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Website Development

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At left side of the main page, there is a directory which link to different important page of UTAR, this can make user easier to get into different page without need to type in or search to link to the following website. The middle is content which UTAR news is. The news will keep update if the admin of the page update it. Bottom of the main page 3 modules are placed at the bottom of the main page, which is opportunities, staff directory and contact us. This 3 page is commonly hard to find by user, so I put it on the main page to let user easier to find it. Opportunities can link to a page where all areer information is in there.

Staff directory will link to the UTAR staff directory page. And Contact us will link to KL campus contact info and location page. At below there, I put a directory menu which same with the left menu of the main page. I put this as a footer in every page so user no need to get back into homepage to click this link and put it in homepage Just to make it consistent to all webpage. The page is similar with the main page to maintain the web page consistency. The photo slider is disappear. What different is the breadcrumb and the menu bar which how at the left hand corner.

The menu bar only show when the page viewing is under a submenu. It will enable user easier to find the pages that they looking without using the drop down menu. Navigation Top navigation menu of every page. Drop down menu will appear when the mouse moves over there. A menu will show at the left when that page viewing is a submenu. It lets the user easier to navigate to other page. By clicking UTAR logo will automatically navigate to home page. Click at the picture of the news will navigate to the following news. Bottom of main page Three diagrams navigate to the pages that user hard to find.

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Website Development

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Footer menu show in every page to navigate to other important page of UTAR like wble kl campus, portal Conclusion We encounter many problems while designing this website, such as we need to learn joomla, a new thing which we never learn before and there are many ideas in a group, it hard to come out an idea that everybody agree. The Joomla cannot get online so everybody can edit or view it, we must get together to do this assignment. We need to arrange our free time for it. It is so hard because everyone are facing ifferent assignment and quite busy sometimes.

Thanks to cooperative of group member. We manage to finish this assignment. We learn Joomla together, thinking idea together and try to get as much time to gather together for doing this assignment. And thanks to lecturer for giving us guideline so that we can know what to do. We have successfully redesign faculty of science and engineering website. We change the color, reorganize the navigation menu and make the appearance of the website more attractive. The website which we design is better than the old one because it having a better interface and appearance.

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