Essays on Middle East

Essays on Middle East

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The Business Report of the Australian Major Footwear Retailer

The Australian UGG Company Major Assignment The following report analyses the demographic segment which is classified by gender and the age-cycle is targeted by The UGG Company. Firstly, the report briefly describes the background of UGG. Secondly, it shows a general impression of the footwear …

AustraliaBusinessFootwearMiddle East
Words 1796
Pages 7
The Lemon Tree Essay

Film Viewing Assignment The film that I watched is called “The Lemon Tree” directed by Eran Riklis. The actors spoke in both Arabic and Hebrew, as its plot involved both Palestinians and Israelis. The film took place in the West Bank, Palestine. A middle-aged Palestinian …

Middle East
Words 834
Pages 4
Women’s Rights in the Middle East

This is focused on women in the middle east, in places such as China, Egypt, Turkey, Afghanistan, etc. Women’s rights in this part of the world is very different than in the United States. Women are forced to live by the men’s rules. In China …

Middle East
Words 280
Pages 2
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MTV’s Strategy in the Middle East

Abstract MTV Networks (MTVN) had over the years developed a reputation for its ability to provide localized content without diluting what MTV stood for. However, the company faced the most challenging test in late 2007 with its launch of MTV Arabic in the Middle East, …

CultureMiddle EastPhilosophy
Words 2631
Pages 10
Middle Eastern Views of Mental Illness

There are many countries that are considered to be countries of the Middle East. Some of these include Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Yemen, and Isreal, just to name a few. Many of these countries have things in common, such as belief in Islam, use of the …

BeliefDiseaseMental IllnessMiddle EastReligion
Words 1037
Pages 4
Careem: It’s Full Speed Ahead For This Middle East Startup

In the spirit of full disclosure, I must admit that I walked into my interview with with a view to somehow rile them up- please note that this was not because I had a personal vendetta against them, but more because I wanted to see …

EntrepreneurshipInvestmentMiddle EastSpeed
Words 2613
Pages 10
Informative Essay on Blood Brothers

Jacinta Lisauskaite HIST 112 Paper 1: Blood Brothers 4 February, 2013 1. Elias Chacour was born in 1939. In 1948, Israeli authorities made Chacour and his entire village to become refugees. He was a priest of St. George Melkite Catholic Church in Ibillin for forty-one …

IsraelMiddle EastPolitics
Words 2988
Pages 11
Mongols in the Middle East

The Mongols were raiders, clan warriors, and rulers of a transcontinental empire in the thirteen century.  Also referred to as the Tatars and barbarians, they conquered Persia before moving on to Europe with the Khan of Khans, Genghis Khan as their most important leader.  Eventually …

AsiaIslamMiddle EastMongolsReligion
Words 1136
Pages 5
American Racial Discriminations Against Middle Easterners

“Middle Easterns” is not just a race residing in several countries around the world; it has evolved to depict different semantic meanings as to the term of people born in the Middle Eastern culture and way of life. (Wikipedia) The Middle East is composed of …

DiscriminationMiddle EastRacial Discrimination
Words 2745
Pages 10
Education System In The Middle East

The public instruction system in Egypt consists of three degrees: the basic instruction phase for 4-14 old ages old: kindergarten for two old ages followed by primary school for six old ages and preparative school for three old ages. Then, the secondary school phase is …

DecentralizationEgyptMiddle EastUniversity
Words 4084
Pages 15
Development of the Middle East From 1945 to the 1960s

The 1940’s were marked by wars for independence. The postwar period witnessed the end of the old foreign rule of colonial masters Britain and France. They were, however, replaced by the United States and former USSR competing for allies and resources and embroiled the area …

1960sEgyptIsraelMiddle EastPetroleumUrbanization
Words 82
Pages 1
Entrepreneur Middle East’s Achieving Women 2016: Noor Sweid

“If you’re looking to succeed, keep your eyes and heart open to opportunities. You’ll miss opportunities that come to you if you’re not open to them. Success is about that present themselves to you.” This is what Noor Sweid told the audience during her keynote …

EntrepreneurMiddle EastWomen
Words 699
Pages 3
Du And Gemalto Introduce The E-SIM In The Middle East

UAE-based telecommunications service provider, du demonstrated the new e-SIM for the first time in the Middle East. Working with Gemalto, the world leader in digital security, du demonstrated the e-SIM during a round table held at the Grand Midwest Hotel in Media City. The e-SIM will …

DubaiMiddle East
Words 493
Pages 2
Women and Religion in the Middle East

Religion goes hand in hand with culture, and in the Muslim countries this is very apparent. The cultural importance of men over women may have stemmed from religion, however it was further recognized when imperialist countries introduced capitalism and class divides. “Islam must combat the …

AdulteryIslamMiddle EastQuranReligion
Words 2409
Pages 9
Middle Eastern Women Rights in Islamic Society

Women Rights of the Middle East “Life is full of unhappiness and most of it caused by women (Harik and Marston 11)”. For women in the Middle East life is faced with great and unequal odds, as their human rights are limited, due to Islamic …

IslamMiddle EastMoralityReligionWomen
Words 1420
Pages 6
Middle East case studies: Elixir Technology

Entering the Middle East market through Malaysia is the best alternative at this time. Malaysia has a market not dissimilar with that of the Middle East. Entering Middle East via this option gives the Company an opportunity to partner with a company which has insights …

Middle EastSalesTechnology
Words 532
Pages 2
Water issues in the Middle East

There are several factors that have caused such high demand in the Middle East. The water level is a lot shorter than most places and is increasing all the time. The region suffers from droughts every few years. The development of water resources is not …

Middle EastTurkeyWater
Words 778
Pages 3
Kush, Meroe, and Nubia

Archeologists have confirmed the inhabitation of the Nile above Aswan in the Paleolithic period that lasted more that 60,000 years of the Sudanese history. By the 8th millennium BC, during the Neolithic era, people had settled in the brick houses and their economic life was …

Ancient EgyptCultureMiddle East
Words 931
Pages 4
Factors that Influence pricing in the middle east markets

Consumer Behavior Consumer behaviour in Islamic states has some limitations when compared to Western countries. For Muslims, the goal in life and work is always associated with traditions and religion. These practices are in turn, reflected in many aspects of business and the consumption patterns …

CompetitionMiddle East
Words 879
Pages 4
Plantation Slavery in the Middle East

Plantation Slavery in Indian Ocean When topics such as African history and slavery are brought to mind, many American’s have a predetermined belief or idea on the subject. Such ideas may include that there is not much of African history until European presence, that African’s …

AfricaMiddle EastSlavery
Words 1334
Pages 5
The Roadmap for Peace in the Middle East Geographical Analysis

In the past, geography had been one of main issues of conflict in the international community because having larger territories means having more wealth and power compared to other countries. In the early days, Spain was one of the main colonizers in our world history. …

Middle EastPeace
Words 45
Pages 1
A Paper Review on the Economics of the Middle East

Workforce is a significant aspect in every country’s economy.  There are some areas that has a large number of employment opportunities yet with just a few people applying for work which could be due to lack of skill or because of culture when it comes …

EconomicsMiddle East
Words 53
Pages 1
Informative Essay on The Middle East Conflict

The Middle East Conflict Will Israel Ever be Able to Exist in Peace? The Middle East Conflict Will Israel Ever be Able to Exist in Peace? From the day Israel declared itself an independent nation, neighboring countries and terrorists has routinely attacked it. The history …

EgyptIsraelJerusalemMiddle EastTerrorism
Words 1878
Pages 7
Middle Eastern airline Emirates

Middle Eastern airline Emirates has appointed Chemistry Communications to handle its direct marketing account. The agency replaces DDA and is tasked with developing customer management strategies, as well as other direct activities. Emirates has appointed VCCP and sales promotion agency Gasoline to its roster to …

AirlinesChemistryMiddle East
Words 1083
Pages 4
What could happen to the Middle East if oil were no longer a major and primary source of energy?

What could happen to the Middle East if oil were no longer a major and primary source of energy? What might the Middle East do to adapt to such a situation? In general, what can economies based on sources of energy do to adapt to …

IndustriesMiddle EastPrimary Source
Words 101
Pages 1
Middle East History

The war between Iran and Iraq occurred when Iraq invaded Iran in September 1980 in an attempt to regain border territory it had ceded in 1975. Iraqi forces seized control of some Arab-populated border regions. After Iran drove Iraqi forces put of most of the …

AsiaHistoryIranIraqMiddle EastSocialism
Words 441
Pages 2
Capital Welcome: CIDIC President and CEO Oswald Wong Eyes Investments In The Middle East

It’s hard not to be at least a little flabbergasted when looking through President and CEO Oswald Wong’s career summary- besides details about the senior executive roles and responsibilities he has had to shoulder in his various jobs so far, the resume that I looked …

ChinaEntrepreneurshipInfrastructureMiddle EastPresident
Words 1312
Pages 5
Middle East Colonization

In the early days of Western Civilization, imperialism and colonization was a primary means of economic and sphere of influence expansion. That is, a country such as France, Belgium or Great Britain would expand their empire by marching their armies into smaller and less powerful …

ColonialismEmpireEuropeImperialismMiddle East
Words 764
Pages 3
Overview: Economic Issues in the Middle East on Oil

Oil In today’s society one of the economic issues has been in the Middle East on oil. Oil was the backbone of the western countries and it was very important to imperial and super powers, such as France, Britain, United States of America and the …

AsiaIraqIsraelMiddle East
Words 341
Pages 2
Reflection Essay on Middle East

This narrative proved to be overblown and ultimately the clash of civilizations thesis has been discarded. However, a decade on, the fast-paced events of the Arab Spring have once again revived the question as to whether we are witnessing a clash of collocations Does the …

CivilizationEgyptIslamMiddle East
Words 862
Pages 4
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The Middle East is a geopolitical term that commonly refers to the region spanning the Levant, Arabian Peninsula, Anatolia, Egypt, Iran and Iraq. The term came into widespread usage as a replacement of the term Near East beginning in the early 20th century.


The Arabian Desert (Arabic: ٱلصَّحْرَاء ٱلْعَرَبِيَّة‎) is a vast desert wilderness in Western Asia. It stretches from Yemen to the Persian Gulf and Oman to Jordan and Iraq. It occupies most of the Arabian Peninsula, with an area of 2,330,000 square kilometers (900,000 sq mi).


The Middle East in southwestern Asia is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea in the northwest, the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea in the north, the Red Sea in the west, the Gulf of Aden and the Arabian Sea in the south, and by the Gulf of Oman, the Strait of Hormuz and the Persian Gulf in southeast.

Middle East cities

  • Dubai
  • Cairo
  • Beirut
  • Abu Dhabi
  • İstanbul

Middle East rivers

  • Euphrates
  • Tigris
  • Jordan River
  • Nile
  • Shatt al‑Arab River

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Frequently asked questions

What is special about the Middle East?
There are a number of things that make the Middle East special. Firstly, it is a region with a long and rich history. Secondly, it is a region that is home to a number of different cultures and religions. Thirdly, it is a region that is of great strategic importance, both politically and militarily.
What is the Middle East in simple words?
The Middle East is a region in western Asia that includes countries such as Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. The region is known for its rich history and culture, as well as its many conflicts.
What is Middle East in society?
The Middle East is a region of the world that is generally considered to include the countries of Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and Yemen. The region has been occupied by humans for millennia and has seen the rise and fall of numerous civilizations. In recent years, the Middle East has been in the news frequently due to the ongoing conflict in Syria, the rise of ISIS, and the refugee crisis. The Middle East is a complex and fascinating region of the world with a rich history and culture.

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