Rice Fields and Green Pastures: Memories of My Childhood

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Last Updated: 10 Mar 2023
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Memories of the places in my childhood seem to be lost and forgotten as time goes by, but there is one place that I can never forget, the village called Sunshine. For me, this little village is my heaven on earth. I have lived all my life in this place, from the moment I was born in our house until the moment I reached my adulthood.

Rice fields and lush green pastures surround the village, with its traditional bungalow houses spreading widely across the vast land. Here, where the tree-covered mountains provide a backdrop to twenty houses, the scenery is so fascinating.

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Some of my earliest memories are the chirping of the birds early in the morning, the heavy rains in the afternoon, and the occasional visits to the forest. The chirping of the birds early in the morning wakes me up from a deep slumber. Alarm clocks were unheard of during those days. Whenever the sun rises, the birds together with the chickens are busy doing their own thing. It was like hearing a choir of animals singing their favorite song. Whenever it rained in the afternoon, it makes me very happy because I can run around the house and play in the rain. My mother warned me not to do it everyday because I might get sick but I never followed her advice at all.

The forest, which is situated at the very end of the village, is my favorite getaway. A lake surrounds the forest, where my swimming skills were honed at a very young age. I can vividly recall a time when my father told me not to go to the lake alone because it was dangerous little did he knew that I was always practicing my free-style swimming in that lake. Nobody knew of my escapades except the caretaker of that place. Whenever he caught me practicing my swimming skills, I bribed him with all kinds of stuff fervently hoping he would not tell my father about it. We became really good friends. He used to tell me stories about his life, which has given me a rare glimpse of who he really was as a person, and all the other interesting stories that were as inspirational as they were entertaining.

If I was not wandering in the forest then I will always be seen playing with my childhood friends. All the children in the village that are my age were my childhood friends. We used to run around the rice paddies and whoever tripped and fell on the mud was the loser. Unfortunately I had my share of losses too. Strangely enough, we never got bored of playing the same game over and over again. I guess it became a hobby for us. If its not the rice paddies, then we always find ourselves focusing our attention to something else. Sometimes we ride the carabaos and just go around the lush green pasture area. Carabao by the way is my countrys national animal, and is primarily used for farming. However, if we get exhausted, we lay on the grass, unmindful of the grass prickling our body, and just gazed into the blue sky.

Whenever I see rice fields or pastureland, more often than not, I associate it with the village I have lived and I always try to look back on the past. And in remembering, I cant help but feel the nostalgia it brings. I remember all the happy memories I had and it never fails to bring a smile on my face. But then again, the memories will always be in my heart and indeed, theres no place quite like Sunshine Village.

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