Essays about Places

Essays about Places

A place can be a city, town or room, a space filled with memories and the echo of past events. There is a lot of places to write about. That is why they are powerful tools for writing. Narrators use them to create atmospheres and academic writers to give context to a situation. In both cases, a place’s description is the way to take the reader to the text’s dimension, so it is important to write and describe them as best as possible. Learn which aspects you need to watch in order to create the perfect text about a place.

Writing a Descriptive Essay About a Place

Describing a place can be tricky because you need to be objective in order to create a clear picture of the reader’s imagination and also transmit the emotional state you need. Here are some tips that will help you with your writing.

  • Be clear on your description. Don’t use ambiguous terms and don’t describe things that won’t help to build the feeling you need.
  • Give it meaning. Every detail you describe should mean something. If you want to create a calm atmosphere, then describe objects using adjectives like comfortableor soft.
  • Don’t talk just about the objects. Make reference to the smells, the sounds, if it was warm or cold. This kind of details help the reader build a better image of the place.
  • Describe the senses. Since you need the reader to feel empathy, you should describe the senses the place For example, if it is a calm room, then you can say the silence was comforting.
  • Talk about details important to the atmosphere you are creating. If you are describing a children’s room, you should mentionthe details that characterize it, like wallpapers with cartoons or colorful furniture.

Structure essay about Place

Essays about places have a slightly different structure from other essays. Is not a big thing, actually, but it is important. When writing about a place, you need to start by saying the location, city, state or country where the place is. It is essential to explain this at the beginning of the main body of the essay. Besides from this, an essay about a place is very similar to other kinds of essays.

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An Interesting Place to Visit

It is good to travel. Traveling is instructive, and it is also teaching us about other cultures. That is the best way to learn about people, their way of living, their cultures, and their past history. In fact, Wahoo Bay Beach is very an attractive …

Place I VisitedPlaces
Words 92
Pages 1
Places and Manner of Articulation in English

| PLACES OF ARTICULATION The active articulator usually moves in order to make the constriction. The passive articulator usually just sits there and gets approached. A sound’s place of articulation is usually named by using the Latin adjective for the active articulator (ending with an …

Essay ExamplesPlaces
Words 1074
Pages 5
Child and Marginal Places

In the short essay “In Praise of Margins”, Ian Frazier puts himself back to the place in time when he did activities just for the sake of doing them. As a kid, Frazier traveled to the woods behind his house without a real sense of …

Words 112
Pages 1
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Changing places

Change of places can be for a good or bad reason, but in my case was for the best for our family. Most couples, when thinking about divorcing are worried about their children, because everyone knows that divorce have some effects in children’s. In my …

ApartmentDivorceEssay ExamplesMotivationPlaces
Words 920
Pages 4
Desert Places

Desert Places by Robert Frost Snow falling and night falling fast, oh, fast In a field I looked into going past, And the ground almost covered smooth in snow, But a few weeds and stubble showing last. The woods around it have it – it …

Essay ExamplesPlacesPoetry
Words 834
Pages 4
Brent Staples’ Black Men in Public Places

Black Men in Public Spaces is a piece of autobiographical writing that deals with issues of racism and discrimination in the United States. In his short essay, Brent Staple relates a few of his nighttime experiences in the street, which revealed the way in which …

Brent StaplesPlacesRacismSound
Words 87
Pages 1
Baguio City Places of Interest

Baguio City is home to many tourist spots and is a getaway of those living not only in Metro Manila, nearby lowlands but the entire Philippine populace. Established as the Summer Capital of the Philippines in 1903, Baguio City is the foremost tourist destination in …

Words 1058
Pages 5
Face Recognition Technology in Public Places

Currently, technology is rising, along with suspected terrorist attacks. Mobile phones and computers have minimized its size to an incredibly small size it was almost unimaginable in the years before. Subsequently, bombs could be as small, but the threat is still as massive. In this …

CorporationsFace RecognitionPlaces
Words 61
Pages 1
Being Sane in Insane Places

Roseanne explains in his essay, ‘ ‘On Being Sane In Insane Places” that society labels people permanently for some things that occur rarely. Roseanne clarifies In this essay that patients who are considered ‘ ‘ schizophrenic,” and ‘ ‘ Insane” aren’t truly schizophrenic or Insane …

Essay ExamplesMedicinePlacesSchizophrenia
Words 548
Pages 3
Want and Marginal Places

The Value of Marginal Places In the essay “In Praise of Margins” by Ian Frazier, Frazier mentions that the world is a place where adults tend to get caught up in. They do not realize that what they need is that place to breath. He …

Essay ExamplesPlaces
Words 944
Pages 4
Personal Characteristics of Nick Thomas, Charles Henry, and Chairman Lup In Wisdom Sits in Places

The significance of place-names is compounded in the personal characteristics of Nick Thompson, Charles Henry, and Chairman Lup. Although their personal characteristics differ significantly in terms of attitudes and approach to reality, their behavioral orientation are relatively the same. The subscription to a single set …

Personal CharacteristicsPlacesWisdom
Words 66
Pages 1
Should Smoking be banned in all public places?

Smoking came to Britain Should in the 1600’s but only started to become fashionable in the nineteen sixties and seventies. The main attraction to smoking came from the idolisation of pop-stars and supermodels that smoked, but did not know the risks. Today we do know …

Words 1030
Pages 5
Christian Places of Worship

————————————————- “Christian places of worship should be plain and simple? ” Discuss. Ollie Gardner This debate is a very strong subject for certain people and religion. For example the Catholics think that it is right to show their appreciation of god by designing their places …

Words 510
Pages 3
Passing Places and Trainspotting

Passing Places and Transporting. They play I am analyzing Is Passing Places, by Stephen Greenhorn. It is a Scottish play from 1998 which Is set In Motherly. Alongside with this, I will also analyses the movie ‘Transporting’, a movie directed by Danny Bayle based on …

Words 896
Pages 4
7 Surprising Places to Find Your Next Virtual Assistant

Welcome to Whose Business Is This, Anyway? Where the tasks are unending and your stress level doesn’t matter: Sound familiar?If it also sounds like your , until this point every little milestone of that life has probably been a celebrated victory. But the novelty is probably …

Words 1006
Pages 5
Historical Evolution of Shopping Places

IntroductionIn the beginning of the history of shopping topographic points, the shopping activity took topographic point in the unfastened infinites with other urban and public maps and activities and activities of the metropolis, like ancient Grecian Agora or Roman Forum.After centuries, the enclosed shopping promenades …

Words 2085
Pages 9
Smoking in Public Places

In some country people are no longer allowed to smoke in many public places and office buildings. Do you think it is a good rule or bad rule? Use specific reasons and details to support your position. Earth is a good creation of God. So …

Words 491
Pages 2
Power and Places Type

We are going to talk about power and places type: -> The power is necessarily an opposition between ruler and a ruled. There are many forms and places of power: Among the places of power, there are the White House, the Buckingham Palace, the Pentagon… …

Words 337
Pages 2
Prohibiting Smoking in Public Places

Secondhand smoke is especially dangerous—much more to children who are directly exposed to the smoke. Canada should implement a no-smoking policy, not just inside cars,but in all public places where there is an threat of secondhand smoke. It is a fact that secondhand smoke is …

Words 294
Pages 2
Banning Smoking in Public Places

Banning smoking in public places I’d like to talk about the banning smoking in public places. Generally, is known about smoking that can cause different types of cancer, yellow teeth and unpleasant smell. I think that smoking in public places represent a real problem, because …

Words 716
Pages 3
Investigating the Use of Inclusive Design in Public Places and Architecture

Draft: Investigating The usage of inclusive design in public topographic points and architecturePurposeThe chief purpose of the check, is to briefly investigate and explicate methods used in order to make an across-the-board enviourment in architecture, for people with assorted types of disablements. Assorted subjects, which …

Words 2082
Pages 9
Rodeo-Soho Fashion Spree A Comparison Essay on Two Places

Introduction It is true for a fact that due to the immense rise of globalization and competition in the world of business today, the contemporary society continuously seeks for fresher, trendy and the rather “Gucci-fancy” commodities which will seemingly amaze anyone who happens to come …

Words 999
Pages 4
Costco Is Becoming One of the Best Places to Buy a Car Thanks to This Huge Perk

Costco's power in the auto industry is growing.On Saturday, the budget retailer announced it is once again partnering with General Motors for its popular Holiday Sales Event, which will last from October 1 to January 3.Last year, 58,000 vehicles were sold during the promotion, a …

Words 283
Pages 2
Ban on Smoking in Public Places

Since the beginning of civilization, man has always persuaded his interests for recreation by using tobacco as a frontline substance for his leisure. As time passed by, more production of tobacco started till it reached a stage where today there are numerous cigarette companies selling …

Words 1403
Pages 6
World Religions and Places of Worship

Religious expression The statement of “ Money should be spent helping people, not decorating a place of worship” is a very controversial one. It could either be true or false, depending on the place, time and size of the church. It is completely true that …

BeliefGodPlacesReligionWorld Religions
Words 437
Pages 2
The Forest – Creative Writing

Descriptive Writing – The forest. [pic] A crisp winter morning and there was a frosty chill in the air. A sweet surrendering scent of the moist morning dew that cascades all around the sublime forest. The mixed cool autumn leaves from the tall trees lay …

Words 523
Pages 3
Place I Would Like to Visit or to Live In

There are beautiful places all around the world. We all enjoy Mother Nature. It is a gift to us. I would like to visit and travel all around the world, but the place which is most appealing to me personally is Coimbatore, which is in …

Place I Visited
Words 261
Pages 2
My Favorite Place to Vacation

Attitude/Point: Others will feel the same way about their favorite place to visit for their own specific reasons. and I have noticed that most people visit places because of the weather, and the stress relief you get when you take a vacation. (more…)

Favorite PlaceMy Vacation
Words 45
Pages 1
Mountain Climbing

Mountain climbing is one of the most popular adventure sports. It can be experienced at various places around the world. The thrill and excitement involved in this activity is unparalleled. Several people from different parts of the world indulge in mountain climbing to experience the …

Words 2323
Pages 10
An Interesting Place to Visit

It is good to travel. Traveling is instructive, and it is also teaching us about other cultures. That is the best way to learn about people, their way of living, their cultures, and their past history. In fact, Wahoo Bay Beach is very an attractive …

Place I VisitedPlaces
Words 92
Pages 1


What is a place essay?
Feeling strongly about a specific place can cause strong emotions. The purpose of a sense-of–place essay is to accomplish the same. This is a descriptive essay that requires you to describe an area, such a childhood home or park, and you will make your essay so the reader believes she's been there.
How do you start a essay about a place?
Write a strong opening to your essay. Instead of telling the reader what happens, focus on showing the scene. It is important to not just describe what happened, or how it occurred. Instead, place the reader in a scene, an event, or a memory by using sensory detail and vivid descriptions.

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