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Marketing Channel Analysis

The furniture industry is a very lucrative business that spans domestic and international markets.With that fact in mind, it goes without saying that different channels of distribution exist with regards to delivery of furniture from manufacturer to consumer.Furniture manufacturers who target the domestic market segment have three (3) major marketing distribution channels: (1 ) Through online shopping portals, (2) through public showrooms in malls, and (3) through prouder by catalogue.

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Online shopping portals.

With the rise of the digital age, the use of the net is to just limited to advertisements, but has transcended to become a means of direct shopping via the Internet. Online shopping portals like Amazon . Com, Testamentary. Com, and Alabama. Com are just some of the mediums widely used by consumers to buy an assortment of products suitable to their needs. The success of online shopping portals can be attributed primarily to its wide reach of consumers and its ease of access-?one click away as long as internet is available.

However, this also means that a lot of choices are available for consumers to choose from prompting companies to always try to innovate ND improve on product designs and concept. Also, customer feedback and satisfaction is difficult to track. Internet traffic and thousands of mail per day are difficult are problems to be addressed. Public showrooms in malls and buildings. Public showrooms are one of the most known venues for selling furniture.

It is very effective for selling because it exhibits the products in actual with tasteful arrangements while you sell. Customers are able to see for themselves the quality of the product and be active in choosing process before buying. However, public showrooms tap sees consumers than online shopping portals. This goes without saying that people in the immediate area are the primary consumers of the furniture. Prouder via Catalogues.

Some companies use catalogues in selling their products wherein consumer choose a product of their choice and place an order by giving the item name of what they are going to buy. It is then delivered to them after a time at their doorstep.

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