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Easy Guide to Integrating Long-Tail Keywords into Your Content

Long-tail keywords (LTK) are prolonged key phrases that consist of at least 4 words. They can increase search traffic for your website. For example, Amazon makes 60% of their sales based on LTK usage. The secret is that competition regarding keywords is too high. If …

CommunicationMarketingTarget Audience
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Pages 6
6 Ways To Triple Your Income In Next 6 Months

Among the two main paths- making a living or earning real money, most of the people are interested in choosing the latter one. But, they end up making a living only because they are not aware of the things that will let them make real …

EntrepreneurshipTarget Audience
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Target Audience

I think that this advertisement is aimed at parents or adults with houses. The toilet tissue is necessary for a house with single or married people in it. Andrex is hopefully trying to get the children of this generation to use it when the get a …

AdvertisingTarget Audience
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Effect And Management Of Stroke Health And Social Care Essay

A shot, antecedently known medically as a cerebrovascular accident ( CVA ) , is the quickly underdeveloped loss of encephalon map due to disturbance in the blood supply to the encephalon. This can be due to ischemia ( deficiency of blood flow ) caused by …

ManagementStrokeTarget Audience
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Pages 7
Reaching and appealing to its target audience

Boddingtons newest Chilled Cream advertising campaign introduced five new television advertisements and many magazine and newspaper supplements as well as articles written in ‘The Manchester Evening News,’ ‘The Sunday Times,’ and ‘The Guardian’ by Graham himself; He was also interviewed personally by Michael Parklison. In …

AdvertisingTarget Audience
Words 944
Pages 4
3 Reasons You Should Be Hanging Out With Your Target Audience

Marketing a business to a large and diverse audience may sound like a good idea, but most companies old and new know learn quickly that you’re much better off to aim for one specific demographic and then really focus your time, effort, and advertising money …

AdvertisingBehaviorTarget Audience
Words 970
Pages 4
Senior Citizens

Over the past few years, with the help of modern technology, people have obtained access to virtually anything they desire at the simple click of a mouse button. Now, information can be accessed through various websites without having to visit a library, go to a …

CommunicationInternetTarget Audience
Words 1975
Pages 8
Changing the Target Audience in Retail Sales

“On average, middle-aged consumers devote 39 percent of their retail expenditure to department store products and services, while for younger consumers the average is only 25 percent. Since the number of middle-aged people will increase dramatically within the next decade, department stores can expect retail …

AdvertisingRetailSalesTarget Audience
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Pages 5
Compare and contrast the persuasive

Compare and contrast the persuasive qualities of two televised advertisements Television is a very popular form of media and entertainment. It is widely available and most homes have at least one television set. Promoting products and services through the TV is a very effective way …

AdvertisingTarget AudienceTelevision
Words 816
Pages 4
Parents Magazine Analysis

For this rough draft, you are to post ONLY your statement about the target audience, NOT the complete paper.  After you have examined the magazine, form a thesis and write a 750-word essay based on your conclusions. Here is a sample thesis for National Geographic …

CommunicationScienceTarget Audience
Words 410
Pages 2
Demographics and Audience Analysis

Chapter 12 Activity #5 Page 382 Abstract Here is my response to the activity #12 question. ACTIVITY #5 5. Why is audience analysis important? How can it help the speaker in a business presentation? What are its limitations? Audience analysis is important because it is …

CommunicationHuman NatureTarget Audience
Words 759
Pages 4
Comparing the IMC programs of ARC and P&G

The documentation analyses idea and thought of Integrated Marketing Communication (MIMIC) in present business pattern and need, critically assess the parts, capacities and devices of MIMIC all hands on deck/nature’s turf, evaluate the patterns and business sector authority on MIMIC; how new patterns will offer …

BrandMass MediaTarget Audience
Words 2436
Pages 10
Sports Illustrated Target Audience and Demographics

Sports Illustrated Magazine is one of the most successful and well-known sports magazine in the world. It is a weekly publication that features sports updates, famous faces, and anything and everything that has got something to do with the sports industry. (McCambridge, 1997) Its popularity …

AdvertisingCommunicationTarget Audience
Words 1109
Pages 5
Ginsters Report

GINSTERS Table of Contents Introduction and Background Ginsters is the main brand of the Samworth Brothers, a privately owned family business active in various food sectors. Its product range includes pasties, savouries, pies, wraps and sandwiches. Ginsters is based in Callington, Cornwall. The brand has …

AdvertisingBrandTarget Audience
Words 4001
Pages 17

Now the world has changed in terms of media proliferation and, ultimately, choice. The consumer’s in charge now. ” So what exactly are Lovers? According to the website a Alveolar is a brand that is infused with three ingredients: Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy. So far, …

BrandMarketingTarget Audience
Words 1051
Pages 5
Analysis of the Gladiator trailer

Trailers are a very important part of the advertisement and promotion of a feature film. Trailers usually consist of a collection of carefully chosen clips from the film that give the audience a vague idea of what the film is about and hopefully persuade the …

AdvertisingGenreGladiatorMusicTarget AudienceVillain
Words 3740
Pages 15
Film poster analysis

Undertaking 1 -Film poster- analysis Film postings are a manner of advancing a movie ; they can be viewed on coach Michigans, the side of coachs, hoardings, E postings and cinema’s. Their purpose is to pull people’s attending so that they can acquire them interested …

FilmGenreTarget Audience
Words 2854
Pages 12
Clean Edge Razor

Clean Edge Razor Haifeng Chen 1. What changes are occurring in the non-disposable razor category? Assess Paramount’s competitive position. What are the strategic life cycle challenges for Paramount’s current product as well as for Clean Edge? The rate of new-product introductions for non-disposable razors and …

AdvertisingBrandTarget Audience
Words 801
Pages 4
Springfield nor’Easters Case Analysis

Johnkingsley Obasi AMBA650-The Springfield Nor’easters Case Analysis. Introduction. The city of Springfield, Massachusetts were blessed with the basing of a baseball minor league franchise in their city. But the class A team is faced with great revenue generation challenges that will make or mar the …

Consumer BehaviourMarketingTarget Audience
Words 2691
Pages 11
Tui Mkt301 Module 1 Case

TUI University MKT 301 Winter 2012 Module 1, Case Assignment High Involvement: Infinity FX35; Low Involvement: Starbucks Coffee Explain why the first product you chose was a High Involvement purchase and why the second was a Low Involvement purchase. Describe in detail the process you went …

BrandTarget AudienceTarget Market
Words 1554
Pages 7
Promotion and Price Analysis

The product chosen for its promotion campaign analysis is instant coffee Nescafe produced by Nestle. Before analyzing the promotion campaign, it is important to determine the target audience of Nescafe. In the major part coffee is usually preferred by both male and female at the …

BrandCoffeeTarget Audience
Words 1370
Pages 6
How To Define Your Target Audience

Define your target audience. What are some characteristics associated with your target audience? One of the main drivers of Anheuser-Busch’s success over the past 150 years has been its ingenuity and innovation in advertising and marketing. As times changed, Anheuser-Busch always has created new ways …

AdvertisingBeerTarget Audience
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Pages 3
Allerca cat

Creates truly unique products—the world’s first scientifically proven hypoallergenic cats. Genetically engineered, the medium sized ALLERCA GD cat weighs 10-15 pounds and is fully mature at age three. According to ALLERCA, the cats have long life expectancies and possess sweet and affectionate dispositions. For a …

AdvertisingInternetTarget Audience
Words 1513
Pages 7

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A target audience is the intended audience or readership of a publication, advertisement, or other message catered specifically to said intended audience.


Who is the target audience of the essay?
The audience is defined as the person who has read the essay. The audience can include anyone reading an essay, but the actual target audience is who the essay was written to reach.
What is an example of a target audience?
A target audience is generally associated to a business’s marketing message. The message highlights the advantages and disadvantages of a service or product. An example of a target audience is "company employees", the society at large, media representatives, and a variety of other groups." (Tambien E.S., n.d.).

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