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WTO signed agreements

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Now they don’t want to have the same freedom they enjoyed in the initial stages of development. Trying to maintain diplomatic relations or else waging war is the strategy followed by them on those days. In the ninth century, in the name of free trade European companies exploited colonies. They maintained not have more than 5% import duty if the goods come from their countries. With the low import duties in their colonies they exploited the local trade and destroyed it almost. With the WTO became the perfect place of action.

If Swiss formula is implemented then industrial development of development countries will get be slow down. The income of the governments will gradually get declined. The developing countries will have to depend on the export of raw materials, agricultural products. And developed countries are saying that unless developing countries agree the Doha Round will not be successful. When the issue regarding agriculture is coming they are asking about the import duties. With the guarantee given by the developed countries saying that they will give relaxations from though rules developing countries WTO signed agreements.

And accepted the TRIPS agreement which is no where concerned with the trade. To implement those terms developed countries are asking to get ready to sacrifice developing countries. In view of these the walk out of developing countries from discussions is not a big mistake. As Indian minister Nath said “there is no need to shy in saying that Doha Round is traveling towards failure. Developed countries are saying that the success of Doha Round is depended on developing countries. ” “I must express disappointment," Nath told a news conference.

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"The (Falconer) paper suffers from serious imbalances ... They are not paying enough attention to the livelihoods of farmers ... in developing countries," he said. Nath said that Falconer had not been demanding enough on the need for rich WTO members, notably the United States and the European Union, to slash farm subsidies which India and others say distort world markets. "Subsidies by developed countries cause a serious challenge to the successful completion of these talks," he said. There is some more issues other than agriculture like subsides, seeds, medicines, patents, prices etc.

Developed countries want to make use of WTO as a platform to influence others. The developed countries already got patented the seeds. Therefore, developing countries have no right to use their own seeds for agriculture produce. “The right of consumers to say no to Geniotically Engineered (GE) food is under threat from the US, heavily influenced by its GE industry. The US is trying to use the WTO to challenge the European Union's ban on genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The EU has also recently adopted the strictest GMO regulations in the world.

The WTO is an inappropriate and incompetent body to deal with environmental issues such as GMOs, that can have a major impact on the environment and public health. ” Conclusion Implementation of the goals and objectives is important for any organization”. If we look at the practice of implementation we see that it is an intensely political process—the timing, sequencing, and content of developing country efforts to implement their WTO commitments are deeply influenced by external actors—donors, the WTO Secretariat and developed country trade representatives, among others. ”

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