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Business Argumentative Essay

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This business is a sole trader business, Outlook's internet cafe and gaming lounge is the business will give adults/children's internet access for personal assessment it will also give these person gaming access which they will use to relax there mines. The business will also provide printing by customers, games CD for all different hypes of game and also a wide variety quality service by which customers will enjoy.

Outlook's internet cafe and gaming lounge will be own by Romania Outlook. Justification of location Outlook's internet cafe and gaming lounge will be in the location of 28 constant spring road in constant plaza. The reason for this location is there will be more safety Of employees/customers in the business as there is a near by police station in constant spring. Secondly there will be limited competition in the area as the business will be second internet cafe and gaming lounge in he business.

The business may benefit from this location because customers may find this area easily because constant spring is a well known place. Selection of appropriate labor Outlook internet cafe and gaming lounge have 3 workers. The business have 2 skill workers,worker and 1 unskilled. The business have 1 cashier worker,this worker will collect money and the receipt for customers who want internet,printing and gaming use. The business have 2 computer operator which help persons in operating imputer and games,these workers will assistance in use of computer that customer use .

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Business Argumentative Essay

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The business have 1 janitor which will clean the business area both outside and inside. This worker is benefit the business in cleanses. Sources of fixed or working capital Roles of a entrepreneur.

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