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This creative clothing line is for men and woman and hopefully toddlers. Although there are a lot of the same clothing styles in the urban industry but this one is a difference.


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  1. Is to make a difference in the Urban community with art, ideas, and soul.
  2. To sell at least 500 t shirts in a week To make double or triple the profit create new designs every 5 months.
  3. To promote the clothing line over to the ELI, first have to do a lot of social media rumination and hand to hand promotion.
  4. Have to get in contact with the European Commission Trade, and also any urban stores in the EX.

Exporting to the ELI?

Equally important for developing countries are access to the EX. market and benefiting from the global economy. The EX sees trade as an important aspect of its development strategy and offers a wide range of trade agreements to partners in the developing world. Who will it benefit and how? EIS European consumers will have access to a wider variety of goods at lower prices. European businesses will gain from greater access to export markets and from lowering the costs of cross-border commerce. Workers trade creates more Jobs, both in Europe and outside our borders. Developing countries access to EX markets on advantageous terms offers them a step up the economic ladder.


If the African Union wants to enhance the economic growth and development of poverty I can donate boxes of T- shirts and many other apparel for the starving community for them to have at least some closes to wear. Also by having a partnership with the Union can set up stores in the city part of Africa for people to buy at a low cost. Same thing goes for the Pacific hell to promote network with business minded people to get the clothing on the map.

The specific objectives arising from this mandate include:

  1. Enhancement of intra-inter- regional trade in Africa through:
  • Establishment and effective and efficient functioning of Africans Regional Economic Communities (Recess)
  • Harmonistic of the trade policies and programs of the RECESS for speedy realization of the Pan -African Common Market
  • Trade capacity building support to Member States of the AU

2. Achieving a significant increase in the share of Africa in global trade and an enhanced performance of the continent in the dynamic sectors of the trade through:

  • Effective participation of African countries in multilateral trade negotiations with a view to eliminating the imbalances against them in global trading system.
  • Improvement in the structure of Africans trade and reduction of the heavy dependence on export of commodities.
  • Development of trade relations with new and traditional partners
  • Enhancement of the competitiveness of African countries and building of trade related institutional, human, technical and productive capacities.

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