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It is visible to see that women have come a long way in our nation to now from the beginning of our construction. It was not easy, and many issues are still not completely solved, because of stereotypes and discrimination against women. Stereotypes such as “women are bad drivers” and “women should not be paid as much as men”. However, there are many organizations that have been founded and used to help in fighting against such discrimination, and help in supporting women in equal rights, in places, such as the workplace and society in general.

When our country was first forming, women were unable to vote for a very long time after it was decided they could not. They also had were expected to play certain roles, such as staying at home to do the housework, take care of the children, clean, and cook. The strength of women “shined” through in the most visible way during WWII. Many women were obligated to maintain their usual roles, and do a lot of the work the men would be doing, because the men were away at war. Women were also not offered the educational benefits men were in our history also.

It was pretty set in stone that the men were “the thinkers”, and that there was no need to educate women. It is much different now. Women are able to receive education just as easy as a man can, not to mention the laws that have been made to protect the equality rights of women and men. The roles in women have changed drastically. It is now “the norm” to see a woman with a career, and many that have families too. Many households now share all of the household responsibilities, and often time the finances too. However, not everyone agrees that this has been a positive step in our nation since the Civil Rights Act.

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Many people still believe a woman should stay home and continue the role that was planned for them in the first place. A major issue that raises these opinions is the amount of crime and problems our nation has with our youth. Many believe that this has increased because of the amount of time that is taken from parents and their children because of both parents working. The “male vs. female” concept is seen in today’s society has equal in most parts, but there will always be the differences in both. They are each different in anatomy and many mental factors. Our society and media base many things on sexuality and gender.

For example, the body washes and bathroom line designed for men, called Axe shows images that “prove” to attract women to them because of their smell and good looks. People have been used as sex idols, both male and female, but the disrespect and objections that have been formed around women are at a higher risk. This type of advertisement promotes sexuality and creates more issues in equality and respect of both genders. Socially GLBT people have faced much discrimination throughout time. Much of this has to do with religion, and the belief that homosexuality is wrong.

I believe historically it was not to be spoken of, and even homosexuals themselves would never “come out” about their sexuality, because of how negative society was about the issue. With this being said there were no studies or research being done about it for society to gain knowledge about the topic. Today GLBT people face discrimination, but have been given more rights. Many scientists and psychologists have also done a tremendous amount of studies and research on the topic, giving society more knowledge about them and their reason and choice of lifestyle. Religion is the main barrier now between society and GLBT people.

Even though there have been laws that reserve the rights of GLBT people, many people will not “budge” in their opinion on the topic, because in most religions it is considered a sin. This makes it hard for society to want to reserve certain rights for them, such as marriage. However, throughout time there has been much change in many people’s opinions, because of knowledge in diversity, science, and psychology. They have more welcoming atmospheres than they did in the past. For example, in Chicago there is an annual “Gay Pride Parade” that invites people to support the rights of homosexuals.

Workplaces have been more acceptable also, not only because of laws, but also, because they are more familiar with the topic due to the knowledge provided today through media, school, and our communities. It is a more open topic, and even though it is not approved of by many people, it is being more accepted. The main issue that GLBT people are dealing with and fighting for today is the right to be married to another person of the same sex. For laws to be passed, citizens must vote for them, and many people still do not believe it should be allowed. However, there are some states that have made it legal.

With diversity and knowledge our country can improve these attitudes and opinions about equality in women and GLBT people of our nation. Our nation has come a long way, especially for how young we are. Our human service organizations and law can be of the most aid in solving these issues. There has been a lot of damage in equality throughout our history, and unfortunately some will never be solved because of the believes that have been taught and practiced for many years. However, our Constitution and many laws give society the chance to fight against non-equal acts and rights as an American citizen.

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