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Bakery: Marketing and Cakes

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Entrepreneurship - Marketing Plan

Point of differentiation (Pod):

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  • We will offer customized products to the customers.
  • We will bake cakes according to the preferences and requests of the customers.
  • These cakes are made up of organic ingredients that are nutritious.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP): Our unique selling proposition is our family recipe for cakes.

Segmentation: We will sell our product to the Elite and Upper-Middle class.


  • To create awareness.
  • To specialize in cakes that are different from any other cakes available in the market.
  • To establish a strong presence in the market as a unique bakery.
  • Spreading happiness through taste.
  • Completing important moments of your life.

Data Gathering

Primary sources:

  • Direct Interviews from customers.
  • Direct Interviews from home bakers.
  • We will also get information through questioners filled by the customers.

Secondary sources:

  • Internet
  • Social websites

Analysis of data: We will analyze the data from filled questionnaires and after conducting interviews.

Marketing Mix: As Bakelicious is a service so we are using 7p’s of marketing.

Product: Cake, cupcakes, cookies, and muffins.


I. Cost:

  • Our price will vary on the size and ingredients used for baking cake.

II. Customer:

  • For a customer, we will decide how much a customer is willing to pay.
  • As we are targeting elite and upper-middle-class so our cost will be some for both.

III. Competitor:

  • As we are starting a new business so our cost should be less than other competitors.


  • We will make our items at home and also do online selling. We will place stalls in funfairs in school, college and universities, etc.


We will do promotion through:

  • Fliers
  • By creating Facebook pages


  • Bakelicious will be positioned as a home-based bakery that will provide home-baked goods.
  • The focus will be on quality and freshness.
  • It will be a fun and inviting alternative to mass-market companies.
  • We will offer highly customized products such that customers will be able to make the treats that they would bake if they had the time.

People: Momina, Sana, and Sajawal

Process: People can place their orders through Facebook and through Telephone.

SWOT Analysis


  • A cake business is fun. Most people need cakes for special days or events so what better way to make someone smile.
  • Low startup costs. Since it does not require rent some space, then rent can be taken off the budget list.
  • High mark-up for cakes. Since cakes are easy to make, we can price them according to their worth. Some are worth more than others but either way, it’s going to make a nice profit.
  • Each cake represents a person or a relationship or a celebration by them. So, like each individual or his/her relationship with others, the cakes are unique.
  • The cakes are creative, and each is a piece of art. There may be thousands of bakeries out there, but there are only a handful of bakeries that make as creative cakes like Bakelicious.


  • Bakeries products are perishable items hence need to be sold as soon as possible to gain maximum benefit. The customers also prefer fresh products.
  • Our bakery has introduced a few bakery items from possible product lines. This limited menu can be seen as a weakness.
  • When dealing with art, a single problem lies in every field, there are not many artists available out there to help us.
  • Depending on the size of the kitchen, it needs extra storage space for supplies.

This may require purchasing an extra cabinet or rearranging the kitchen.


  • Expansion of the Product Line in the future with the introduction of more bakery items.
  • Bakery Industry is growing at a fast speed and the demand for quality food is never-ending.
  • Changing consumer tastes have given rise to "artisan" or gourmet cakes. Smaller bakers like Bakelicious with flexible production facilities can capitalize on such.
  • In recent years, customers are becoming more and more health-conscious and prefer home-made goods made with quality ingredients and customers are also willing to pay a high price for that. Bakelicious produces just that.


  • Raw-material and energy costs volatile: The costs of major raw materials, such as wheat, vegetable oils, fuel for delivery can change rapidly. The volatility in prices of raw materials cannot affect the end-product price, thus shrinking the profit.
  • Competitors: Current and potential competitors are major threats for Cakes Tell Stories.

Budgeting: After analyzing the prices of the Home Bakers we are going to price our products as follows:

  • Ingredient cost for cake Rs 20. 000
  • 2 delivery boys salary Rs 20. 000
  • Rent of bikes (2) Rs 4. 000 per month
  • Bikes fuel Rs 18. 000 per month.


  • After all this marketing research we will then follow this marketing plan, all of the group members will organize and apply this marketing plan thoroughly.


  • One of the group members will oversee the operations in terms of the material, delivery system, advertisement, and maintenance if required.
  • Other two of them will bake the cakes as required.

Sales Plan Overall Size of Target Market: Islamabad Total Population: 1. 15 million


A. Elite 7%

B. Upper Middle 15%

C. Middle 33%

D. Lower Middle 35%

E. Lower 20%

Total Population = 1. 15 million

Percentage of Targeted Section = x 0. 22

Targeted Section = 2. 53

Lacs Average Member in a Family = 5

Total Families = 50,600

Families Prefer Home Made Cakes = x 0. 20

Total Targeted Families = 10,120

ATAR: Fliers (15%) = 12000

Brushers (10%) = 8000

Social Website (70%) = 2000

Number of Targeted Families Initially = 10120 x 0. 15 x 0. 10 x 0. 70 = 106


Years Pessimistic Realistic Optimistic
2013 100 110 130
2014 120 140 160
2015 150 180 200
2016 200 230 260
Bakery: Marketing and Cakes essay

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