue Remembered Hills” by Dennis Potter, written in . The other two texts are, “My Mother said I never should”, by Charlotte Keatley, …

Human NatureHypertension
Words 587
Pages 3
Nursing, Teaching Plan

Inter American University of Puerto Rico Metropolitan Campus Department of science and technology School of nursing Carmen Torres of Tiburcio TEACHING-LEARNING PLAN FOR THE FAMILY AS CLIENT informational After nursing intervention the Intervention, the family pressure. (question and answer)pamphlets. Family were: Will be able to …

Words 334
Pages 2
Ashlynn Blocker

Ashlyn Blocker was born with a condition called congenital insensitivity which leaves her feeling absolutely no pain. The disease is caused by two found gene mutations which cut off the pain signals that are sent to Ashlyn’s brain. Her doctor’s name is Dr. Roland Staud …

EmpathyEssay ExamplesHypertensionMedicine
Words 827
Pages 4
Tale of Two Coaches

Running Head: Tale of Two Coaches and Leadership Tale of Two Coaches and Leadership Randal J. Reutzel Grand Canyon University: LDR – 600 October 27, 2011 Abstract Coaching and leadership seem to be synonymous with each other, in that if you’re a high caliber coach …

Human NatureHypertensionLeadershipPsychology
Words 2766
Pages 11
A Comparison Between the Contraindications of Omanipaque and Visipaque

A Comparison Between the Contraindications of Omanipaque and Visipaque             Drugs have a way of relieving the pain and discomfort that patients experience. Some have been specifically made in order to trace the reasons for such discomfort. One of these drugs is known as the …

AddictionDrugsEssay ExamplesHypertensionMedicine
Words 83
Pages 1
St John Ambulance Team

Rescue Me St. John Ambulance Team In school periods, students can join sports, news editing, cheerleading teams, and other academia groups. My alma mater was Chong Hwa High School, which was a little different from other schools because it didn’t have its own medical support, …

Words 1148
Pages 5
Diabetes (type 2): Prevention Program

Stage of Susceptibility: At this stage, the individual is predisposed to having diabetes mellitus due to some factors called the risk factors. These factors are: Family history of diabetics, i.e if any of the parent or of the lineage has diabetics before. B). overweight this …

DiabetesEssay ExamplesHypertensionInsulinMedicine
Words 109
Pages 1
The Incredible Hulk Review

“10 out of 10” says everyone! If not it is because they must be green with envy at the magnum opus that was synthesised by Louis Leterrier himself! But still no contest to the first film. “Unleash the fury” was the tagline for the intellectual …

Essay ExamplesHypertension
Words 804
Pages 3
Tears of blood

The drink just lies upon the smooth, flat, varnished table where the suns reflection casts an eerie shadow of the ice, cold drink. If you glance closely, the water condensation slowly, slides, straight down the can leaving a puddle of water behind. To you this …

Words 1407
Pages 6
Empathy Task Ww1 Yr.10 Assessment

EMPATHY TASK. WW1 BY Manon Collins The fog still clung to the ground. We could barely see two feet in front of us. The men’s voices were loud and projected off into the fog were they became lost and tangled in ‘No Man’s Land’ The …

Essay ExamplesHypertension
Words 440
Pages 2
Analyse Communication methods and assess their effectiveness in a care setting

Effective communication is the foundation for any health care setting. Communication is essential in these environments as is helps classify issues, provides emotional support and also establishes relationships. It is important for employees in health care setting’s to be equipped with social skills in order …

Words 99
Pages 1
Thriller Narrative

This world is no longer for the innocent. The reflection of a devilish smirk glistened on the destroyer encased in heavy metal…the ultimate weapon, which would leave Moscow, nothing but a sheer memory, forever lost and to be feared. ‘Well, professor I must agree that …

Words 806
Pages 3
Pathophysiology Of Coronary Artery Disease Health And Social Care Essay

Heart onslaught has become a common family term in the United States, due to the fact that about 16 million American have been diagnosed with coronary arteria disease. Harmonizing to American Heart Association, an American dies every minute due to coronary arteria disease. Coronary arteria …

Words 1700
Pages 7
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Hypertension is another name for high blood pressure. It can lead to severe health complications and increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, and sometimes death. Blood pressure is the force that a person's blood exerts against the walls of their blood vessels.

Includes Diseases: Essential hypertension

Frequently asked questions

How do you explain hypertension?
There are many possible explanations for hypertension, or high blood pressure. One common explanation is that it is caused by a buildup of plaque in the arteries. This plaque can narrow the arteries and make it difficult for blood to flow through them. This can lead to high blood pressure. Another explanation is that hypertension may be caused by a problem with the kidneys. The kidneys play a role in regulating blood pressure, and if they are not functioning properly, it can lead to high blood pressure.
What is hypertension paragraph?
Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, is a condition in which the force of blood against artery walls is high enough that it may eventually cause health problems, such as heart disease.Blood pressure is measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHg). Normal blood pressure is less than 120 mmHg systolic (top number) and 80 mmHg diastolic (bottom number). People with hypertension have a systolic blood pressure of 140 mmHg or higher, and/or a diastolic blood pressure of 90 mmHg or higher.Hypertension is often called the silent killer" because it often has no symptoms. Many people do not know they have it until they have a routine blood pressure check.If left untreated, hypertension can lead to serious health problems, such as heart disease, stroke, and kidney failure."
What is hypertension and why is it a problem?
Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, is a condition in which the force of blood against vessel walls is too high. This can damage the vessels, leading to problems such as heart disease, stroke, and kidney failure.
Why is hypertension so important?
Hypertension is a major risk factor for many serious conditions, including heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, and early death. Even a small increase in blood pressure can cause these conditions. That’s why it’s so important to keep blood pressure under control.

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