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What is diversity? According to the dictionary, it is "the state of being diverse; variety". And how does one intertwine diversity into their everyday life? It would be working together with anyone and everyone, no matter their race, sexual orientation, or beliefs, to achieve a goal. It's known that diversity can empower younger peers and broaden their minds to careers and how they can achieve anything they put their minds to.

In today's day in age, we as individuals know that diversity makes up the world we live in. We either work with, know, or heard of someone that represents something we believe in, don't believe in, or don't know anything about. But how do we as individuals work together to understand these different thoughts, opinions, beliefs, culture, etc.? We learn.

We must teach our kids about diversity and live more diverse lives in order to decrease conflicts in this world, such as hate. More diverse books that deal with different races in different scenarios, will create a better mindset for children as they get older. These children need to learn respect for everyone. "When we see people like ourselves in the media.we get a glimpse of who we might become.we gain role models and inspiration through literature"(Epstein). We want others to feel like they can be anything they want, as we should feel and want the same for ourselves.

Epstein comments on how a young girl named Marley Dias, 11, started a campaign in 2017 to find '1,000 black girl books.' She not only found 1,000, but she found 11,000 and continues to search until she gets to 1 million. She started this campaign because she was frustrated with reading books she couldn't relate to. Marley's campaign really showed how many of those books did not portray people of color the way they would portray white people. Yes, featuring a minority is the first step to creating diversity.

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Explain How to Support Others to Promote Diversity Equality and Inclusion

Task A Short answer questions Ai Using the table below, explain in your own words what each term means. Give one example from care practice to illustrate your explanations. Diversity: The concept of diversity encompasses acceptance and respect. It means understanding that each individual is …

Words 2050
Pages 9
The Importance of Promoting Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Schools

Written Assessment #2 in Unit 204 (2. 3, 2. 4, 2. 5, 3. 1) The follow assessment will have a brief description of the importance of inclusion and inclusive practices in work with children and young people. And it also contains an exploration of how …

Words 1021
Pages 5
Describe the Extent of Diversity That Exists in a Community

NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Equality and Diversity Unit 4: Living in Diverse Communities Assessment You should use this file to complete your Assessment. The first thing you need to do is save a copy of this document, either onto your computer or a disk …

Words 1025
Pages 5
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Thinking About Diversity and Inclusion Critical Analysis

Thinking About Diversity and Inclusion SOC/315 October 10, 2011 Michelle Curtain Thinking About Diversity and Inclusion What are the dimensions of cultural diversity? Identify and briefly explain the dimensions by referencing both textbooks. Diversity can be defined as “the ways in which people differ that …

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Pages 5
Unity in Diversity

One of the greatest leaders that the world has ever seen, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, was a political figure, a social and political reformer, a humanist, a visionary and a spiritual leader, who took the country on the road to freedom. Gandhi, popularly known as the …

Words 5776
Pages 24
Equal Opportunities Approaches & Managing Diversity

Abstract The aim of this paper is to analyze the similarities and the differences between two popular approaches in today’s human resource management: equal opportunities approach and managing diversity approach. While the managing diversity approach focuses more on business efficiency, the equal opportunities approach concentrates …

DiversityEqual Opportunities
Words 2091
Pages 9
Explain the Concepts of Equality, Diversity and Rights in Relation to Health and Social Care

BTEC Extended Diploma Health and Social Care Unit 2: Equality, diversity and rights in health and social care. P1, P2, P3, M1- Concepts and discriminatory and anti-discriminatory practices. 6th November 2012 By Grace Kirby. Contents Page: Page 3 – 5 Part 1(P1): Explains concepts of …

Words 3145
Pages 13
Principles of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion in Adult Social Care Settings

Understand the importance of diversity, equality and inclusion Diversity means understanding that each individual is unique and that we recognise our individual differences this can include race, gender, religious beliefs, age, sex orientation or any other differences. Equality means equal rights for people no matter …

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Pages 1
Workforce Diversity: Samsung Electronics

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd was founded in 1938 Seoul, Korea. The company has been around for decades, providing the world with “electronic products & device solutions”[9]. Not only do they build devices, over 80 different businesses exist under the Samsung name. Their workforce consists of …

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Lack of Diversity in Management & Coaching in Sports

In recent history it has been evident that some of the most popularize sports in America have been dominated and overran by African American and other minority athletes. In turn when the coaching and management positions in sports are analyzed and broken down, the number …

CoachingDiversityManagementSports Management
Words 1365
Pages 6
Discrmination, Diversity, Equality and Inclusion in Health

Discrimination Diversity, Equality and Inclusion To understand what discrimination is, we first have to understand the meanings of diversity, equality and inclusion within our society and social health care. Diversity outlines difference and variety; we are all different we have characteristics that make us individual, …

Words 869
Pages 4
Level2 Equality Diversity

NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Equality and Diversity Unit 4: Living in Diverse Communities Assessment You should use this file to complete your Assessment. The first thing you need to do is save a copy of this document, either onto your computer or a disk …

Words 1024
Pages 5
Diversity and Teams

For the general public it has become verbal shorthand for a workforce that is multiracial, multi cultural, and multiethnic – which means it comes pre-loaded with people’s own individual perceptions and biases. For human resource managers, it has become a kind of semantic umbrella that …

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How would Xerox define diversity

Xerox defines diversity as a priceless resource and a key to their success. It more than just race or gender. By incorporating in a company like xerox different cultures and ways of thinking it expands the mind set of the company and leads toward creating …

Words 706
Pages 3
Required Tools for Managing Diversity

Effective managers are aware that certain skills are necessary for creating a successful and diverse workforce. First, managers must understand discrimination and its consequences. Second, managers must recognize their own cultural biases and prejudices. Diversity is not about differences among groups, but rather about differences …

Words 470
Pages 2
Diversity an multiculturalism

Diversity in the workplace encompasses a range of elements. Differences in national origin, primary language, religion, social status and age can benefit or harm organizations. Managing diversity effectively is the key to leveraging the advantages and minimizing the disadvantages of diversity in the workplace. Co-workers …

Words 1342
Pages 6
Concepts of Diversity, Equality, Inclusion and Discrimination

Unit 203 Outcome 1: understand the importance of equality and inclusion 1. 1 explain what is meant by: * diversity * equality * inclusion * discrimination DIVERSITY means difference. When it is used together with EQUALITY it means recognizing both individual and group differences, it …

Words 1584
Pages 7
Diversity & Globalization

Living in the 21st century, we are more connected to each other than ever. With that being said, there is a necessity for us to maintain our cultural diversity as we merge into such a multicultural world. Multiculturalism is, in essence, the study of how …

Words 2849
Pages 12
Equality & Diversity Level 2 – As3

NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Equality and Diversity Unit 3: Working or Learning in a Place that Promotes Diversity 1. In relation to your chosen workplace / place of learning, provide examples of policies / codes of conduct that encourage and / or protect equality …

Words 2020
Pages 9
Diversity Training Manual

Diversity Training Manual: Part 1 Abstract This paper is the first part of a training manual that will help employees to have a better understanding of diversity in the work place and how to act towards different diversity issues that may arise in the workplace. …

Words 634
Pages 3
What Role Does Language and Language Diversity Play in the Critical Thinking Process?

Language is one of the greatest tools for people. Through languages we are able to communicate with other people through our sadness, joy, anger and confusion. When there are two people, it is inevitable that our lines will cross and how it resolves depends on …

Critical ThinkingDiversityLanguage
Words 767
Pages 4
Religious Diversity in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a small country in Asia, with the major population to be Muslim (80%). However, it is also the home of other religious groups, mainly Hindu, with a population of about 16% and also Christians and Buddhists with small percentage. Minorities include Biharis and …

Words 454
Pages 2
Managing Diversity at Cityside Financial Services

How well has the Sales Division at Cityside done in its diversity efforts? How well are they doing now? Cityside was purchased by a racially diverse group of investors, and diversity was the mission from the beginning. It was decided that because of the community …

Words 92
Pages 1
Divine Command Theory, Objectivism, Diversity and Dep Theses

1. Explain what is meant by saying that a value is intrinsic? How are instrumental values related to intrinsic values? A value is said to be intrinsic if an object has the value for its own sake or because of its nature. A value is …

Words 1103
Pages 5
Perceived Diversity and Organizational Performance

Perceived Diversity and Organizational Performance The problem What is the problem being investigated? Diversity in the workplace is an issue which may either increase or decrease productivity depending on the organizational culture. Depending on the way that the management or employees view diversity, it may …

Words 1135
Pages 5
The Caucasus, Madagascar and Caribbean Islands: Biodiversity Hotspots

The Caucasus: The Caucasus hotspot, historically interpreted as the area of land between the Black and Caspian seas, covers a total area of 580,000 km. Located at a biological crossroads, species from Central and Northern Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa mingles …

Words 1305
Pages 6
Equality Diversity and Rights

As a health and social care professional it is part of your role to understand the bases of discrimination and to make sure you don’t discriminate a individual in any sort of way as it can have a negative effect on the individual leading to …

Words 557
Pages 3
Classroom Management and Diversity

Samantha Formato Classroom management and diversity are two very important concepts to consider because classroom management in diverse environments can be a lot different than in less diverse environments. There is so much diversity going on now that everyone should be aware of the importance …

Classroom ManagementDiversityTeacherTeaching
Words 1954
Pages 8
Diversity in Abercrombie & Fitch

Defining diversity, it is any dimension which can be used to differentiate groups and people from one another. It is also the exploration of these differences in a safe, positive, and nurturing environment. It is about understanding each other and moving beyond simple tolerance to …

Words 898
Pages 4
Diversity: Key Attributes

Bus 520 Week 1 Case: Diversity Competency 1. Which key attributes of the diversity competency are illustrated in this case? Give a specific example of each attributes identified. The key attributes of the diversity competency that were illustrated in this case are embracing and developing …

Words 310
Pages 2

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The business case for diversity stems from the progression of the models of diversity within the workplace since the 1960s. In the United States, the original model for diversity was situated around affirmative action drawing from equal opportunity employment objectives implemented in the Civil Rights Act of 1964.


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