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The Four Values that Made Ernest Shackleton a Great Leader

While I’m not sure I would follow Ernest Shackleton into the Antarctic for his 1914 expedition, I am sure I would follow a leader like Shackleton into an adventure during present day. The reasoning boils down to the technology advances we have made in the …

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The Cultural Norms, Language, Values and Ideology of the Country of Malaysia

There are so many places in the world that you have probably heard of and may not know that much about. If they don’t hit the news very often and they aren’t a huge part of U.S. Foreign Policy then we as Americans do not …

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An Assessment of the Lack of Christian Values in the Bundy Family

The Bundy family does not show any Christian values or attachments to the same because of their lifestyles. I believe that religion can be used constructively to help this family get functional and organized. It is imperative to note that religion is an important social …

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The Influence of Intrinsic Values and Universal Acceptance in Determining What Is Moral and What Is Not Moral

Morality is the basis for determining and evaluating right or wrong or good and bad conduct. However, it is difficult to quantify the value of goodness and badness since there is no scale of comparison. Often morality is interchangeably used with ethics, though ethics is …

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A Review of Two Inner Values I Possess and Its Application in Real Life

My first inner quality I value is the patience, because patience encourages the Early Childhood Educator to be a better observer, caregiver, decision maker and communicator. We as an Early Childhood Educator have to be patient, because it’s not easy to work with children. Sometimes …

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The Core Values I Got from Living in Brooklyn, New York

When I was four years old my immediate family and I migrated to Brooklyn, New York from Nigeria. Growing up I remember my mom always saying that Brooklyn is not an easy place to raise children, especially six at one time. Reflecting back I can …

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An Examination of the Important Values in Colonial America

Over two hundred years ago in colonial America, many of the values and morals and not the same as what they would be today, but many are still very much alike. Based on, “A Model of Christian Charity”, by John Winthrop, “Sinners in the Hands …

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The Importance of Good Moral Values in Schools

You see an elderly person stumble and fall on the side walk from a distance. You watch as a group of teenagers on their cellphones ignore them and continue walking. You rush to assist them because that’s what a person with any moral value would …

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What Moral Values Were Brought Upon People from Revolutions

The enlightenment represents a light that can be “channeled inwards,” as described in class. The prism is a symbol that represents that when light passes through it, a magnitude of colors flow from the inside. The French Revolution happened when people discovered inner light within …

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An Evaluation of American Moral Values in Comparison to Other Cultures

Moral values are acceptable standards which govern an individual, society and the nation’s behavior and choices in defining what is right and wrong. A person can derive his morals from the community, religion or the government. However, when an individual derives his/her moral values from …

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