Essays about Food

Essays about Food

In the modern world, it is very difficult for a person to adhere to a healthy diet. Clutter, irregular working or school days, untimely returning home due to traffic jams - all this leads to an erratic daily diet and snacking on the go.

What do I eat to always be toned and not spoil the mood of hunger? Firstly, I always have a good breakfast, saturating the next day with vitamins to the maximum. Before lunch, I’m practically full or fed up, pre-arranged in advance, with a delicacy: nuts, raisins, and chocolate. It is good to have a snack with fruits, they are always a tasty and juicy addition to a lunch.

If I do not have time to go home between visits to circles, then I go to the school cafeteria, where they always feed me a tasty and satisfying lunch. A lot of greens for an appetite, rich borsch and a juicy cutlet, I wash down with a glass of healthy dried fruit compote and run further along my extra loads.

In the evening, my mother always prepares a gourmet, but light dinner, for example, from seafood, to feel comfortable during sleep. Sometimes I still get ice cream or yogurt.

But I’ll tell you honestly that most of all I like summer holidays when my parents send me to my grandmother in the village. That's where I, as they say, come off in full. My favorite dish is, of course, pancakes - thin, delicate, sprinkled with homemade butter, or thickly greased with strawberry jam and fragrant tea from an old, puffing samovar. And also pies, potato pancakes and muffins, dumplings with cherries and fruit, viscous jelly. My beloved grandmother is a real cooking expert.

Orchard pampers me with its ripe fruits until autumn. Unwashed apples, pears, apricots and plums do not scare me with potential germs at all, because the most delicious fruit is just ripped from a branch.

Fresh air, hot sun and a village river burn excess weight instantly, so I return to my hometown tanned, strong and healthy, with a whole backpack of fruits and grandma’s buns, which we enjoy eating with evening tea, desperately violating my mother’s diet.

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