Trader Joe’s: Designing Jobs for Job Satisfaction and Employee Benefits

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PAGE 1 1. How does Trader Joe's design jobs for increased job satisfaction and higher performance? After reading this it makes me want to be a manager for Trader Joe's. There making a lot of money. But with the workers that work for them there given a lot of benefits with all the health, dental, vision and etc. Also they're given promotions from within philosophy because they're privately own. Also they tell there employees to try the produce so when someone has a question about something they can take them to something that is something there thinking about or better.

Trader Joe’s has designed jobs to increase job satisfaction by showing appreciation in providing more benefits to their employees than other chain grocers. They provide starting benefits including medical, dental, and vision insurance, company-paid retirement, paid vacation, and a 10% employee discount. ” Traders Joes also recruits people with certain personality traits that the company wants in their stores. They are able to enrich their employees with knowledge of their products that they are selling, as well as inducing customer involvements.

As a result, they are able to have higher job performance because they are able to train and nurture their employees to have the same values and philosophy as the company, as well as granting supreme employee benefits. 2. In what way does Trader Joe's demonstrate the importance of each responsibility in the management process-- planning, organizing, leading and controlling? Trader Joe's want there employees to know everything there is to know about there produce that they are selling.

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They want them to be as knowledgable at what they are selling as they can be. With doing that they are giving them the incentive that if they do good they can be promoted within very fast. They want to enroll there employees in a training program through Trader Joe's University so that it will foster them to be as necessarily loyal as they can be to the company and customers. When employees are taught what is right. It makes people want to come back because of the xperience they had while they were there. For Trader Joe’s, they are able to demonstrate the importance of each responsibility in the management process by establishing a plan to serve quality products with natural ingredients, inspiring flavors, and buying direct from the producer whenever possible,. They also organize their stores to limit its stock, carrying about 1,500 to 2,000 products compared to retail mega-markets with 25,000 to 45,000 products.

Through leading, Trader Joe’s support their future leaders by hiring managers only from within the company. Future leaders enroll in training programs called, Trader Joe’s University that foster in them the loyalty necessary to run stores according to both company and customer expectations. Lastly, Trader Joe demonstrated the responsibility in controlling by placing standards to sell natural based ingredient products, as well as striving to offer the highest quality type foods. 3.

Describe the methods that show Trader Joe's knows the importance of human capital. Trader Joe's sends there employees to a Trader Joe's University so that they can learn everything there is about what they sell and how to treat the costumers. Since Trader Joe’s makes such an effort to acquire qualified personnel they strive to retain their employees. Trader Joe’s is aware that retaining responsible, knowledgeable, and friendly employees will be significant to the customer service they provide. 4.

Explain the value chain as it pertains to Trader Joe's. In my opinion the value chain at Trader Joe’s begins with its employees and the methods utilized by Trader Joe’s to make them good at providing excellent customer service. “Employees are encourage to taste and learn about the product” this results in employees who are able to share their experience and expertise of the products they are selling to the consumer. Creating a helpful and customer service environment, which consumers appreciate.

I'm pretty sure that Trader Joe's wants to stay here for a very long time. With every nice employee who is nice to the costumers that just makes the managers proud that they are responsible for them. 5. Research Question: What do the blogs and current news reports say? Is Trader Joe's a management benchmark for others to follow? In what areas relevant to Organizational Behavior does the firm have an edge on the competition?

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