Is It Better for People to Stop Trying When They Feel Certain They Will Not Succeed?

Last Updated: 27 Mar 2020
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Assignment: Is it better for people to stop trying when they feel certain they will not succeed? Although there is the notion held by some people that we should give up some tasks in our life which "seem" not to be successful forever, I really consider that we should insist on everything we want to do. For, the consistency and the durability of the certain thing will lead us to splendid success. Due to Continuation, Mathew Emmons, a famous sport shooter, and Alfred Nobel, known for his invention of dynamite, earn themselves irreplaceable fame in their respective fields.

Matthew Emmons, though missed the Olympics Games champ in shooting all the time, still impresses us with his fortitude. As a famous American shooter, Matthew attended Olympics Games for three times separately during the past twelve years; he missed the first place unchangeably. Nevertheless, he always appeared at the great games, chasing after his dream to become the champ in shooting. During the Olympics of Athens, he let his champ go by bombing in the last shoot. Matthew, though frustrated, still collected enough courage to participate in the following games in Beijing and London.

Unfortunately, misfortune happened on him again; He implausibly scored only few points in the last shoot in the final of his games, narrowly escaping the champ. Afterwards, interviewed by journalists, Matthew said that he would assiduously prepare for Rio de Janeiro. Undeniably, he might feel distressed when he failed in so many great games; he never gives up. Instead, he insists on training and hopes to attend the Game in Rio de Janeiro, 2016. At the same time, the unstopped experiment made by Alfred Nobel can illustrate my idea.

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Alfred Nobel owes his irreplaceable fame as an inventor of dynamite. Alfred Nobel cultivated great interest in science, especially in explosive, since very young under the influence of his father. Alfred Nobel engaged himself into experiments to find a more powerful and stable substance after his graduation from the college. The procedure proved to be tough, even frustrated. On 3 September 1864 a shed, used for the preparation of nitroglycerin, exploded at his factory, killing 5 people including Nobel's brother.

Nobel was not obsessed with the bitterness of such accident; instead, he became more strengthened about his goal to find new chemical substance to replace nitroglycerin. Nobel was eventually rewarded when he successfully invented dynamite in 1867. We had to admit that Nobel suffered a lot during the experiment: lose his brother, lose many friends, and lose the trust from the family. However, he had no idea to give up the research on the Dynamite. Through our constant efforts, we can best demonstrate our ability and pursue our dreams. Maybe, the result may change miraculously towards direction desired by us.

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