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Locke on the Social Contract Theory

Social Contract Theory is a philosophy, which states that political and moral obligations of a person are rendered to him, upon an agreement between the ruler and the society. This agreement governs both the ruler and the ruled society to act in accordance with one …

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The Theory of Social Contracts

The period of Enlightenment ushered in an age of intellectual development as well as theoretical formations on the concept of society. English political thinker Thomas Hobbes and French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau posit political treatises on the formation of social contracts as a necessity of man …

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What is social contract theory essay?
Plato's original theory states that members of society agree implicitly to the terms and conditions if they decide to stay in the society or receive protection. ...
What is the social contract and why is it important?
Social contract theory is the idea that people co-exist in society according to an agreement that establishes moral or political guidelines of behavior. Some people believe we can live morally according to our social contract, and not because any divine being requires.
What is social contract theory associated with?
Although similar ideas can still be traced back as far as the Greek Sophists are concerned, social-contract concepts gained their greatest popularity during the 17th and 18th century. They were associated to philosophers like John Locke (England), Thomas Hobbes (England), and Jean-Jacques Rousseau (France).
What is social contract theory according to John Locke?
Locke's social contracts theory simply states that government was established through consent by the people.

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