Most consumers marketing communications involve digital now, should they be digital-centric

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Marketing is an expansive topic that covers a range of aspects, including advertising, public relations, sales, and promotions. The former involves getting a product or service into the market, promoting it, prompting behavior, and encouraging sales. Communicating to consumers is very important and Communication is easily unnoticed, but capability to communicate effectively is compulsory to carry out the opinions and visions of an association to the people. In today’s world everywhere we see is a digital world now. Without communication, there is no mode to express thoughts, ideas and feelings and to advertise products to the consumers. The marketing communications should be digital centric because it is much faster and easier to communicate, attract consumers and the messages can be stored in the device for longer period of time, without being damaged, unlike paper files that easily get damaged. As well as, digital can be targeted over a larger markets and distances. Digital communication is pouring social transformation and this has effects for the future of advertising. It is very importance in the field of advertising when promoting products to consumers through digital devices like television, electronic billboards, internet etc. which makes it very eye-catching towards the consumers. This form of advertising and communications has become very profitable over the past few years and many consumers are adapting to it and also prefer it. With the help of technology, digital advertising has grown a lot. Digital Advertising via plasma display panels, liquid crystal displays, computer monitors, and televisions are used to enhance advertising. Using computer-generated images for print advertising and large format graphics can be a unique way of showcasing your products, with all this Digital advertising and communications has made the market a better place.

Digital advertising has been widely accepted because of its countless advantages such as dynamic creative elements and interactivity, guaranteed delivery and organized display, multiple advertisers with no clutter, co-op revenue opportunities, instant digital changes for season, price, or promotion, rapid ability to update content, timely insertion of trailer loops with advertising content, instant digital programming with informative and entertaining content, and the ability to deliver specific messages to specific audiences in specific locations. It also helps to combine the industries of advertising networks and point of purchase display merchandising.

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The impact of digital advertising is sensational; whether the presentation is on a single separate floor display or a giant multi-screen format the messages can be conveyed with energy, focus and entertainment and special images to fascinate the consumers. With the help of digital products and devices the marketer is provided with many options and facilitates to promote and convey the message to the consumers which more than one images and option to choose the large format displays of their choice for the ultimate impact in their venue. Technology drives media, media drives social growth, and marketers track societal growth in an attempt to take benefit of the advertising openings that new media presents.

Digital marketing through television is one the most vital and effective means of promoting a brand. The visuals gives the image of the brand and the vocals gives the product/services a voice to speak for itself. Beverage organization like Pepsi, coca cola will surely operate for television or internet as they require the customer to see the soft drink and what it can offer by quenching the thirst. Digital marketing for beverage companies, airline industries, sportswear and technology-based companies result more effective in quality results as they use star-studded personalities to make their marketing strategy more effective and applicable as humans are bound to have idol personalities and easily get attracted if they promote such brands. How-ever on the other hand, the same organization might fail if the market radio lacks visual ability. Vocal marketing is useful for delivering any message, promoting institutional brand, academics, technical brands and many others.

Digital marketing through mobile phones are very popular and effective these days. Mobile phones are now a need of every individual and can be found in the hands of every individual. Devices like i-phone and blackberry have stormed the digital market and the mobile technologies has advice to a new level.Organisations,since around 4-5 years, are considering reaching their employees on mobiles through phone calls, video calls, short message services, multimedia messages etc. This digital marketing allows the organization to make the use of technology and reach to its main final consumer directly avoiding the in between agents or channels and deliver the message or promote the brand. For e.g.; retails brands prefer to send an SMS directly to the mobiles instead of advertising in the newspaper or magazines. Not only it the message is clearly delivered, but it helps the organization to save thousands of pounds in terms of finance and the most important, gives them the right number in identifying and analyzing their true market potentials or true buyers.

With digital marketing communications it helps companies increase their exposure towards consumers who are actively seeking products and devices. Communications involves online advertising, digital advertising and social media. Beginning with online advertising is a form of advertising which uses internet and World Wide Web for the communicated purpose of delivering marketing messages to interest customers. Online advertising is an effective form of advertising and communication, because it offers various kinds of animations, banner advertisement, email advertisement, and also on platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. Web related advertising has a selection of sites to publicize and reach a niche audience to focus its devotion to a specific group. Research has proven that online advertising has given results and is growing business revenue. Online advertising also provides one major benefit of privacy towards the companies when advertising unlike other forms of advertising. Social media is the use of web-based and itinerant technologies to turn communication into collaborative dialogue. Social media also leads to many advantages such as relationships and discussion, creativity and re-mix culture; embrace your passion and identity, community, sharing, and connecting and increase clearness in government and organizations. By using social is increases reliability and builds an effective image, but also successfully increase revenues and the number of consumers. With the help of digital media marketing, companies and organizations can use data or their message in digital format which can be released to the targeted audiences anywhere in a short period of time.

The message can be conveyed very effectively by the use of graphics, figures, audio, video, text data according to one’s own marketing convenience, and can direct them to the looked-for area, even globally through the internet. The digital media marketing has enormously benefited from the internet. While sitting at the ease of your own office, one can now market the product to the other corner of the world. This is the unlimited benefit of digital marketing through internet. Digital marketing communications has become a part of the world and is an essential part of every business today and a fast means of transferring and reaching consumers. The creation of internet-based news communication is directly impacting upon traditional forms of media, and the method in which this is consumed. “In the UK, the availability of internet-based media has led to a reduction of radio, newspapers and TV engagement. More than 25% of 15-24 year olds read fewer newspapers since using the Internet.”

Moreover, digital advertising and communications can be found private and public environments. Most of the message are conveyed through LEDs and LCDs and projected images too. Thus, the message is conveyed is targeted and focused. Another advantage of using the digital signage is the probability of updating information from anyplace. When working on a digital media, the requirement is to update data in a flash card. Digital system has the facility to connect with the mobile also. This technology allows updating the signage data through Bluetooth or SMS. The ad can be displayed all day long like 24 hours a day and can be repeated frequent number of times, so that your customers can observed it at their convenience rather than any specific time

Digital trends and its developing:

There is a wide range of categories on which these type of web sites offer a wide range of information which include different types of accessible like games,pcs,mobiles,laptops,mp3,cameras etc. These electronics also cover home connections like TV in digital entertainment and other service areas. With these technologies at a round and round rate, there are some companies that fear that they are lacking behind in these latest types of centuries and in developments in digital marketing. On the other hand digital trend is no longer said to be confined to a computer monitor or mobile phones in the world of 2011.

RFID TAGS (radio frequency identification technology):-.RFID has been there for a long period of time towards the opportunities in many sectors. Towards these the marketers are now starting to begin a technology in such a way which automatically captures the real time data automatically. The most usable way of these digital trends RFID is using are the leveraging technology to create more efficient oppurtunities.The RFID has mostly increased in parks and other outdoor places that integrate quickly are on Facebook and twitter and they immediately update their status. While all these products include different types of enhancements like locations and social networking the RFID has integrally created a user’s history and getting valuable data to advantages on both sides.

Technologies and its organizations:

Marketing and technology are now considered as the main vital weapons for organizations in terms of success. They have to be upgraded according to the time and as per the requirements of the market conditions. Any organizations with consisting of outdated marketing strategies and outdated technologies will often find will often find it hard to co-op up with the success market has both the technologies and the marketing strategy has to be upgraded and customized with time and the requirements of the organization.

There is no doubt that the organizations are more digitalized and have already adopted more digital based strategies in approaching there target market. Media has been playing a vital improvement role promoting organizations and its product and services to a local market. Catering to over billions of people around the globe, no one denies the role of televisions when it comes to promoting brands as every individual and every organization understand its importance for e.g. a one minute of advertisement of Pepsi on the television is viewed by millions of people around the globe and they recall the brand as a source of satisfying the thirst and entertainment.

Why to adopt a marketing-centric approach?

These are the companies that make good consumers, and as a result they have their own style of focusing in our mindset around launches from where all these systems are made at the starting of the products life cycle. Towards this our job is just to make more people educate about there needs of goals and assets through the whole cycle of a product. On the other side there is not much of budget for more giving tv ads as there are many new ideas that come out every minute so there should be an easy way of knowledge and knowing which way can be engaged. It is said that there should be a customer’s marketing centric approach in the digital marketing ways as it gives a wide range of opportunities of segmentations and integrations. Towards a better customers experience and marketing department the demand of their prices and budget is worthy while they acknowledge the different ways in the organizations that can improve towards their customer’s centric marketing?


By looking and beginning towards the customers demand and starting with a small programmed, channels etc. and by continuing the track and to communicate overall.

The digital marketing mix:

It is always said that a digital marketing always focuses on a 2 core principles. Developing websites and how is the marketing in it.During this situation people on the other hand will think that social media is not present in the digital marketing. However in other ways social media does form an integral part of digital marketing mix. In terms of this social media lies towards the digital marketing mix, it is only necessary when the following have become as the elements considered:

  • A very highly brand name.
  • The b2c communication and combination of the management.
  • The succeed in their websites.

Graph of usage or expenditure of digital media advertising:

Most of the companies have adopted towards this kind of advertising strategy which is digital. This is much less expensive and more reliable and only digitized information can be conveyed through a strident channel without degradation. One of the widely available and successful marketing strategies is also viral marketing. The advantages of viral marketing service are high reliability, low costs, large audiences, high efficiency and the chance to unremitting promotion adjustments. Viral marketing is one of the cost-free techniques for promoting a business operation. Time and resources are simply available in this type of marketing and also inexpensive to setup. Viral marketing is built to link to the website. For instance over the medium or over the email, one recommends the product. Using viral marketing thrill about good products is created. Hence, people get hold of the right product. Viral marketing campaigns are popular for both online and offline media. Therefore it is another cost effective way of reaching out to several customers. Viral marketing contains the use of all the media formats available on the internet such as video clips, interactive flash games, e-books, text messages, etc. Widespread channels that drive circulation include social bookmarking sites, forums, blogs, newsletters, emails, etc. Viral marketing is generally word-of-mouth and that makes it all the more convincing since it is carried out by people that readers can connect to. Article marketing and video are some of the viral marketing techniques. Article marketing provides a good stage to present a product or service in a unbiased tone. This technique of article marketing comprises, writing several articles unfolding about the product or service and submitting them in article directories or in the website’s article section.

Viral marketing:

In the recent years and times, a new marketing process known as viral marketing has come into the effect. Arguably, many consider it similar to the word-of-mouth promotion, but viral marketing process has proved itself to be more efficient especially to technology based and medical organizations. Viral marketing is more like a networking process where people promote brands or products to their colleagues or friends who are in need of such a product convincing them to purchase the product and asking them to carry on the process by selling the similar product to their peers or contact(potential customers),thus creating a network of real customers.

This viral marketing helps the brand or the product to get more popularity and awareness in short p of time and reaching its true buyers. Not only the sales of the product increases by double but this helps the organization to study its true market of its customers by segmenting them according to their needs and wants. Medical organizations have benefited a lot from such marketing process where their products such as massagers, vitamin tablets, fitness machines are sold as it attract many people who are health conscious and their lives are affected by health issues on regular basis. Viral marketing may vary from text messages to images, magazines to eBook, from software to guides, and from video clips to phone calls.

The benefits of viral marketing can be listed as below:

  • The awareness of the product increases by double as the people promoting the brand grows.
  • Helps people to create a proper PR amongst their colleagues.
  • Helps in identifying and reaching the right consumer who is surely a true potential buyer of the product.
  • The sale is the product increases as the network of people grows.
  • Helps individuals to carve their own skills and polishing their selling techniques in selling a product
  • Customer segmentation gets easier for the organization.

On the other side viral marketing do have drawbacks such as :

  • Often the products sold in viral marketing are expensive which makes it harder to sell the product.
  • The network gets affected if people do not have strong PR or contacts.
  • People fail to convince other to join the network due to lack of complete information of the product or poor communication skills.
  • One bad customer can easily kill the efficiency of the network by quitting it or selling the product to another bad customer as one bad customer can influence at least other 15 people for a negative action.

Integrated marketing communication:

The marketing world and process is incomplete without the integrated marketing communication and the marketing mix process which involves the products, the cost of the product, the placement from where it can be available for its customer, how can the product be promoted and advertised to reach its targeted audience, who are the people who matter the most to the product, the overall process involved to make the process executed properly and the partnership and policy to keep the process effective.

Integrated marketing communication can be defined as an injection communication package of coordination and integration of all marketing communication features, tools, functions and sources into a process to aim the maximum productive output with the least financial minimal cost. The process involves in creating, managing and improving customer relationship that helps in promoting the brand and creating awareness and identifying the brand value through effective communication process. The integrated marketing communication (IMC) affects all kinds of communication such as:

  • Business to consumer communication.
  • Business to business communication.
  • Customer-focused communication.
  • Brand-centric communication.
  • Marketing strategies and procedures.
  • Both externally and internally directed communication within the organization.

The overall process of integrated marketing communications involves how an organization can brain storm ideas, plan and implement digital marketing and make it the main focus of attention while making strategies and procedures how to deliver the product and make the right product reach its targeted market at the right time, in the right place. With time and experience, marketing organizations and experts have been forced to revise the theory of integrated marketing communications and implement it with better logical aspect.

Introducing multiple forms of communication process to communicate with the targeted customers knowing the audiences in better terms of what are their demographic information and what are their needs and wants. By having such information, organizations find it easy in delivering the brand or product information through the right and appropriate means of making way. For e.g.-if Toyota has information of the main family head knowing his demographic information and his buying power ability, they will reach to him on a more personal and customized level by inviting him to the new sales offer through an SMS.If busy they can MMS him the visuals of the car or email the features which will make the car making it easier for him during the decision making process.

Digital advertising:

A large number of people connected to the internet rise every day because of its convenience. There are a large number of investment done by the telephone companies has showed up with a big result in a large range of broadband width which is available towards any interested subscriber. Internet has gone so forward in such a way that the need not to be connected anymore through wires as they have invented new systems like Wi-Fi or wireless and it has also made it affordable.

Digital advertising has made such technologies in an improved way with web services. On the other hand in previous days many web services were in different limit speeds and receiving or sending data and whereas now a large number of data can be received or sent and in different varieties e.g.:- music or videos. This has changed the trend in the World Wide Web. Digital advertising on the internet has till now not made any issues in slowing down as compared to other medias such as televisions, magazines, newspapers advertising etc.

Breif advantages:

  • Tracking.
  • International audience.
  • Upscale audience.
  • Low cost.
  • Blog.
  • Interactivity.

Other hand the disadvantages:

  • Clutter.
  • Potential for deception.
  • Measurement problems.
  • Web snarl.
  • Poor reach.

Issues to be discussed on:

  • How will the distribution channels and consumers affect the publishing industry
  • Which ones are the most powered for monetizing digital content
  • How should the companies of media and advertising deal with online private issues
  • The key values and platforms affecting media
  • Will the mobile affect media
  • How are the large and small varieties of business contributed to go inside the online spending
  • Will there be any location based advertising
  • Will the digital be death of advertising at some point
  • The recession is demonstrating that sports and arts sponsorships was always more about corporate ego than about driving sales
  • Is cinema fighting a losing battle for share of advertising when the future for its audience is digital media

A digital centric marketing model:

The digital market involves the marketing model in different ways it includes the customer centric marketing excellent in which it build the customer centric marketing strategy to enhance the customer experience and identified your customer base and engages with them to understand their sophisticated also connect with your customer through their most relevant marketing channel’s.

The digital marketing involves many of the segments such as:

  • Banner Ad – An advertisement on a Web page may appear at the any of four arms (top, bottom, left and right) of the page. Designed to have the user click on it for more information or opening of a new web page / URL
  • Blog – Shortened from “web log” a blog is a user-generated Web site where entries are made in journal style and displayed in a reverse chronological order.
  • Bookmarking – Bookmarking is a way to store, classify, share and search links that are combined into a single site (or folder) for easy access.
  • Search engine marketing – Is mode of Internet marketing & contextual advertising through the use of search engine, generally paid placement or paid inclusion, by increasing their visibility in search engine result pages.
  • Cost Per Click – The amount of money payable to search engines and other Internet publishers for a single click on its advertisement that brings one visitor to its website.
  • Digital Brand Engagement – Brand and consumer interaction through Internet. It includes all aspects of social web and the brands own website.
  • Instant Messaging – Instant messaging (IM) is a type of communications service that creates a virtual private chat room with another individual to facilitate the communication in real time over the Internet.
  • Open Rate – The number of times the email is opened/viewed compared to the total number of times the email sent. Generally this number will be low for large campaigns and higher for more focused campaigns.
  • Opt-In List – or Solicited emails. Email marketers have databases of subscribers (email account holders containing names & their email addresses) to their newsletters or websites. Such a list is known as an opt-in list (a potential candidate for SPAM).
  • RSS – Real Simple Syndication allow users to subscribe to a specific content feed and get alerted automatically when new updates are available.
  • RSS Reader – Application used to subscribe & read selected RSS content feeds.
  • Social Media Optimization – A practice or strategy of social media activity with the purpose of attracting unique visitors to website and its content.
  • Spam – Unsolicited emails, an email message unwanted by the recipient.
  • Streaming Technologies – Communication channel such as video and audio that is accessed online. It can be a pre-recorded clip or a live feed.
  • Subscriber – A person who signs up and agrees to receive messages from a particular company or entity.
  • Targeting – Sending message to people who agreed to receive message or based on specific criteria from your subscriber database.
  • Voice Broadcast – Sending pre-recorded voice messages to a large set of phone numbers at the time same. Can either be a voice call (answering the call for the message to play) or voice mail (message will play at its own if not answered or receiver choose to play).
  • Widget – A small graphical device or application, highly focused and often for single/specific task. Web widgets can be embedded in web pages or run on a PC or mobiles/PDA’s.
  • Web Video – Short video clip, designed to be displayed on a website or released openly to be displayed on many websites such as youtube.

Content:-Text, image and interactive assets are dealing with social context integration.

Licenses and transactions:-There should be the positions to optimize the feeds amongst the double sources and distribution channels.

Applications:-There should be a straight strong cement floor for the entertainment in their lifestyles and news.

Above all the advantages, the major drawbacks in digital advertising and communications are they are unreliable as the messages cannot be recognized by initials. Though software can be established for this, yet the soft wares can be certainly hacked and is very time consuming. Usually it is very confusing for the consumer when too much information is given on the ad as it is difficult to focus on one concept during the ad. It is text-based which means mostly relies on entering text which can be challenging for those who don’t prefer to write or have poor keyboard skills, but with the advance of broadband connectivity and voice and video conference technology. Reduced social skills and false impression are likely to happen.


It is much accepted statement that the digital world should really be practiced now at a more professional and practical level in order to have more larger productive results. Organizations should be more digital-marketing oriented to cater and reaching to its mass consumer market with the right approach and right message to make sure that the consumers are clear enough to understand what exact message is delivered to them. Digital market varies from radio to television, from internet to mobiles from smart phone to gadgets. Moreover, one can argue that the cost of digital marketing is high and the budget setting can vary from thousands to millions. For brands like Pepsi, coca cola or emirates airlines, the budget may also result in billions. Despite catering to the trillion customers market, they have the customized strategies reaching them through digital marketing in forms of television,radio,internet,mobiles,word of mouth,billboards,screening,which makes sure the brand name and the product is remembered by the customers for a longer period of time.

However, internet marketing is arguably more effective as compared to television, radio and mobiles. Organization needs to be customized there strategies for internet marketing while reaching their audiences. They need to target or create websites to promote their brand either by advertising on the website, creating inter-links to their personal websites, pop-ups, banners and etc. Also organizations can attract its customers by streaming media (including both audios and videos)to promote the brand. A true example of digital marketing is a concept from emirates airlines promoting the airlines inner services, the atmosphere of travelling, the environment and the high quality staff service through a streaming video online. This not only gives a clear message to the targeted audience about emirates airline services but also gives a pure picture of a real-life travelling experience one can have.
Carrying on with this internet marketing, and the search engines have promoted the organizations marketing team on to the next level by making them visible on just a matter of a click. Organizations are now more closer to its targeted consumers as well as and other potential markets through yahoo, Google and other search engines by listing their names over the world wide web. Search engines have not yet only promoted brands but also products to the extreme detail level. For example; nokia mobile phone lovers can view their favorite cell and its features through search engines over the internet making the customers a more potential buyer for the product. Also a future potential market is also created by such organizations by publishing and listing future mobile phones over the internet. This helps in marketing the product and creates a valid potential market for the product. Search engines keeps the digital marketing world in the continuous process by keep on adding products and the brands through which products are not only advertised to the main final consumer but also it helps the organizations to grow on the success scale and create better products and services for its present and future customers.


Advertising online is now one of the necessary aspects of media and marketing policy. Digital advertising is very versatile, capable both of building brand awareness and engagement and driving response and purchase behavior. Today advertising online and digital media is one of the greatest strategies ever invented. With the help of digital advertising consumers can be targeted at any point during the purchase.

Builds new levels of brand meeting and activism. Digital has quickly changed the way consumers re-count to brands. The digital media can create many benefits like east editing , easy sharing and streaming , easy copy and backup and free up spaces and playable across multiple media. Another benefit to selling Digital Media products is that you are dealing with bodily materials that will help avoid fraudulent performance on the customer’s part. The main benefits to using integrated marketing communications or IMC is that it is critical and cost effective to an organization. Most of the advertising companies are now adopting this strategy and it is becoming very common and useful. And it is stored in an electronic way, so there is a lot of digital content on the internet which includes text content, images, audio content, as well as video content. The ability to confidently procedure, participate in and comprehend digital media and services is becoming a significant prerequisite to effective and the participation in the digital economy.


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