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Informative Essay on Argumentative Essay

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Our Generation Has Become Overly Dependent On Technology With the creation of technology, I’m beginning to wonder if it’s a good or bad idea to be so dependent on technology. People are on their cell phones, ipads, tablets or computers constantly. People are so obsessed with their phones that they even text someone in the same room. Do people need to be entertained every hour of the day? For some, technology is very addictive. They have to run out and purchase the latest gadget as soon as it comes out.

I hardly see anyone read a book these days; they listen to audio books or read books online. Before technology, people actually wrote each other and met in person. Now they talk via Skype, Facetime or text messages. We have become a society handicapped by technology. Like so many people, I don’t know very many people’s numbers by heart anymore because we rely on our contact list on our cell phones. Lord forbid we lose our cells; we would be lost. There is no escape from technology, unless one lives under a rock.

We check our phones for missed calls and messages consistently. We check emails, twitter and facebook to make sure we haven’t missed the latest status updates. By the middle of the day, we have already been exposed to multiple forms of technology. The sixties generation where I come from just can't help but wonder, have we gone too far? I don't mean, have we gone too far with the development of technology. It's very beneficial to advance technologically as a nation. Even I realize that.

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But I think we've gone too far in allowing our children to depend on computers and other devices to do their work and research for them. Many children and young adults depend on the Internet to figure out answers on their homework or just daily questions about life. The internet is a great source for information, but taking the easy route too often can result in bad habits. People don't go to the library to do research anymore, they simply use Google. Many people can't even do basic math without a calculator.

We have already become too reliant on technology. Also, with social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter, cyberbullying has become a reoccurring issue that is becoming much harder to end. We shouldn't let kids get too accustomed to using technology to solve their problems. It takes away their creativity. One can pretty much find anything on the Internet these days. Even parents will go on the Internet to search recipes or new ways in decorating a house or many other things.

Some parents are even relying heavily on television and video-games to entertain their children so they don’t have to. I call this the lazy parent way of parenting. If we have a major black-out or world crisis, it will be interesting to see how people survive without technology. No one will be able to do anything for themselves because they have been relying on technology for so long. I hope everyone considers how much time technology has consumed their life, and take at least 10% of that time and spend it on someone or something important that can benefit them and others.

Informative Essay on Argumentative Essay essay

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