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Toefl essay Argumentative Essay

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China and his story is unrealistic. However, this is directly refuted by the teacher's claim that Marco Polo really did go on the trip to China as he said. To begin with, the reading suggests that all of the original accounts of his Journey is given in different language and version. It is written in Latin, Italy, and Old France but it contains all different details.

The lecturer, however, contradicts this point by asserting that at first, when he was in Jail, his Jail fellow, which was romance novelist rote the first version in France, and Marco Polo later wrote own account in Italian, which is later translated in to Latin. Another point that article stresses is that Marco Polo fail to mention basic fact about China. He did not write about tea drinking or Great Wall. Also, he was unable to speak Chinese even though he lived In China for 17 years.

On the other hand, the speaker asserts that he did not see common stuffs of China because he lived in different location. Mostly, Marco Polo lived in North, where tea was unable to see. For him, It was hard to see Great Wall cause it was not finished and separated In pieces. When Marco Polo left China the Great Wall was done. Thus, Kabuki Khan sent Persian Translator for Marco Polo, who was able to speak Persian.

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Therefore, he did not have to learn Chinese. Finally, the passage points out that Marco Polo's name Is not written In any of China's record. If he claim to know Kabuki Khan, who was the ruler, his name should be written In any of record. In contrast, this viewpoint Is rebutted by the lecturer's assertion that he was using Persian name. Also, he was not really Important enough to written In Chinese record.

Toefl essay Argumentative Essay essay

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