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An Application for Admission to the UCLA’s Anderson School’s MBA Program for the fully employed

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My childhood dream was to establish a business concern of my own. With the passage of time this desire to foray into the world of business intensified. However, my dream remained unfulfilled due to the absence of financial support as I had been born in a poor family.

In addition to this, a major calamity befell upon me due to the sudden demise of my father, which resulted in the devolution of the family responsibility upon my young shoulders.

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Nevertheless, my inner aspiration of establishing myself in some business never subsided and it continued to haunt me, so that I ultimately decided to join a fully – employed MBA course. The objective of my seeking admission to this course was to further my interests in the financial markets.

However, my circumstances and responsibilities towards my family forced me to complete my graduation in Computer Sciences. The main reason for my acquiring a degree in this field of study was that it offered very good job opportunities at that point of time. My assessment was that a job in the computer field would provide me with sufficient money to discharge my responsibilities towards my family.

 After the completion of graduation in Computer Science, I received offers of employment from a number of companies as a software consultant. I excelled in developing software for different tasks, especially in the Banking and Trading sectors.

While developing software programs for the Trading sector, I obtained a fairly deep insight into the world of Trading and Investments in the stock markets. My childhood aspirations that had lain dormant for years came to the forefront.

The knowledge that I had gleaned, enabled me to establish my own trading portfolio in the year 2002 and I started to trade stocks on my own. I was quite successful in motivating a number of my friends to enter into the financial markets and I explained to them the concepts involved in trading, the secrets of financial markets and more or less everything about the market.

Consequently, most of my friends invested in the financial markets and became wealthy. The upshot of this was that a number of people started to come to me for my valuable advice regarding financial matters. Moreover, I became an adept in financial issues and the people, who took my advice in financial matters, advised me to join some reputable MBA program.

I evaluated their advice and the consequences of changing my career. I decided upon a short term goal, to work for a brokerage firm as this would enable me to achieve sufficient knowledge in investments and takeovers. After having accomplished this goal, I was desirous of establishing my own brokerage firm in India to provide support to native companies that yearned to acquire international companies.

The scrutiny of a number of international universities offering the MBA program convinced me that my desire to acquire excellent managerial and analytical skills would be best satisfied by the fully employed MBA course of the UCLA. Moreover, this degree will equip me with sufficient knowledge and expertise to succeed in the financial markets.

A perusal of the curriculum of the MBA program at UCLA Anderson School of Management was overwhelming to say the least. The teaching style adopted in this school is practical and interactive.

It emphasizes active participation and case study techniques in a virtual business atmosphere, which will go a long way to gain expertise in problem solving methods and make me highly proficient in my electives, namely, venture capital, option market strategies, takeovers and restructuring (Fully Employed MBA Program, 2007).

Furthermore, I conducted a number of interaction session with the alumni of this school and concluded that this MBA program would provide a very good learning experience and expertise, which would enable me to realize my childhood dream of establishing my own business.

Moreover, this program provides an objective review of the business luminaries and provides a golden opportunity to examine the business practices and case studies of multinational businesses in an academic setting.

In addition, this course will enable me to avail myself of the opportunity to make use of sophisticated academic facilities that will enhance my knowledge. In short this program would conduce to transform me into a powerful character and instill me with confidence and this would allow me achieve my professional and personal goals.

 My perseverance and positive attitude helped me to discharge my duties towards my family and my financial status has also improved enormously. These factors will be extremely helpful in reaching my lifetime goals.

I had established two companies and my intention, at this juncture, is to acquire sufficient business experience and skills to expand my businesses. Due to globalization, a trend has commenced in the developing countries to encourage businesses and industries that conform to the international norms.

This is the era of great opportunities and the most opportune time to join the MBA program at UCLA Anderson School. The Anderson School also conducts the International Field Study program which would be of great advantage to me, because it permits students to participate and learn the business practices of the foreign companies.


Fully Employed MBA Program. (2007). Retrieved October 4, 2007, from UCLA Anderson School of Management:

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