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High Altitude Platforms (Haps) Technologies Market

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High-altitude platform technologies are promising technologies which clubs the benefits of satellite and terrestrial communication systems. HAPs offer broadband communications to user at relatively lower cost. They are featured by low maintenance, easily deployable that is why they offer an excellent alternative for various network operators who are in the search to get maximum coverage that satisfies the increasing demand for higher capacity. HAPS are usually airships, balloons, present within the stratosphere.

An enormous interest has grown worldwide to examine their use not only for emergency services, but also for broadband communications, traffic monitoring, and navigation cellular. Global market can be segmented on the basis of geography into various segments such as North America, APAC, European Union, and Rest of the World. The market can also be segmented on basis of applications into various segments like high-speed wireless communication, real-time monitoring of the region, for surveillance and intelligence gathering, and weather monitoring and studying.

The global high-altitude platform technologies market is a multi-billion market and is expected to show a steady growth over the period 2012-2017. Some of the key factors driving the market include rapid deployment, large area coverage, low cost for upgrading the platform, large system capacity, smaller cells than satellites, flexibility in responding traffic demands through adaptable and extensive frequency reuse. Some of the factors restraining the market include higher cost of establishment, station keeping and stability, system level requirements, propagation and diversity.

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The market is having many opportunities in the future in various segments such as Surveillance and positioning, differential GBS, remote sensing, seismic monitoring, flood detection, tactical communication, traffic monitoring and control, broadband wireless access, bandwidth on demand, and oil & gas exploration. HAPs have many applications including high-speed wireless communication, realtime monitoring of the region, for surveillance and intelligence gathering, and weather monitoring and studying.

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