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Air Canada

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A recent review of any business magazine will often reveal that the secret to the success of many companies lies in their ability to not only generate profit for their stockholders but also in being able to improve the lives of their employees.

Over the years, more and more companies are investing in the development of their human resources departments in the hopes of taking advantage of this trend.

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There are some companies, however, who have long taken advantage of this by making sure that not only are their employees well motivated, driven and well compensated but that these factors show well in the customer service that is provided.  One of these companies is Air Canada.

As Canada’s largest and oldest airline, this company has a rich history as both an outstanding employer and airline.  Founded in 1937, Air Canada has grown immensely since then is now the world’s 11th largest passenger airline in relation to fleet size (Milton 2005).

The flag carrier for Canada, Air Canada, has consistently held the record for having the best service in the world and this was affirmed on January 19, 2007 when it received the award for Best Airline in North America (Milton 2005).

This founding member of the Star Alliance has time and again prevailed over the challenges and tests that the growing aviation market has presented over the years (Milton 2005).  This is a testament to the good management practices and upstanding record that this company has developed in its 70 year history.

Air Canada has always emphasized that Flight Attendants are ambassadors of the customer experience onboard each Air Canada flight (Milton 2005).

Air Canada has also prided itself in the fact that the flight attendants of Air Canada play many roles such as safety professional, caregiver and service provider.  These are the qualities which set Air Canada flight attendants apart from any other flight attendants from other airlines (Milton 2005).

The fact that they are considered as Ambassadors of the customer experience does more than just add a dignified label to flight attendants but rather emphasizes the fact that customer experience also comes first aboard any Air Canada flight.

Perks and salary not included, Air Canada also differs from other airlines in that the employee advancement program offers a more stable future than others.

Air Canada prides itself in improving the quality of all in its employ including Flight Attendants (Milton 2005).  These are the reasons why Air Canada is far superior to other airlines for anyone wanting to pursue a career as a flight attendant.

On a personal level, I feel that I have developed the skills to become an Air Canada flight attendant because I am a hard working and driven individual.  All my past working experiences have equipped me to dealing with all sorts of people.  Being the frontline at a Pizza Hut is not exactly a dream job for most people.

Yet for some reason I found that it was in this type of environment that I was able to thrive and flourish.  The going gets tough when the people start coming in at rush hour.  To make matters worse, no other people in the world are more irritable than hungry people.  I also pay close attention to detail and make sure that I get things done.

The job gets done faster and more efficiently as and when the objectives are clear, the strategies acceptable, and the resources are available such as in this company. My language proficiencies are also quite excellent as I am fluent in both English and Spanish.

I am very methodical with my work.  I take charge and own up to my responsibilities.  With regard to co-workers and subordinates, I am very demanding, meticulous but I also believe that I am fair and considerate.  These character traits and abilities are the main reason why I believe that I have the necessary skills to become an Air Canada flight attendant.

The rich history that Air Canada has had in the aviation industry is truly something to behold.  To be voted the best Airline in North America is no easy feat and I am quite sure that the outstanding performance of the flight attendants had much to do with that fact.

As such, to be part of that elite core of flight attendants who have made a mark in the aviation industry, would constitute the fulfillment of one of my career goals.


Milton, Robert (2005) Straight from the top; the truth about Air Canada Greystone Books, [c]2004 266 p.

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