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I-2-10 Blok 1 Lorong Sierra Apartment PH I/3A Jalan Tuaran Menggatal 88450 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah October 4, 2012 Ms Alicesia Yong IEC Group 987 Lorong Jering 2 Sunny Garden Mile 1. 5 Tuaran Road 88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Dear Ms Alicesia I am writing in response to your advertisement in the JobStreet. com dated 2 October 2012. I am interested for applying the position of Administration Officer in your company. I am a fresh graduate from University Malaysia Sarawak with Human Resource Development’s bachelor degree.

I am applying this position because the position requirements and my skills are a perfect match. During my studies in university I am being exposed to human resource roles in an organisation. I am trained with skills in handling administrative work not only for in managing people but also for documents. Beside that, neuroscience and human development phycology course which I have taken gave me advantages in understanding people better based on their ages and also personality.

In addition, I have done some research in Institut Tabiran Awan Negara (INTAN) in purpose of making my self familiar working condition in managing people effectively in terms of training and development. Outcome of this research, I leaned skills in interaction with people and get chance to do events for the worker for dinner party and I received such a good complement by my managers. I would like to continue and develop my skills and knowledge in your company. I have worked on my communication skills in English during this event. I can promise that meeting with me will not be a waste of time.

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I can be contacted via email at cherylgitom@ymail. com or my phone number 0168447028. I look forward to receiving reply from your company soon and I will be available to interview in start from 10 October until 20 October this year. Thank you. Sincerely Cheryl E. Gitom Encl. : Resume CHERYL E. GITOM I-2-10 Blok 1 Lorong Sierra Apartment PH I/3A Jalan Tuaran Menggatal 88450 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah ------------------------------------------------- 0168447028 Human Resource Education Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Resource Development, October 2011, University Malaysia Sarawak.

Objective To help and assist administrative work and marketing activities IEC (School of English Language and Further Counselling Services) in an effective way. Management Skills Office skills * Office management, records management and also database administration. * Capable in event management and calendaring. * Clearly understand in documentation progress. Computer skills * Able to use Microsoft Offices such as Word and Publisher and analytic software, IBM SPSS. * Able to do web designing using Dreamweaver and FrontPage. Social skills Communicated effectively with departments to plan meeting and able to prepare event. * Help in coordinate recruitment events with high level standard. * Fluency in speaking Malay and English Language. Experiences Managing Christmas Event * Developing innovative PowerPoint presentation used by the Event Manager to market our company to outsider. * Helped the accounting section to monitor their expanses. * Communicated with other companies to raise some fund. * Entrusted by the leader to handle such a big money and ticketing issues. * Earned excellent marks for being the top seller for the event’s tickets.

Involve in Management Research (Institut Tabiran Awam) * Working in group team to observe management of training for new recruits. * Created schedule and manage time for the training programme. * Recommended specific training activities. References Dr Norazila Abdul Aziz Senior Lecturer of Department of Cognitive Science University Malaysia Sarawak Email: anora@fcs. unimas. my Phone: +6 082 – 581518 Nor Hasniah Ibrahim Lecturer of Department of Counselling University Malaysia Sarawak Email: inhasniah@fcs. unimas. my Phone: +6 082 - 581532

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