Human Resources Current Issues Involve

Last Updated: 25 May 2023
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Human Resources current issues involve various aspects of the HR function and activities. Let us look at some of these. There are several writers who believe that we need to do some rethinking on strategic HR. One other issue raised is the necessity to do a rethinking on "strategic recruitment. " There is much talk about strategic Human Resource management. But surveys had shown that there is not much evidence that its implementation is widespread. It also varies from country to country.

The role of human resources is changing as the result of globalization, rapid technological development and progress, and changes in stakeholders' expectation, among many. Skill in managing global human resources is fast becoming one of the emerging human resources current issues. Workers migration and expatriate employees pose problematic issues. These require organizations to formulate an appropriate international Human Resource management policy. Many organizations are yet to recognize the need to do this. Another issue, namely, the continued use of job description is criticized. Some argue it is no longer relevant.

Another matter that needs attention is the increased presence of Female employees. Female workers are now competing for jobs that are formerly the domain of male employees. Still another issue that calls for attention is employee behavior. It is becoming harder to terminate or dismiss even difficult and under-performing employees. What more, even the use of strategies in the implementation of human resource management has been questioned as being anti-union and manipulative. Training continues as on-going concerns of organizations. But they are not the only parties concerned with training. It has become a national issue in many countries.

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The CEO Employment contract is coming under increasing scrutiny. Among the questions raised are whether the performance of CEOs merits the kind of pay they are receiving, and whether they should go if their achievement is not up to the board's expectation. Apart from all these issues which do not fail to surface from time to time, human resource diversity is fast becoming an important human resources current issue. The Knowledge Organization Change your organization's plans in response to changes in the business environment. Ways to managing human resources must also change in line with changes in your business plan.

To do this, you need information on what brought about the current state of things. You need ideas and knowledge on how the HR function can respond effectively to the new situation. Proponents and practitioners of human resource management usually provide ideas which can give new insights. Be alert to new books on HR management and human resources articles on Human Resources current issues. One way of ensuring you do not miss new information is to become a knowledge organization. Here, every one of your employees is encouraged to educate themselves and to widen their knowledge.

HR current issues will update your HR people information. Managing People, Performance and Risk Effective management of employees is important. Doing this motivates employees to do their respective job well. Employees become more focused and will want to continue working for your organization. Manage your employee's performance well by aligning what they do to the achievement of your business objectives. Identify the risks related to your human resource. For example, what are the risks if your good employees leave. Or what will happen if your people are not achieving their defined objectives.

What steps can you take to reduce or minimize the risks involved? What can you do to prevent any of the risks from recurring? Risk is one of the human resources current issues that your organization must manage and control. This is especially true during economic downturn or when organizations are undergoing a difficult phase. HR Planning To meet all the challenges posed by Human Resources current issues, you need an HR plan. Such a plan needs to determine the possible trend of HR. Under such a plan, you can improve people's readiness by way of human resource training and development plans under strategic human resource development.

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