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5 Stategies to Involve Parents

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A suggestion box is an ideal tool for parents on the go. This gives parents the opportunity to be involved without cutting into their busy schedules. Also this benefits those parents whom like to anonymously suggest ideas about the service or certain activities. Having the box in an accessible place is important in order for every parent to know where it is and have immediate access. Putting in place some parent suggested ideas will continue to encourage parent involvement. Parent Read Along:

A parent read along is a good way to include parents in an activity with the kids at the center while increasing child development. This is an activity that could take place once a month that encourages parents read a story to their child’s classroom. Having parents come read to children at story time will be a quick and efficient way to involve parents; preferably the story session day and time should meet the need of the parent. This in return lets the parents know that the center is dedicated to putting the child and family first.

I believe this strategy would benefit the development of children because it encourages and promotes learning while reading in addition to parent involvement. Keep Parents Updated: Keeping parents informed of what takes place on a daily basis, upcoming events and how they can get involved is an open invitation. Finding additional creative ways of spreading the news rather than by word of mouth may be a little catchier. Having flyers, newsletters, or possibly sending emails may grasp the attention of the parent; being that technology is so dominate and people communicate via e-mail frequently.

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5 Stategies to Involve Parents

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Going the extra mile shows that your daycare center encourages parental involvement. Bring Your Parent To Center Day: Having events that are centered on parental participation is another way to get parents involved. An event like bring your parent to Center day puts parents in the spotlight. The Parents Day event resembles that of show and tell. Parents can show off their skills while interacting with their child (ren) at the center.

It would be good to have this type of event maybe once a month in order to give each child’s parent(s) an opportunity while providing varying days and times. Progress Meetings: Every parent should take interest in their child’s progress and achievements. A progress meeting encourages parental involvement. Progress meetings can be scheduled accordingly or spur of the moment. Scheduling meetings to best fit the need of the parent shows concern in the matter. Updating a parent of their child’s progress while they are signing them out counts as well.

Making parents aware that their involvement with their child will likely have benefits for their child’s development also may produce more participation at the center. When other parents see parents getting involved they usually will too. This strategy as well contributes to the development of children because for one the parent is involved. Having parent involvement encourages children to push on and do well. Progress meetings helps acknowledge problem areas if any so that, if additional help is needed the parent is aware and will do as such.

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