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Below are the Instructions for the completion and submission of the coursework as well as for receiving feedback. These are also available on StudySpace (In the folder 'assignments'). l. Coursework Instructions Answer the following question: "It follows that the evolutionary nature of the doctrine of supremacy is necessarily bi- dimensional. One dimension is the elaboration of the parameters of the doctrine by the European Court.

But Its full reception, the second dimension, depends on its incorporation into the constitutional orders of the Member States and its affirmation y their supreme courts". Joseph Weller, The Community System: the Dual Character of Supranationalism (1981) 1 (1 ) Yearbook of European Law 267-306. With reference to case-law, and to the current situation In at least two Member States, explain and critically analyse this statement. What implications would the Member States' reluctance to incorporate the doctrine of supremacy into their constitutional orders have for the consistency and effectiveness of EU law? Maximum word limit: 2500 words.

The bibliography and footnotes do not count as part of the maximum page limit. it. Assessment criteria: The marking criteria are Included in Studying Law at Kingston and are available on StudySpace (In 'assignments'). In accordance with these criteria, the following factors will be taken Into account In awarding a mark for this coursework: understanding of the legal principles and Issues involved depth and breadth of knowledge and Intellectual understanding ability to review critically the legal position, (where appropriate) depth and breadth of research cltatlon 0T autnorltles ana materlals presentation iii.

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Plagiarism: Please note the University policy on plagiarism, and ensure that the work is original ork that is entirely your own. Copying or allowing someone else to copy your work is cheating and you will be subject to the University disciplinary regulations. The best way to avoid academic misconduct or plagiarism is to use your own words, do not cut and paste from other work, and to ensure that you reference properly the sources you have used in your assignment.

Please note all assignments are automatically submitted to the Turnitin plagiarism detection software - the video on the following link is an approachable session on how to avoid plagiarism: http://www. youtube. om/ watch? v=1yYf8Aihndl lv. Referencing: Referencing is essential for good academic writing. Please ensure you read the relevant section in your Studying Law at Kingston that refers you to the Oxford Standard for the Citation of Legal Authorities (OSCOLA), available online at: http:// www. law. ox. c. uk/published/OSCOLA_4th_edn. pdf Through the following link you can complete a referencing tutorial produced by Cardiff University https://ilrb. cf. ac. uk/ citingreferences/oscola/tutorial/ All materials consulted in writing your essay should be included in the bibliography. The bibliography and footnotes do not count as part of the maximum page limit. v. BLASC: BLASC is a service offering students at all levels one to one help and advice on the academic skills needed to produce their written coursework.

Information on this is available in the online version of the handbook (available on StudySpace in the folder 'information'). v'. Submitting your work and receiving feedback: Please note that computer failure is not an excuse for missing a coursework deadline.

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