Essays on Dementia

Essays on Dementia

Feeling stuck when writing an essay on Dementia? If you are unable to get started on your task and need some inspiration, then you are in the right place.Dementia essays require a range of skills including understanding, interpretation and analysis, planning, research and writing. To write an effective essay on Dementia, you need to examine the question, understand its focus and needs, obtain information and evidence through research, then build a clear and organized answer. Browse our samples and select the most compelling topic as an example for your own!

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The Mini-Mental State Examination

The Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) was first developed by Dr. Marshall Folstein in 1975 frequently described as “mini-mental” and is one of the most commonly administered screening tools for cognitive impairment and possible dementia in clinical settings (Xu et al., 2015). As argued by Tsai …

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Fall and Injury Prevention

There are many literature reviews related to quality improvement/ evidence-based practice on reducing falls in the healthcare settings. Three databases were search; namely: EBSCOhost, ProQuest, and SAGE Premier. Five articles were reviewed; and the following four articles were included in the review of the literature: …

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Housing Association and the different types of accommodation

Introduction Welcome to your new job in Utopia Housing Trust (UHT). This booklet is designed to give you a brief overview of our Housing Association and the different types of accommodation we offer, the services we provide to our community, our values, particularly Equality and …

ApartmentDementiaDisabilityDiscriminationEssay ExamplesHomelessness
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Essays on Dementia
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Impact of caring for a patient with dementia

Abstract Dementia Background: Dementia is most commonly misunderstood and misrepresented in terms of what it is and what actually causes it and most importantly who it affects. The Royal College of Physicians (2005) relatively defines Dementia as: “the global impairment of higher cortical functions including …

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The role of ApoE and its isoforms in Alzheimer’s disease

Introduction Research into the genetic causes of Alzheimer’s disease have progressed considerably and currently at least three different genes are known to be linked with AD pathogenesis. Of these the apolipoprotein gene E (APOE), an amino acid glycoprotein, is one of the main focus of …

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Evidence-based Interventions for a Patient Suffering from Dementia

Introduction Evidence-based practice has been promoted in all healthcare levels in the NHS (Department of Health, 2012). This is done to ensure that interventions are supported by current evidence in healthcare and have been found to be effective for most patients (Pearson et al., 2009). …

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Policy Analysis on Dementia Care

Abstract The policy ‘Improving Care for People with Dementia’ aims to increase diagnosis of dementia, improve health and care services in hospitals, care homes and communities, create dementia-friendly communities and widen research on dementia care. This brief aims to analyse only the aspect of improving …

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Understand Human Behavior

The Second World War, it may be argued, belongs to one of the most tragic but life-defining moments of human history. It significantly informed human sciences of the exponential capacity of human persons to effect sweeping changes on to the society. Along the same vein, …

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Dementia And The Associated Stigmatisation Health And Social Care Essay

Dementia derives from Latin de intending ‘out of ‘ and work forces intending ‘the head ‘ . Dementia is an organic mental upset which affects the encephalon. Furthermore, dementedness is a degenerative progressive procedure. The CDCP ( 2004 ) states that dementedness is the 5th …

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Review Low Back Pain Treatment Health And Social Care Essay

In publically provided health care systems, limited resources coupled with limitless demands result in determinations holding to be made about the efficient allotment of scarce resources. This rationing of the services raises inquiries of how services should be provided ( for illustration, how should patients …

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Cognitive impairment and Alzheimers disease

Apathy is one of the commonest symptoms in Alzheimers disease and is associated with frontal lobe disfunction. Apathy is associated with high health professional load and has several negative effects. Purposes The primary purpose of this survey is to analyze an association between apathy and …

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Family Members Making Care Decisions Health And Social Care Essay

Every twelvemonth the United States spends more than $ 100 billion supplying attention for 1000000s of persons affected by signifiers of dementedness and for their informal caregivers.1 Assuming no alteration in the incidence of dementedness and its attention bringing, between 11 and 19 million people …

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Technology For People With Dementia Health And Social Care Essay

Around 570,000 people are enduring from dementedness in England and this figure is expected to lift drastically over following few decennaries. The people age 65 and above are more prone to dementia, and the opportunities of developing dementedness additions with older age. There are four …

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Alzheimers Disease And Dimentia Health And Social Care Essay

Normally, Alzheimer disease occurs after 60 old ages old. The chance increases as one gets older. This is a familial disease. The hazard one will acquire Alzheimer additions after 70 old ages old. Survey shows that people over 65 old ages old that have Alzheimer …

Alzheimers DiseaseDementiaDiseaseMedicine
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Lewy Body Dementia

Non-preventable and Non-reversible: Lewy Body Dementia On April 10th 2010, my dad informed me that my grandmother had passed away. She was 90-years-old, and although she may have lived a long life, the last eight or so years of her life were very rough. The …

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Dementia Causes Of Nonfatal Disability Health And Social Care Essay

Mr. Roy was a supervisor and driver for a company for 35 old ages, dedicated employee, he married Jane and had four kids. Roy ‘s Dendranthema grandifloruom has history of undiagnosed psychotic jobs. He ever had disconnected idiosyncrasy, rigorous with everything and ever wanted to …

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Suffering From Advanced Dementia Health And Social Care Essay

Dementia is defined as a aggregation of symptoms that include decreased rational operation that interferes with normal life maps and there are presently over 600,000 persons populating with dementedness in the UK ( 2 ) . There are several types of dementedness and diagnosing is …

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Confirming Alzehimer’s Disease

Running head: Confirming Alzheimer’s Disease Confirming Alzheimer’s Disease Carissa Davis Walden University Diagnosis and Assessments 6720 Confirming Alzheimer’s Disease The Forgetful Mail Carrier Han’s is a 66 year old retired government worker that has been dealing with issues related to his memory. Han’s retired at …

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Dementia awareness Narrative Essay

Explain what is meant by demtia: Dementia is a term that is used when the brain is affected by different diseses or conditions. Describe the key functions of the brain affected by dementia: The key functions of the brain affected by dementia are- processing information,language,memory,ability …

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Advice and support

The role of domiciliary, respite and day services that may contribute to end of life care can be resumed such as the respite care service, by; they put their life on “pause” to provide the care that is required. It’s a very important responsibility. The …

DementiaDisabilityEssay ExamplesMedicineNursing
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The Brief History of the Elderly Barriers

Mental ailment is a significant determinant giving rise to the disease burdens of the elderly people. While the elderly people do not seem to suffer from disproportionate share of most distinct mental ailment such as depression or schizophrenia they do have a much higher prevalence …

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Late Employee

Inconsistent attendance of an employee is considered a grave problem to all companies. Although it may be initially regarded as a small deal, an employee who shows up for work late can jeopardize the productivity and morale of the entire company. The problem of late …

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Individuals theories

Most had no goals to rehabilitate the fender nor help them on any matter. Over time the ideals of how a prison should be like evolved. Before the nineteenth century there were no real prisons (Foster, 2006, Chapter 1). There is no clear time of …

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Psychology Dementia Paper

Alzheimer’s In The Early Years Early-onset Alzheimer’s is an uncommon form of dementia that strikes people younger than age 65. In that case, some of the first episodes of symptoms with the early onset start as behavioral problems. The caregiver’s of the early onset patient’s …

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Developing my professional role

The third goal is to focus on developing my professional role. My leadership with the staff and NVQ candidates is primarily clinical but also has influence in their education and training. My notion of work is to lead staff and candidates to achieve the task …

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SeniorServ Practice

Mohammad ChowhanAmerican Public UniversitySeniorServ, Adult Day Health CareSecuring Home, Health & HeartAnaheim, CaliforniaInstructor: Dr. Carter-Mccummings, JewelMarch 22, 2018Abstract. I chose my practicum site because of several reasons. Selecting SeniorServ practicum has numerous benefits to facilitate selecting public health career. As an intern, I have the …

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Case Study of Mrs. C – Dementia

Profile and presenting symptoms: The patient is Mrs. C, an 83-year-old widowed Caucasian female. She lives alone in her apartment. Means of income come from her husband’s retirement income as well as her social security. She had no formal occupational training but formerly worked as …

Case StudyDementia
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Social Effects of Alzheimer’s

“What Are the Social Effects of Alzheimer’s Disease? ” The growing epidemic of Alzheimer’s Disease plagues more than 4 million people nationwide, according to the National Institute for Aging. The social and financial costs associated with Alzheimer’s Disease are on the rise with no relief …

Alzheimers DiseaseDementiaDiseaseEpidemiologyMedicine
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The History of Schizophrenia

The History of Schizophrenia Schizophrenia is a severe psychiatric disorder with symptoms of emotional instability, detachment from reality, and withdrawal into the self. The word “Schizophrenia” is less than 100 years old. However the disease was first identified as a discrete mental illness by Dr. …

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Challenges for Professional Care of Advanced Dementia

Challenges for professional care of advanced dementia The research purpose of this study was clear, as it was intended to report on the challenges for health professionals in caring for people with advanced dementia living in long term care facilities. This study used a qualitative …

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Dementia is a general term for loss of memory, language, problem-solving and other thinking abilities that are severe enough to interfere with daily life. Alzheimer's is the most common cause of dementia. Subscribe to E-News to learn how you can help those affected by Alzheimer's.


How do you explain dementia?
Dementia, which is also known as dementia, refers generally to memory loss, language impairment and other thinking difficulties that can cause severe disruptions in daily life. Alzheimer's disease is most commonly associated with dementia.

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