Rice cakes and Starbucks

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Rice Cakes and Starbucks
Write a summary of Rice Cakes and Starbucks in about 150 words The short story Rice Cakes and Starbucks is about the Lindens. A little family containing Dan who’s the father and an up-coming actor. Beth who is the mother and their three little children: Honey, Ben and Grace. They decide to move to L.A. to try and get some jobs for Dan because their current money situation is not very good. They can barely manage at the current time. So Dan is going to a casting at CBS while Beth and the children are staying at a Starbucks. But then CBS hears that he has three children. Dan can see that is not good thing and that they disapprove. So they say their goodbyes and Dan leaves. When Dan gets back to the Starbucks he tells Beth that the casting did not go as hoped. And then his phone rings and it’s CBS wanting to know if his daughter can come to a casting to which he replies:” I’ll have to get back to you about that” and does not tell Beth what the call was about. 176 words Characterize Dan and Beth

Dan is a caring father but he is also very insecure on himself. He wants to make as an actor and he wants to be the best father he can be. He is having a hard time trying to provide for his family and make it as an actor. But at the same time they also annoys him (p. 11 ll. 114 Dan walked twice round the block to shake all thoughts of his family off) And he was appalled by the thought that they should go with to the casting and wait. He is not a big fan of just doing something, when they decide to move to L.A. it is almost only Beth that forces them to move. Beth is a loving mother and wife. She is willing to do almost anything for her husband and she believes in him. She has given up on her own dreams so she can watch over their children while her husband is out trying to live his dreams. She wants them to move to L.A. because she doesn’t want to be blamed for holding him back or destroying his drams. And it also seems as like she thinks moving to L.A. is going to solve their problems. 206 words

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Comment on Dan’s choice at the end of the text
Dan gets a call from CBS where they offer his daughter the opportunity to come to a casting for a movie but he turns is down. Dan is hurt in the end for being rejected from CBS and does not want any other to success when he
can’t even his own daughter. This also shows just how little he believes in himself that he can’t even let his own daughter get the chance. But his daughter is also very young and maybe he does not want her to get a role and become really fond of acting and then later in life get disappointed because she can’t get any roles again so he is trying to protect her from being hurt like him. 123 words Write a short essay (150-200 words) in which you discuss the challenge of having a family while pursuing your dreams. The challenge is not something that you can describe as being a certain thing because it’s different depending on which dreams you have and other different scenarios. But in my opinion the challenge lies in the fact that you often have to choose a side. You are going to miss out on some of the things that are important to your family because you have to do something else as an extension to your dreams. And you have to have your family in the back of your head in every decision you make, because they have to fit in there somehow. Just because it is a good decision for your dreams does not necessarily make it a good decision for your family or life as a family for that matter. But some people have the power to handle both their drams and a family. An example could be if a father in a family had a dream to have a big career but he had to go to another country as a part of his job, but that meant that his family had to live without him for a while, and he would miss out on his children growing up and other bad things could happen to the family. 209 words

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