5 Multi-Channel Platforms Every Marketing Professional Must Know

Last Updated: 25 May 2020
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Be it big, or small business, each and every brand is finding different ways to connect and engage with their customers and prospects. Their marketing is continuously evolving, and it is also equally challenging for marketing professionals to keep up with multiple mediums for their brand exposure.

However, multi-channel platforms can ease your marketing activities by synchronizing most of the marketing functions, assisting marketing team to focus and optimize their efforts, nurturing leads to close more sales and eventually bringing in maximum revenue. To meet the ever increasing demand of tech-savvy consumers, it becomes quite time-consuming for any marketer to control, strategize, and execute their multichannel marketing campaigns seamlessly, but by relying on a credible multi-channel platform you can ease your marketing challenges.

I highly recommend these following top five marketing platforms that every small business and marketing expert must know;

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1. Adobe Marketing Cloud For B2B Companies

Adobe Marketing Cloud is a powerful marketing platform meant for B2B companies that generate leads through the web. It is a user-friendly solution to customize and integrate with your external CRM software.

This multi-channel platform is designed to manage marketing campaigns, automate marketing activities, CRM integration, and optimize customer data across all marketing channels including direct mail, email, and social media.

However, if the tool is not implemented properly, then it may give you inaccurate information which will adversely affect your marketing strategies and execution. Thus, implementing, integrating with CRM systems seamlessly, maintenance cost and expert professional support may turn into an expensive solution as there are other solutions that can offer you the same high-end features and benefits in a cost-effective way.

2. Bronto For eCommerce Businesses

Bronto is an exclusive e-commerce multi-channel marketing platform meant for retailers and B2B companies. It not only delivers targeted emails, mobile, and social media campaigns but also manages emails, mobile, and other social media campaigns.

It also helps retailers with solutions for shopping cart abandonment, management and monitoring of transactional emails, and is easy to integrate with other e-commerce apps and tools. Bronto is a data-driven software offering cutting-edge marketing automation platform to launch excellent digital marketing campaigns.

From drag-and-drop marketing automation to advanced segmentation and lifecycle marketing tools, Bronto will enable you to create a scalable database, data-driven campaigns, thus reaching more customers and prospects.

The major drawback of this platform is ‘Pricing,’ as they haven’t mentioned it on their site. It keeps changing every year so you need to re-think several times for renewal of your subscription as the price won’t be quoted same. Though it is popularly known as –e-commerce marketing automation platform but many must-have marketing features are additionally charged which might result in an unpredictable marketing budget.

3. Intercom – A Customer Communicating Platform

Intercom is mostly used by small size or mid-size business like start-ups, and public companies.  Intercom is a customer communication platform with various integrated products for not only sales & marketing team but for also product & customer support. It is basically a unique way to communicate with e-commerce customers as it allows target communication via website, mobile apps, and emails. 

Yes, they do have a free trial, and their basic pricing plan for sales and support team starts from $49 per month which is on the higher side as compared to their competitors.

Ampliz for New Age Marketing Professionals

Ampliz is a Data Hygiene Software and marketing Database management platform. It is exclusively engineered for businesses dealing with digital marketing, email campaigns, email marketing, direct mail marketing, telemarketing, across all industries.

Be it direct mail, telemarketing, email marketing or social media management, ‘Ampliz’ is a perfect choice to optimize your marketing database , manage multiple campaigns, and reach maximum prospects via multi-channel marketing channels.

Ampliz allows you to connect, engage and reach your target customers and prospects via effective multi-channel marketing campaigns. You can access, manage, control and verify your customer database from anywhere using secured CRM log-ins. This marketing database is easy-to-integrate, and execute marketing strategies along with real-time results, analysis, and reports.

If you are looking for a cost-effective email marketing tool with high-end features, Ampliz meets all requirements for small and mid-size B2B companies. This cloud-based software enables you to maintain high-quality marketing data using data hygiene, data verification, and marketing database management. You can try their free trial which offers you all high-end features. However, you can also select from their flexible pricing plans as per your marketing requirements and budget.

5. Distribion For Decision Makers

Distribion is a simple and effective marketing automation platform used by all C-suite executives like CEO's, COO's, CMO's, and other decision makers like VP Marketing, EVP Sales or Chief Compliance Officers.

It offers a local marketing automation solution to build, create, monitor and measure marketing programs for local brands to personalize and instantly distribute to their customers. Expand your customer reach via on-demand marketing automation using email, social media, direct mail, reports and analytics all-in- one platform.


The art and science of new age marketing is transforming the way brands market themselves not only online but also offline. In fact, with the advancement in technology, even traditional marketing has come a long way. New marketing platforms like social media, video streaming, v-blogs, blogs, and so on have drastically transformed the way we communicate with our customers and how we promote our brands across all marketing channels.

In order to keep up with the pace of ever evolving marketing paradigm shifts, it’s  important for marketing experts and marketing agencies to know and learn more about latest media, and marketing trends. Also by integrating your marketing activities with all-in-one multi-channel marketing you get desired results seamlessly. It is high time you review your marketing tools and opt for an absolute multi-channel marketing platform to supercharge your marketing strategies.

If you are one of those marketing professionals who are on the lookout for rich features, simple to use and cost-effective marketing platform to launch their multi-channel campaigns then this particular blog will surely give you answers. Have you tried any one of the multi-channel platforms mentioned above? If yes, share your experience in the comments.

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