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Essays on Xerox

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My Ojt Experience

II. Brief History / Background of the Company / Company Profile The history of this Computer Shop is so inspiring for me because they start in a small business and for being industrious they build a lot of business that make them higher than a …

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Canon: Strategy Planning

Canon as one of the world’s leading manufacturer of office automation products has undergone many changes and transformations to emerge market leaders in certain product categories. One of the underlying principle of Canon’s success has been its definition and subsequent implementation of corporate strategy and …

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The Rise and Fall of Xerox Organization

In 1960 the Xerox Corporation was in a position where it could corner the copy machine industry for the next 15 years. Xerox had practically invented the copy machine, and had secured its dominate stake in the copy machine industry with patents. However, this security …

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Bad Leadership-Xerox

The fall of Xerox market share can be blamed on many factors; for starters it could have just been the economy. Another reason that could explain the fall of Xerox could be that Xerox did not fund its R&D programs well enough to secure their …

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How would Xerox define diversity

Xerox defines diversity as a priceless resource and a key to their success. It more than just race or gender. By incorporating in a company like xerox different cultures and ways of thinking it expands the mind set of the company and leads toward creating …

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Essay On Problem Solving Techniques Used By Few Organisations

Acknowledgement An old Chinese proverb says; When eating your bamboo sprouts, remember the man who planted them. Now that our sprouts are ready to eat, it is time for us to express our deepest gratitude to all those to have made this possible. We wish …

Coca ColaNokiaPepsiPepsicoProblemXerox
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Xerox Management

He had been fired in absentia, the bizarre but perhaps inevitable outcome of a CEO succession that had begun so promisingly yet ended in utter disaster for Allure and Xerox no less than for Rick Thomas. Xerox’ failures to commercialism the breakthroughs made in its …

Hewlett PackardXerox
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Ursula Burns Reinvented Xerox

Reflection Paper The article “How Ursula Burns Reinvented Xerox” is extremely informative and gave me an outlook on how major businesses operate in society. It was interesting to read about a woman of color who completely gave her life into Xerox the company and made …

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Management control system at Xerox

1.  Outline the management control system at Xerox. What are the key elements that make the system work? Xerox’s management control system laid emphasis on 9 business divisions, supported by 3 geographic customer operations divisions. These 12 units were organized under three operations family focused …

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Achieving Goals

1. What have John Clendenin’s objectives been at Xerox? Clendenin, when he was is Harvard Business School has set an objective that he had to be successful enough to be a corporate officer in a Fortune 50 corporation. Later, he wanted to land up to …

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Xerox Holdings Corporation is an American corporation that sells print and digital document products and services in more than 160 countries.

Norwalk, CT


John Visentin (May 14, 2018–)


Joseph C. Wilson



Faced with its continued decline within the technology industry, Xerox announced in January 2018 that it was being acquired by Fujifilm in a deal valued at than $6 billion. The two companies had a standing business relationship, having created the joint venture Fuji Xerox in 1962.

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Frequently asked questions

How did Xerox improve customer satisfaction?
Xerox improved customer satisfaction by making it easier for customers to purchase its products and by providing better customer service. The company also improved its products and made them more user-friendly.
What can we learn from Xerox’s benchmarking?
There are a few key things that we can learn from Xerox's benchmarking practices. First, Xerox has been successful in using benchmarking as a way to identify areas in need of improvement. By constantly comparing their own performance against that of their competitors, they have been able to pinpoint areas where they need to make changes. Second, Xerox has also been successful in using benchmarking as a tool for motivating employees. By setting goals and targets based on the performance of their competitors, Xerox has been able to create a sense of urgency and motivation within their workforce. Finally, Xerox has also been successful in using benchmarking as a way to build relationships with their customers. By constantly seeking feedback and input from their customers, they have been able to create a sense of trust and loyalty.
What are some of Xerox’s most successful initiatives?
Xerox has been successful in a number of initiatives, most notably in the development of new technologies and the commercialization of those technologies. The company has also been successful in expanding its customer base and product offerings, and in increasing its market share. Additionally, Xerox has been successful in increasing its profitability and shareholder value.
What happened to Xerox?
What happened to Xerox is that the company failed to keep up with changing technology and was surpassed by competitors. Xerox was once the dominant player in the photocopying industry, but it failed to adapt to the digital age and was overtaken by companies such as Canon and Hewlett-Packard. The company has been struggling in recent years and has been forced to cut jobs and sell off assets.

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