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When you want to talk about Belgium, you don't know where to begin. From the welcoming attitude of people there, trying to speak English with you, even it is the fourth unofficial language, or you may mention the marvelous countryside and fascinating towns. It will always be there something you want to visit Belgium for (Steinbicker, 2006, p. 148). Brussels is the Belgian capital city . With the headquarters to the EU (European Union) and NATO in there, it has a great rule in Europe . Brussels has many architectural styles and hosts over 80 museums.

You can find whatever you want through the numerous tourist attractions. A remarkable place to be visited in Brussels is the Grand Place which was built as a merchant’s market in the 13th century (The Belgian Tourist Office (BTO) in the US). Other Cities Flanders It is the northern part of Belgium, people there speaks Dutch. (The Belgian Tourist Office (BTO) in the US) Like: Antwerp It's known by its diamonds and Bolleke beer served ice-cold(The Belgian Tourist Office (BTO) in the US). Bruges

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It was called city of Romance, the City That Time Forgot, and Cultural Capital of Europe back in 2002(The Belgian Tourist Office (BTO) in the US). Ghent It is un-touristy city filled with university students. There is a festival called" the ten day Ghent Celebrations "held every year in July where the inhabitants go all out with theater performances, concerts, singing, dancing, and drinking(The Belgian Tourist Office (BTO) in the US). Leuven The home to one of Europe’s oldest universities with the 13th century stone beguinage selected as a world heritage site by UNESCO.

It's also known as Belgium’s reining brew capital (The Belgian Tourist Office (BTO) in the US). There are many other towns in Flanders, such as: Mechelen, Alast, Damme, Hasselt, lier, Oudenaarde, Tongeren, Veurne (The Belgian Tourist Office (BTO) in the US). Wallonia A great historical city with many towns, like: Liege, Namur, Spa which gave its name to all spas, Tournai, bastoqne, Bouillon, Binche, Dinant and Durbuy (The Belgian Tourist Office (BTO) in the US). What borders it Belgium borders are the North Sea; its position is between France and the Netherlands. Map (see Figure 2). Figure 2.

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